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"Fuck outta here."

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    "Ever since Moody's disappearance, you've done fucked up everything he worked so hard to build. Why must you pride yourselves on the destruction of others who are just trying, quite clearly to stay to themselves? Just because they say they'll defend themselves on the radio you bring more uproar? Ridiculous! As if you wouldn't say you'd defend yourselves. Comon now, I've been a friend of some of you, or at least acquaintance for a good ol' fucking while, and yet you attack the 101, and are going after any other peaceful settlements there are, Moody once talked of the Savior's as an empire and state...Nah, you've ruined any chance of that, you're just assholes. Get a grip."

    Who u insultin, champ?

    1. ToeZ



      But I left it open ended, so maybe i'm not?

    2. evanm23


      Good job, sllllick.