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  1. We need more nice africans like @JSaul

  2. Throw that last end bits of the bread which is all crust to a duck.


    Ducks love crust.

  3. Think it's time for some REAL nationalism.


    1. CaliforniaRP


      i think the word u were looking for




    2. ToeZ


      Fuck the 'mericas, but yeah it was definitely Patriotism. I need sleep.

  4. New Profile music. Colter wall is the fuckin' man.

  5. @Mademoiselle, @FireDude ; Amazing to have some actual interestingly deep RP for once. Was such a nice change of pace and was not how I saw the night going, especially not with my internet...may it lead to much more! @Smixxa So good to run into you again! It threw me off when you turned up and it was a pleasure as always!
  6. Number 1 tour guide in all of Chernarus.

  7. *The Radio crackles to life with Toez's response* "Look gov' It all went fuck tits up. We heard some roters, we followed the roters, Found some radioactive filff, and then bailed a distance away whilst one of our lads checked the barrels...Then a huge fackin' jet went an' dropped bloody firebombs on our fackin' 'eds! What you got in ya' toolbox for that one sweetness?" *The response is from a clearly shaken voice, there is the noise of several people scrubbing clothes before the transmission cuts out*
  8. Went from this to this and recovered over a couple of months to this.. My face got real smushed.
  9. Absolutely grim tbh. Only bums like ARSEnal.
  10. Fuckin love gettin' KOS'd after 3 hours of jogging and struggling to survive in good ol' Kab, just to find out they've been KOS'ing for an hour and has been reported so many times it's not even worth me bothering. 

    Fuck me.


    1. Mademoiselle


      I think I'd rather get KOS'd like last time than this...


  11. Guess Jorah's just the fuckin Man

  12. oh my god this profile looks like the one you had around when i joined.. damn memory lane

    1. ToeZ


      Yeah man ! Back on it! Rocking Jorah all over again!

  13. Such a difficult choice... @Watchman is defo cheating however.
  14. ToeZ POV: Me and @MoodyOG are in the church just having a good time talking to some civilians we'd just met, including @GenjiRP, we hear people talking smack outside, so we go outside to check who it is, however when we realise it's Dale, a member of the group, we step back and chill. However he then continues to talk smack as he walks away so me, @MoodyOG and @GenjiRP run up, confront him and I smack him once alongside moody hitting him once. He then proceeds to run behind a campervan, pull his AK and just spray down Genji and then run off. I stay around genji's body to ensure her friends sort out her body and all that stuff. I later find out that Moody killed Dale. End POV.
  15. nice avatar love

    1. ToeZ


      Thanks I'd recommend the person that made it but I can't seem to remember their name...

    2. Watchman
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