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"I won't watch you burn."

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  1. How’s it going? 

    1. Watchman


      Heyy baby ❤️

      its goin

    2. PaulB


      Now come back 😎

    3. Oy


      shut up nerd

  2. yo

    1. TheMrGasMask


      Hello GIF by Love Handle Comics

    2. Watchman


      hey baby

    3. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna


    4. DingoLR



    5. Inferno


      Waz good

  3. What's the happening folks?

    1. DingoLR


      Not much inactive andy

    2. ChewyLR


      Server's haunted

      *loads gun*

    3. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      Yo my slime

    4. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      ayyyy cj my doooggg

    5. Watchman


      boutta make me act a fool

  4. Thought I recognized that tag from somewhere.
    Very interested to trade some more jars with red cloth to Liam O'Casey ?

  5. The cowboy vibe grows


    1. TheMrGasMask


      red dead redemption 2 horse GIF by Rockstar Games

  6. Hope everyone's doing swell. 


  7. When you've been nice and stayed late repeatedly on a work site to help the client out and they haven't paid you for 5 days in a row and keep putting it off with 'can we sort it tomorrow?'


  8. Better to live in uncomfortable truth than uncertainty. ~ @Watchman

    The boy has a way with words as well as mods.

    1. AlkisLR


      What a guy ?

  9. Things are rough, but I hope everyone is trudging through the bullshit to get to the other side. Brighter days are ahead. ? 



  10. The barbers finally opened.
  11. Here's some feedback and I suppose a question too: During today's 'peaceful protest' when conflict occurred, the CLF (Yourselves) decided to aid and help the RAC (Your enemies.). I'd like to get a clear understanding as to why after your faction has been fighting these guys pretty much non stop, forcing them to move from their initial compound I think just after a week of the lore being released. You are clearly at a heavy civil war with these people as you completely oppose viewpoints on politics and the running of the country and the Russian rule that has been placed within. It se
  12. Been a pleasure but things took a bit of a turn and weren't exactly what they could have been. Best of luck to all the boys from this group, all tops lads. o7
  13. 4 Years today!

    The last 4 years have flown by. Here's a shout out to some of the people who've been there through it all and helped me through so much: 

    @Oy @RiZ @Watchman @Aisling @groovy lamb @groovy dux @Scouse @JSaulOG @Mr Anon 

    @PaulB @Ranger163 @Gwim-chan UwU @DaRsnn 

    and in general the entire groovy gang but that's too many names to type.

    There's many more which i'm sure i've missed from over the years, but it's been a pleasure, and here's for many more to come.

    1. IsaiahCortez


      I'll old man nag to you every day you need man.

    2. RiZ


      Love you, brother. Happy to know you.

    3. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      Much love my guy

    4. Watchman


      ill always be here for you man, you one of the real ones and ill never ever forget that .. love you brother ❤️

    5. Aisling


      Love you ❤️

    6. Dux


      Not only one of the best RPers i've met in the community but also one of the best friends. Cheers brat

    7. PaulB


      Thank you my man....i miss good old days...hope we stay in touch ?  Im always here for you! Great characters specially the BIG ONE! 

    8. Oy


      First name drop, I'm honored.


      also, ur a nerd ❤️

    9. ToeZ


      You're my day 1 Oyface ❤️ 


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