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  1. groovy ToeZies

    groovy ToeZies

    I understand people aren't enjoying all of the new Game of Thrones stuff, and I get that, but y'all hella negative. There's good stuff in these episodes, and yes whilst there IS a lot of bad shit and mistakes to counter act that. I just feel like everyone's on the hype train of being like "OOHHH IT'S SO BADDDD"... Y'know?

    Whilst I say this, I think the actors are all fully on side and don't approve of how the season has gone so far, but the acting, the camera work and effects, (other than starbucks cups and regrown hands) have been amazing and truly masterful works of television. 

    1. Eagle


      Just because you plate a turd in gold doesn't mean it still ain't a turd.

    2. Mademoiselle


      ^ What Eagle said

    3. groovy ToeZies

      groovy ToeZies

      By that pretense, Just because you have a dog whose not got floppy ears to make him perfect doesn't mean he ain't a good boy.

      What you've done is just read the outline of what i've stated and turned into a statement to fit your side further. My statement more sides with: The turd has been produced through really good work and it's just the external finisher (The writers) that have made it a turd. 

      Basically we've milked the cow and even though the cow did nothing wrong and did the same great thing. The cow fed it laxatives and so instead of giving you milk it accidentally shit itself.

      The farmer fed it laxatives**


    4. Ender


      Agreed. I frequent a few Game of thrones subreddits and everyone is fucking pissed to where you are not allowed to enjoy the show anymore, if you do then you're wrong. But that's also just reddit in general. Follow the hive mind or get the fuck out. while i have my disappointments about the season, I'm also loving the fuck out of it. and no one can stop me from enjoying this last episode with a few friends. Speaking of which we should really start a Finale watch party with the community, that would be awesome.

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