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    Can Confirm, that's a pigeon.

    1. Hebee


      Pigeon is the eagle of the inner city tbf

    2. Eagle


      Das ist gut

  1. 74
  2. 72
  3. In a while, Alex.
  4. ToeZ

    Some people just deserve a hefty slap

    1. idole


      Its one of those days well just think of those 4 days coming up should get u through it, just smile make it look like its not bothering you, will piss them off more

    2. Eagle
    3. idole


      Or day dream beating them to a pulp sometimes I do that too just don't actually do it lol

  5. ToeZ

    For fucks sakes, I was hoping for a carefree day at work, and its just turned into bullshittery, Fuck this place tbh, people think they're top dogs, always.

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    2. ToeZ


      Bit late when I'm AT work.

    3. Boston


      Call in sick... tomorrow. ;D

    4. ToeZ


      That's the thing, I'm off for 4 days after today, so I wanted a chill day, to leave things calm for when I was off for 2 days next week, but apparently that's not allowed.

  6. ToeZ


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    2. ToeZ


      ._. I see how it is. 

      Nah but the Weeknd is the shit, todays michael Jackson

    3. Nocheluz


      For real doh.

    4. Shane


      Michael Jackson that's a bit of a stretch 

  7. All of this is wrong, you pick up your beefy M4 you just looted off the last person you saw and shot, take off your trousers and charge into war screaming hallelujah!
  8. seent you about a good amount tbf 8/10
  9. >_> I knew it, Timothy.
  10. naughty af tbh
  11. You're rich but you can only buy paper cuts for other people, you monster.
  12. Fuck yeah If I was a Fruit Tooty Chewing gum, would you chew me?