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  1. When you've been nice and stayed late repeatedly on a work site to help the client out and they haven't paid you for 5 days in a row and keep putting it off with 'can we sort it tomorrow?'


  2. Better to live in uncomfortable truth than uncertainty. ~ @Watchman

    The boy has a way with words as well as mods.

    1. AlkisLR


      What a guy 🙏

  3. Things are rough, but I hope everyone is trudging through the bullshit to get to the other side. Brighter days are ahead. 🙂 



  4. The barbers finally opened.
  5. Here's some feedback and I suppose a question too: During today's 'peaceful protest' when conflict occurred, the CLF (Yourselves) decided to aid and help the RAC (Your enemies.). I'd like to get a clear understanding as to why after your faction has been fighting these guys pretty much non stop, forcing them to move from their initial compound I think just after a week of the lore being released. You are clearly at a heavy civil war with these people as you completely oppose viewpoints on politics and the running of the country and the Russian rule that has been placed within. It seemingly makes little to no sense that you would assist these people in any way seeming as you are such deep enemies, that you have hung people, captured them, taken them hostage and had many firefights with the RAC to the best of my knowledge / understanding. However to further that point to where it begins to affect others. Someone was banned today for the fact that they would have no IC knowledge, IC understanding or even at this point OOC understanding as to why the CLF would in any way help the RAC, especially when it comes to getting into a gunfight and potentially putting their lives on the line. Because of this, in my opinion, logical thinking, they were killed and then without any official report going up they were banned, with no opportunity to provide evidence, point of view or perspective. So this goes also to the staff of the group. Other groups have been smacked on the back of the hand for suggesting to do things that would further the lore in different ways, so i'd like to be clued in to how the CLF is now working with the enemy of their civil war. Just to add to it all, i've noticed a LOT of notes dotted all around the map about not working with the RAC or the RF and that they need to be driven out and fought against, standing up to the enemy etc. So this just makes it all the more confusing that now all of a sudden, the CLF is ensuring a 'peaceful' protest against the enemy that they've had been at war with for years? Why would they not use that motivation in their way that they have been doing for such a long time? If you say it's because they want to show a public face, sure, except RF never got anything like that treatment, and we had protests held against us also, yet we were literally just firefight on sight every time we came into any contact with you guys.
  6. Been a pleasure but things took a bit of a turn and weren't exactly what they could have been. Best of luck to all the boys from this group, all tops lads. o7
  7. 4 Years today!

    The last 4 years have flown by. Here's a shout out to some of the people who've been there through it all and helped me through so much: 

    @Oy @RiZ @Watchman @Aisling @groovy lamb @groovy dux @Scouse @JSaulOG @Mr Anon 

    @PaulB @Ranger163 @Gwim-chan UwU @DaRsnn 

    and in general the entire groovy gang but that's too many names to type.

    There's many more which i'm sure i've missed from over the years, but it's been a pleasure, and here's for many more to come.

    1. IsaiahCortez


      I'll old man nag to you every day you need man.

    2. RiZ


      Love you, brother. Happy to know you.

    3. SimplyGrimm


      Much love my guy

    4. Watchman


      ill always be here for you man, you one of the real ones and ill never ever forget that .. love you brother ❤️

    5. Aisling


      Love you ❤️

    6. Dux


      Not only one of the best RPers i've met in the community but also one of the best friends. Cheers brat

    7. PaulB


      Thank you my man....i miss good old days...hope we stay in touch 🙂  Im always here for you! Great characters specially the BIG ONE! 

    8. Oy


      First name drop, I'm honored.


      also, ur a nerd ❤️

    9. ToeZ


      You're my day 1 Oyface ❤️ 



    One of the greatest songs of all time.

