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  1. My POV: We had heard over the radio about 20 minutes earlier from Bread that he was being held hostage by some saviour geezer, myself and and Brett decided that we would just keep going around North West Airfield to keep finding food and water when we decide to leave through the road heading NW we encountered what we believed to 2 friendlies, we had a quick talk and they seemed pleasant at first before asking us about our armbands, informing them we were indeed with the bank and being held up because of it. We dropped our weapons and radios as asked and then started walking up the road, it was less than a minute later when one of the saviours (who was the one who killed me) told me drop everything I had on me, so I complied and they looked through all of my stuff for the second time. After a few seconds he threw a radio onto the floor saying that I had this on me the whole time etc etc. I told him that he put it there, why would I put my own life in danger over this. I was then immediately shot and killed, there was zero real fun or engaging RP, nor did I get given any real reason why we was held up and taken hostage other than "We held your boss up earlier and killed him too"
  2. *Joshua picks up his radio chuckling at his struggles before pressing down the PTT* Aye Joey, never realized you were such a charmer over the radio too. *he smirks to himself* Tell me where to find ya lad and i'll be there as soon as ya asked. *Would then let go of the PTT placing the radio back into his pocket sighing looking over the city in front of him from the lovely rooftop view.*
  3. *Joshua would take a seat apon the roof top, pressing down the PTT* Ayo Joey, I aint no clue at all if you can hear this but how in the hells we'z meant to get in touch with ya? I only ever see's ya walking around? Any easier way of doing these things? Oh by the way is Joshua, from the neighbourhood watch. *He chuckles to himself before realising the PTT and going back to looking down from the roof top*
  4. Welcome to first ever AA meeting! Lead by our one and own Joey!
  5. *Joshua would pick up his radio and push down apon the PTT* Why not head to the CDF camp down south? I am sure they have some things you could assist in dear Andrew* *would then finish placing the radio back into his pocket eating some good old Beans*
  6. Joshua was born in England, in the North, close to the border of Scotland. However when he was young he had moved to the city of Chernogorsk, his father quickly became a member of the local community even though he was a foreigner. His father began to take work in the factory, doing what ever he had to do to get his family by and survive in this new and unusual world in which Joshua was still coming to terms to, a whole new life in a whole new country. Joshua's father usually played Rugby on the weekend and he really wanted to follow in his footsteps, as he grew older he went and worked in the same factory as his father and for the same team as his father, almost a life for life copy of his father, however there was a extremely large difference between him and his father... he was born a women. Joshua always saw himself as a man, not taking to the common "womenly" roles which his mother kept trying to force onto him, whilst he wish he would just be like his father, a strong and well driven man in which he could only think of one way to change the way he was, to get his sex changed against all of his mother and fathers judgement's and comments. Seconds seemed to pass after his visit for the hospital for his sex change, he awoke to find himself in the body in which he had always dreamed of being inside of. He was finally the man of his dreams, and could follow in what his father would, finally becoming almost a carbon copy of what his father was, that would be if he would accept him back into his home. His father and mother had kicked him out, only giving him enough to survive the night in his new body, he went and stayed at his friends house, one of the only people who had accepted him in his new body. Years passed and Joshua kept embracing his new body, enjoying every second of it, taking a found love for a man who he worked with, in the year 2016 he had got married to to the love of his life Francis, were they got married by the coast, his father and mother unfortunately not attending, still disregarding him in his new body as no longer being the "daughter" he once was. After almost a year of marriage, Francis and Joshua decided to take a camping trip out in the Black Mountains around a week before the outbreak, so once they had returned the chaos in which Joshua's adventure begins.
  7. *Picks up his radio listening to the man speaking, before pressing down the PTT* "Thank you for taking time to respond, I will take a wild guess that this is Doctor Brandon?" "Anywho, I understand with the pacifist idea, although many people these days are a little hostile I will respect and follow along with your morals and guidelines you say you have, is it possible to discuss this in person?... These open frequencies can be a little dangerous" *Places the radio back into his pocket and begins walking the lands again*
  8. So I suppose this is a welcome message... after a few weeks ha. I can whole heartly say that i do enjoy the Role play in which it is able to offer, lots of different characters and different people that are after lots of different things, from those just wanting to survive to those going for an objective (such as the different groups or "gangs") The name's Josh, both in the game and outside (extremely lazy when it comes to names) and I hope to encounter a lot more very interesting individuals throughout my time in this community, feel free to ask any questions if any and remember, enjoy the game.
  9. *Picks up his Radio again, pressing down the PTT* I'm willing to offer my help to your cause... anyway that is needed. From security or another doctor of sorts to add to your ranks. *Places the radio back down on the ground, looking around for both humans and undead*
  10. *Sits down against the tree closest to himself, sighing before pulling out his radio pushing in the batteries, pressing down the PTT* Free Medics or "FM" as I hear you are called, I hope you are listening to this, I am willing to offer my help to your cause, my name is Joshua... I hope to hear back. *Releases the PTT and places the radio by his side, before taking a swig from his Canteen*
  11. Finally some sort of guide that shows how we should be giving good RP!
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