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"Fuck outta here."

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  1. ToeZ


    And my posts been removed, Thanks Team! Glad to see I can show my opinion.

    1. Strawberry


      That's not showing opinion. That's being hostile towards other community members. What happened to the person that got banned is his own fault for multiple rulebreaks.

    2. ToeZ


      It's the principle of people showing support for such an act, have some class.

    3. Strawberry


      Have some class? Last time I checked showing class did not involve; acting like you do. He broke multiple rules, and got permanently banned. It's not like he is dead. If he wanted to stay in the community he shouldn't have continuously violated the rules. What you are doing here; lashing out on the status updates, is the opposite of showing class.

    4. ToeZ


      I'm trying to fit in around here, thus no class should be shown. :D

      And I ain't going to show class when i'm calling people out, i'm throwing the top hat and telling it how it is instead of acting like it's all dandy.

    5. Strawberry


      The thing is that it is all "dandy" there is a reason why he got banned. Why would he be allowed in the community if he continuously breaks rules?

    6. ToeZ


      The point i've been trying to make this entire time is about people giving beanz to the post removing someone from the community, it's like spitting on a dead body

      Like Cheering on someone who just pushed someone else off a cliff.

    7. Strawberry


      Well, have you considered that they might agree with the verdict? Then shows that by giving beanz to the one which posts the verdict. Or just taking a liking into the fact that theres one less rule breaker in the community?

    8. ToeZ


      I have indeed considered that. Which I am quite clearly against, honestly why you here fighting against something that ain't got Jack to do with you?

    9. Strawberry


      I just think you're being childish, and decided that someone has to tell you. I'm gonna leave this status update, I would advise you to remove everything you have posted about the situation but then again it's your own choice.