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"Fuck outta here."

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  1. Shane Is Dead

    • Shane Is Dead
    • ToeZ

    Jon Bellion, good choice ;) 

    1. ToeZ


      Ehh Could be better, gonna change it soon seems like everyone and their dog has this on their profile...

    2. Shane Is Dead
    3. ToeZ


      Well I mean the entire new The weeknd one is good, I think I was listening to this last night, Can't remember 100%, and I can't listen to it right now cos I'm at work. Been enjoying Party Monster too..

      *Album that is

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      His new album is great tbh, Party Monster is great too ;) 

    5. ToeZ


      We gonna jam together in an hour? I think we should.

    6. Shane Is Dead