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    Not been around for a few weeks, just been fixing my life a bit, but I hope you're all doing well! You're all good people and deserve the best, see below for a song that i've been enjoying the last couple weeks: 


    Give yourself a smile today! You deserve it you beautiful people.

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    2. RiZ


      Love you

    3. Xehara


      ❤️ Will have to listen when I get home from work.

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      groovy grimm


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  2. ToeZies



    Please voice your opinions and thoughts on this thread. The more voices heard the more clear the situation becomes, whichever way it swings. 

    Much appreciated. 

    Remember, Brexit means Brexit.

  3. ToeZies

    Long Wait in Line to Play

    Once again, this is just like listening to the community and going ahead anyways. Once again I appreciate, you are trying to avoid some things like ghosting, that is a very fair and reasonable argument. However, that situation is now so easily traceable via logs that it really doesn't count. - Yes, I understand that it will take a little more of staff's time to have to go through logs and to trace everything and get the associated reports handled, however, I think the benefit far outweighs the negative. People that are willing to be so foolish as to ghost when it can be tracked? and then steal things / abuse a situation in a firefight? Well they deserved to be banned anyways, as they're clearly WILLING to be banned. Your other arguments fail to apply. Why would you claim that a second server would just be for looting? With such an influx of players at the moment, why would these players not want to role play? Just because someone doesn't have the time as to wait around for 30 minutes up to 2 hours does not mean that they simply want to loot. Not at all. This is a poor reason to deny a second server, essentially insulting your community. I don't appreciate that. Also, why would people not want to play on a second server? I know my group, and several other members in fact, would love to have the chance to role play on another server, despite it being more empty, because we are severely limited by time restraints in our lives. What people are asking for here is for the opportunity to enjoy the service / servers and experience that is provided here when they have the chance. Not to have to wait up to 2-3 hours, when they likely don't have that time. Why would you not provide them this opportunity? Would you surely not wish to not have to wait those 2-3 hours yourself when trying to join WoW classic? Would you not enjoy more to actually get in and spend those 2-3 hours PLAYING the game? I understand opening a second server would limit somewhat the possible economic income that comes from the diamond benefits, and yes, at the end of the day, this is a business for you. But this community is generally a loyal one, and a lot of them, including myself and dozens of others have already given large amounts of money towards this experience, and we would still appreciate the opportunity to participate. @Roland
  4. ToeZies

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    I don't think taking a small sample of the community who can't read clearly is a fair assessment. This is basically bloody brexit. You should go with the assumption that MOST of YOUR community should, can and do understand what the system is that you want to put in place. You're basically saying here: Well, you didn't understand and so we're going ahead because you're idiots. No. I think 90% of people quite clearly understand what they are voting for and what they want. We do not need a second referendum, we should stick with the first vote. Fair enough, you want to expand and develop the community and it's modpack further, that's excellent and I commend you, but clearly, these mods and ideas are not wanted by the majority. Please, don't make that majority then have to go through a phase of turmoil and annoyance, simply because you think it's the right thing to do because you think we can't read and understand. You asked the community, the community said no. You don't help people by ignoring their vote, you anger them. @Roland
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    I just wanted to be friends 😞

    @SquirtleKitty @Conor @Hofer 

  6. ToeZies

    Upcoming new mods

    Well, just to tag on to what everyone else has pretty much been saying: Traders and Fast travel is an awful idea. Secondly, I'm gonna almost guaruntee that certain groups that just want to meme will just make all their guns pink or some stupid all color, and I can't wait for that to ruin my immersion more as they all fast travel away after all buying ghillie suits and cat ears. This wasn't very cash money of you.
  7. ToeZies

    Kirovograd Lore Post

    Absolutely amazing stuff displayed by @StagsviewRB for Pt.1 of our adventure. Truly an immersive and fun night to be had and really well done. All I can say is hats off to him, for making a lot of the specific stuff for our group up on the fly and still making it fit and makes sense and flow. Basically, HUGE +1 Staggsy. <Also Major helped a little I guess.>
  8. ToeZies


    It's starting to feel real god damn tense around here, think we all need to take a bit of a chill pill.

    1. Watchman


      I know right... god damn yall its a game and a forum not a social media

    2. Zero


      What happened? lol..