    1. Watchman


      +1 that, its on most my playlists, also got it on vinyl

    2. TheMrGasMask


      The amount of times I have heard this song in the car is insane...but worth it 🤘

  9. ToeZ


    I plead the 5th.
  10. Nikolai ( Niko) lived a fairly regular life, he grew up in a decent area in Moscow, he did fairly well in school and never really had any issues, just getting on with his childhood. Nikolai had always had a real passion for his country however and always wanted to join the Russian Military. However his parents, seeing how well he did at school were very insistent that he did something valuable with his life in their eyes, they were less patriotic than Nikolai. They began to put Nikolai through medical school, however when Nikolai figured he could find the best of both worlds by working in the military as a combat medic, he quickly ensured that was what he was going to do. He finished Medical school with decent grades and immediately enlisted into the Russian Military, being assigned to the 320th Motor riffle Battalion, he was sent down to Pavlovo military base to work alongside the unit their as a Combat medic.
  12. ToeZ

    Happy birthday you glorious nerd! ❤️ 

    1. Oy


      Thanks you fucken goof

  13. Hey it's my birthday. Nice.

    1. SimplyGrimm


      Hey, happy birthday mate

    2. Oy


      Oh shit I actually forgot. Happy birthday bruh

    3. RiZ


      I know I told you on Discord, but happy birthday, brother. Glad to know you. Glad to call you a great friend. See you soon.

    4. Harlow


      Happy birthday lad, wish you all the best.

  14. My head's fucking pounding. I'm never drinking again.

    1. Harlow



    2. IsaiahCortez


      You lie


    3. AlkisLR


      You seemed in a different realm last night

    4. groovy lamb

      groovy lamb

      welcome back to the land of the living 

    5. Mommy


      30 Rock Comfort GIF

    6. ImScouse


      how many times we gunna hear this laddo

    7. Mexi


      This man casually took his shirt off in a discord call filled with monkeys while absolutely sloshed. Proceeded to ask if I thought he was good looking, still while having his shirt off and then giggled when I told him I don’t swing that way.


      Was an odd evening, glad ya ain’t dead fella.

  15. -1 Variety is essential to keeping things fresh, and even the izh is great when you're just starting out. These weapons that aren't popular give you an opportunity to try and find people maybe to trade up to a better weapon, or maybe you have to hold someone up with a shoddy rifle to see how it goes. No removals.
  16. ToeZ

    S1: GM - KOS

    So even though you were entirely surrounded and COMPLETELY out manned and outgunned, you decided to just start spraying there were at least 6 people chasing after you, a single man.
  17. ToeZ

    S1: GM - KOS

    Server and location: S1 Chernarus: Just down the hill from Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-04-23 20:58 Your in game name: Dominik Dvorak Names of allies involved: Kamenici boys Name of suspect/s: N/A No clue who it was Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A from my perspective. Detailed description of the events: Me and the boys are meeting up at GM when suddenly a guy wearing a big heavy Gorka helmet and a white vest comes up with an AK drum mag, we're all lining up waiting when he suddenly pops up. We approach and try to speak to him, he doesn't say a word and just starts running, we run after him just saying things such as "Hey Wait up!" "Hey why are you running?" etc. etc. He points his gun back at us once but then turns and starts running again, he still doesn't say a word. We chase him for another 20 seconds or so when he just turns and sprays me down out of the blue, and the boys then kill him for KOS'ing me.
  18. groovy.

    1. Harlow



    2. AlkisLR


      A great addition to the Monkey Squad 🙏

    3. SimplyGrimm


      Welcome back brother 

    4. IsaiahCortez


      Sláva Chernarus Bratir

  19. Rest In Peace to the legend that is and was Bill Withers. Your music got me through so many hard times, and you've been on my morning wake up playlist for years! 



    1. Roman



      One of the best songs ever written in history of music.

  20. Still waiting for those clouds to pass.


  21. Life sucks sometimes. Guess all we can do is pour another drink and wait for it to pass by.

    1. AlkisLR


      We are all there brother, might as well hit the pub together. 



    2. Oy


      In the words of the late and great Warren Zevon; "We drank our bitters while the empire fell".

  22. Think it's time to come back and get re-acquainted. 

    Hope to see you all soon 😉 

    1. Franny


      Hello stranger ! 😄

    2. Wulf


      Bbc One Hello GIF by BBC

    3. RiZ


      PLEASE ❤️

  23. ToeZ

    Miss ya brother, been too long since we've had a catch up! ❤️ 

    1. RiZ


      I miss you too, my dude. Let's chat soon.

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