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  1. The date is the 15th of June, 1990. The birds had only just begun their morning song, when the roar of a straight six shut them up. "Beatrice" was seen doing almost 180 on the way to the hospital. Behind the wheel was John Normann, and his wife Julie, screaming in the back seat. This was a special day, because a new life was about to see the light of day. John was the happiest man on Earth that day, he had everything, a beautiful wife, a prosperous farm and soon, a son to share his fortune with. The old German sedan zoomed to the hospital, entering the parking space sideways. A team of nurses came out and rushed Julie to the ER. The procedure went perfectly, and they were all happy see a healthy baby boy. They decided on calling him "Jack", a name they both revered. The nurses were cleaning Jack, and just as they were about to return him to his mother, her heart stopped. Nobody to this day knows what happened, since John refused to have autopsy made. John's dreams quickly turned to a nightmare from that point. He was now left with raising a kid on his own. Faced with this challenge, John turned to drinking and burying himself in work. He had no idea how to raise a kid, let alone take care of a house. The first years were the hardest. Jack was mostly raised by his aunt, while his father came to grips with the status quo. 1998-2006: When Jack turned 8, he developed an interest in farming, and especially the mechanics. He loved the sound of engines, and how machines enable us to become stronger or faster. This interest also sparked a relation between Jack and his dad, whom had been lonely for many years. Jack spent every hour outside school on the farm, helping his dad in any way possible. This cycle continued all the way through school, and when Jack graduated, he went straight to mechanic school. This didn't compromise their relationship, on the contrary, Jack now had a skill set, other than being a helping hand. All the pieces were falling into place. 2008-2010: Jack was now 18 years old and already showing signs of becoming a great mechanic. He even started reviving the old sedan his dad used to drive. It had been left in the barn ever since that dark day, collecting dust and rust. The following years were spent working closely with his father, restoring the old girl to her former glory. It was a tall order for John, because it was a trip down the wrong end of memory lane. Despite this, they carried on and were surprisingly contempt with life. Jack graduated from mechanic school and went on to work for the local shop. He even found love in his home town, a few times that is. Jack was known as a hopeless romantic, no doubt a result of being raised in a mans world, without the maternal guidance. It wasn't a big deal for Jack at first, they were still going strong with restoration, and the farm could always use a hand. It all changed when he met Violetta, a crazy Italian girl who blew him away. She was perfect in Jack's eyes. Her dad even owned a mechanic shop in Northern Italy. It all seemed destined. He could see his future unfold itself before his eyes. 2011-2018 Life was good, really good. Jack had everything he could ask for, and more. He had the girl of his dreams, and a proud father. They even finished restoring "Beatrice" to her former glory. Jack reached the height of his accomplishments during those years. He even went to Italy to expand his knowledge and learn about Violetta's home country. His father didn't seem to fussed about it, but he understood the importance. He even started having a relationship himself, a nice Chernarussian in fact. Correspondance between Jack and his father during those years were minor at best. They truly were living, or so they thought. A new virus spread across several countries in the East, and at first it didn't bother them at all. The world has seen worse, right? Violetta, who was a nurse, seemed more worried. 2019-present The Italian government issued a lockdown of all non-essential businesses, in an effort to stop the spread. Violetta was hard at work, caring for the victims with limited means. There was no vaccine, no cure. Healthcare struggled to keep up with the rapid spread in Italy, and there were reports of doctors and nurses catching the flu themselves. This imposed a mandatory check for all workers in the healthcare system. Violetta was scared to go to work, she had already lost colleagues to the flu, but her sense of duty pushed her beyond. Jack struggled with quarantine, and he couldn't contact his father at all. It all reached a breaking point, when Violetta suddenly didn't return from work. She was infected, and placed under intensive care. Violetta died a month before the new vaccine introduced itself. Heartbroken and filled with hatred, Jack left Italy as soon as the borders opened. He abandoned everything he built to return home, to Denmark. He had not heard from his father in years. Jack didn't think much of it, his father always valued talking in person rather than calling, even if it meant going silent for a while. He was old school. Upon driving up to the old farm, you could see tall grass and unkempt hedges. The house itself looked stagnant, as if time stopped back then. Everything was... gone. Jack reached for the main door, only to find out it's broken in. Everything was stripped, only the wall safe remained. Jack opened it to find a note from his father. The note stated that he sold the farm to pursue a worthy life, just like Jack. He even brought Beatrice with him. "Chernarus is the place for me, son." were the last words his father ever wrote. Unable to comprehend his predicament, Jack rushed to the airport and got a one-way ticket to South Zagoria, Chernarus. He was certain that his father was set up by the Chernarussian woman. Jack arrived in Zagoria and spent a few months there, trying to track down Beatrice and his father. Unable to speak the common tongue, Jack's efforts were mediocre and rarely yielded any results. It all changed with the 3rd wave. Alone, lost, consumed by hatred and loss of purpose. Trapped in an unforgiving world surrounded by freaks and fanatics. Is this really what life has come to? They think they know what they're doing, "It's all under control" and next thing you know, it all turns to shit again. Life really is a series of ups and downs.
  2. My story aligns with @LittleBoFo. I was outside the schoolhouse when i heard shots from the northern end of town. then Stanley got hit and i helped him up. I didn't know what the cause was. only that the two guys acted strange and were hostile.
  3. Are cars available or is it still WIP?
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