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    Takin' away a mans hard earned BeanZ


  10. ToeZies

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    -User has been warned for this post-
  11. ToeZies

    Undaunted [Recruitment Open]

    Congrats guys! Much deserved!
  12. ToeZies

    Undaunted [Recruitment Open]

    Looking good Amigos, can't wait to see how it all pans out!
  13. ToeZies


    Good Morning! You're all beautiful people, us Brits have a nice long weekend ahead of us with a heat wave too, let's enjoy it! ❤️ 


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      and ya girl gotta work 😞 

    2. Major


      Your heat wave is a cool day for us in the Carolinas. Grow a pair.

    3. Mia


      Have a wonderful long weekend ToeZ!  Ours is next week!

  14. ToeZies

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    Thanks, nerd.

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    Hope we're all having a good day so far. You all deserve it!

    1. RiZ


      You too, brother!

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  16. ToeZies

    Hey there, AK!

    Hola AK! You'll have a good time here mate, lots of interesting stuff and people to meet, get involved with, wish you the best of luck mate!
  17. ToeZies


    *sip sip*
  18. ToeZies

    What do you want from us?

    Hey that's me! MUM I'M ON TV! No but seriously, I stand by what I said and will further the point here: I believe that big events can be a thing, and i'm sure like you say, you have stuff set up and in the works that just requires a lot of commitment and trust and likely a lot of backup plans. It's hard work, and I think we do, or at least should, appreciate that. Whilst personally I loved the concept of the war between the two factions, it simply made no IC sense for my character to go for it either way, and on an OOC level I wasn't too bothered about a PVP Event to a point where I didn't want to make another character just to play for it, because it wouldn't develop my story lines. I think the key to getting people interested, dedicated and involved in big lore events is always to give an incentive, dangle a reward or a prize in front of our faces. Now obviously that is going to be difficult, you don't want to be just doing events for a few guns or whatever, and you don't want to take it OOC. I know that with the development a little while ago and the reports of large hoards making their way over from the NE, there is an incentive to have the upper hand in that battle, or sway that battle. Let's be honest as well, everyone just wants to be seen, to be remembered, to be acknowledged and have a name for themselves. Maybe some of these things can be taken and used. I think it all boils down to a simple formula; Issue -> 1 or more resolutions leading to different results -> Reward or consequence. This works for anything negative, for example the hordes, if maybe radio broadcasts go out and it is organised that certain things need to be accomplished in order to slow the horde, and if the horde is slowed then maybe supplies etc. can be dropped for the people that clearly slowed them etc. ACTION = REWARD. The RP along the way built from this should be gently guided and as long as the people participating in said event / action have any sense about them should be building their own RP from the gentle push given by the event. I don't want to write too much more before I just start building ideas for Lore events etc etc. However I think that the overall issue at the minute is this: Everything feels hunky dory. This is the apocalypse, and yet it feels like we can all walk around without too much of a worry because we've all hunkered down into our own spots. The events need to bring a gritty, desperate feeling in my eyes, things need to get notably worse if something is failed, something that people can be miserable about, something that can keep people talking. I don't know the answers, I'll continue to brainstorm some stuff to try and develop further on these little points, let's move things forward and make the events something progressive in terms of the grit and overall atmosphere of the server.
  19. ToeZies

    Další Stránka Media Thread

    Dom's keepsake photographs: The Family photo: Dom and Radomir find a pet deer in the woods: Dom taking it easy at the camp fire:
  20. ToeZies

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    I've had an amazing time with this group so far, characters with such depth and actual backing to them, loving every minute! Now that we're official it's only going to get bigger and better!
  21. ToeZies

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    Congratz on approval, can't wait to see where this goes!
  22. ToeZies


    There are seriously some amazing people in this community. Honest to God, just the right attitudes to everything, roleplay, OOC, everything. So much love right now.


    Basically; thank you.

    1. Alkis


      Oh you know it brother

    2. Osku


      shahrukh khan flirting GIF

    3. CrusaderCJ


      Missing our patter man. I met Ducky again IC the other night so hopefully not long until I come across you.

  23. ToeZies

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Whilst we may have just gotten stoned and tipsy, i've had an amazing night, something I've really needed recently, and I've got so much love for all of you guys, to be able to chill, relax and actually still get some RP development? You're some of the best people i've met here, and i've met a lot of people. My love goes out to @McLeranth, @cheeks, @DookieCS, @Franny, @Ducky, @Azu and to anyone I missed, I'm really sorry, I can't think of usernames right now. Just know you're all in my heart.
  24. ToeZies

    Interview With A Community Member: Hunter

    Awesome stuff, great work on the firefighting, from personal experience, firefighters are life savers. Good man!
  25. ToeZies


    Another day of work, but i'm leaving so; another day of doing fuck all for 8 hours

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