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"Fuck outta here."

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    1. SweetJoe


      careful Jamie, he may block you for knowing someone.

    2. Sleepyhead


      it already happened

    3. SweetJoe



    4. Brady


      Jamie u got banned from dayz roleplay? Tragedy

    5. Rudolph


      Boy oh boy, if I got banned from DayZ roleplay I honestly wouldn't know what I would do with my life. 

    6. SweetJoe



      that's not what was sad about it.

    7. Rudolph


      I honestly can't go a day without sitting in the corner of the map next to a campfire endulging in QUALITY roleplay with the 5 other people who play on the server, I can't even imagine being permanently banned

    8. ToeZ



  1. ToeZ

    Well. We're exploding. 

    1. Zero



    2. Keira



    • ToeZ
    • Docto Ouface

    That doesn't looky healthy

    • ToeZ
    • Alexis

    If you're gonna have Blackbear, as everyone should, atleast don't have a dirty remix

    • ToeZ
    • Docto Ouface


  2. @Darra You're just lovely I guess, @Western Ew, get away @MokaRaiden Who? Why? @Brayces Support? Since when! @Chewy Welcome back to England, greatest country of all.
  3. ToeZ

    01d0bfd89a473bed6b20f8c7545061be.pngI'm quite clearly a 12/10 artist, hit me up for them mad drawings. 


    (Don't hit me up I won't do anything)

    1. Brayces


      Dude, that's some Salvador Dali shiz right there. 

    2. ToeZ


      YES. That was what I was going for...? That!

    3. Brayces


      R-right! Exactly! 


    4. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      Dude, you are so aurtistic

    • Docto Ouface
    • ToeZ

    am docto do u requir medical assista

    1. ToeZ


      Pls no hit with docto stic.

  4. ToeZ

    OOH Please be my E-girlfriend! Talking to real women is hard!


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    2. Mexi


      Yet you juiced and confessed your love to a couple of lasses on here, alright Toez. You continue to be a turncoat, but cut the shit your opinion isn't valued on the matter.

    3. ToeZ


      The only time i've done diddly squat on here is when I share something like music interests with someone, tell them that, and then have a joke about how much I enjoy said music. For someone that likes to complain about being told there banter isn't banter? Good one Bean.

    4. Eagle


      Does that mean all the girls on DayZRP are just men with voice changers?

    5. Mexi


      This boy calling me Bean but looks like a lesbian that can't find a suit that fits him properly, psh.

    6. Beni


      @Eagle Fuck me that's a mind fuck If I've ever seen one. 

    7. Eagle


      Spooky shit man.

    8. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      Get them Toez, get em all.

    9. Mr Anon

      Mr Anon



      This boy calling me Bean but looks like a lesbian that can't find a suit that fits him properly, psh.

      Nice Suit


    10. Mexi


      @Mr Anon That would indeed be a suit, congratulations. Saving pictures of other lads, bit odd but whatever floats your boat old boy

    11. ToeZ


      Weak tbh

      Think you need to give your suit back to your old boy, AKA your dad mate, clearly from his wardrobe.

    12. Mexi


      Because it's a black suit it's my dads? Now that, that was weak.

    13. ToeZ


      Your reading skill must be weak, I never said anything about black mate? Good one, old boy.

    14. Mexi


      How it's clearly from his wardrobe makes no sense which is why I asked, must have been a nice day out shopping with mummy for that. 

      If I gave enough of a shit I'd continue this, lmao

    15. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      You both are lesbians, now shut the fuck up.

    16. DustyRP


      You look like slenderman @Mexi

    17. ToeZ


      In case you missed it, we're rippin' the shit out of your suit, because you found it so funny to elaborate on mine, No one asked you to even post on here so I like the fact that you've dropped out of your own fight, lad.

    18. DustyRP


      Can you guys stop

    19. ToeZ


      Sorry, wouldn't want to mess with the Prince of Darkness.

    20. DustyRP


      That’s right. Don’t make me all edgy on you guys.

    21. iBstoneyDave
  5. ToeZ


    1. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      That's fucking deep man.....

    2. ToeZ



  6. ToeZ

    Why bother with skimmed milk when you could just eat the cows hoof.

  7. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Majoo? More like Maboi, 10/10
  8. Let's be real, not every situation that is shitty is report worthy and some people don't want to go through the shit of making a report. You say that they should come and speak with you? The only times I've ever been in a room with any of you for the most part, you've played it off as a joke or tried to intimidate and get people to back down. So people don't go into rooms with you anymore, because it's fruitless as far as I can see. Going to 'Dad' might be the only option they see fit, and to be honest, why not? If they have concerns and don't want to come to you regarding it, probably because they already feel like they're being 'targeted' : You've immediately acted in a negative manner towards the feedback that has, in one way or another, come back to you. Even though nothing has actually been done to you. Chill out, see this through, and if you're in the right, well then that's great! But hey, you'll probably talk yourselves out of the situation anyways.
  9. ToeZ

    See new play time counter. 

    Friendly In Cherno.

    Doesn't count my other 2k hours.


    1. Majoo


      ikr? Gimme all my time