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  1. Shnitz

    • Shnitz
    • Quentin

    Needs new music definetely, like Peeping Tom? Really? pls somthing I don't know man. I need some new music to listen to!Quentin and Schnitzler finished.jpg

    1. Quentin


      Stay tuned to this space for more ^_^

    2. Shnitz
    3. Quentin


      No like Ocean man? xD


    4. Shnitz


      If anything, play some pumped up kicks for me, would ya?

    5. Quentin


      What about a bit of Delight?

    6. Shnitz


      I mean I know it but ye, better than the shit before. Thank you oh lord for you have brought salvation up upon my bored deceacing state of living one could call an excuse for a living breathing human beeing