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  1. ToeZ


    I'm buying a car in a month or so, what should I get seeming as I'm in the UK and need a starter car, and don't want a Corsa or a micra.

    1. Harvey


      Renault Clio, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris, VW Polo?

      All good little cars (I have a Clio), just take insurance quotes on any car you like the look of.

    2. Oliv


      First car in your name? Find a couple cars you are looking at, get insurance quotes first, then go shopping. No point buying a car if you can't afford to drive it. You should hopefully be able to do a couple quick quotes online or find yourself a broker or agent who won't get pissy about having to run 4 or 5 makes and models.

    3. Roland


      Golf GTI '88

    4. Oliv


      Rolle, that car is twice as hold as he is. Gorgeous, but twice as old

    5. ToeZ


      Gee I'd fucking love a Golf GTI 88, but i'd never be able to afford one (probably I dunno) or likely insure it either.

      Looking at the ford fiesta doesn't look too bad, My friend has a clio and doesn't like it all that much himself, thanks for the recommendations guys.

    6. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


      for the car im looking at and to get insured on it is 5000 prolly cheaper in the UK though

    7. ToeZ


      Fuckin hell 5000? Fuck that.

      I'm thinkin 1600-1800

    8. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      yep insurance is 3K and the car is 2550 so 5 and a half really

    9. ToeZ


      for a golf?

    10. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      yep 05 Golf 1.4L

    11. ToeZ


      Nice car though tbh

    12. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


      tis a lit car imo