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  1. RT56 - Iran Vanilla - Australia
  2. Quentin


    Relaxi Taxi with all the @Quentin in this thread. There is like a 30% chance I might consider getting on in the next 2 weeks. There is a 15% chance I will actually get on in the next 2 weeks. After that I get payed from work the ratio of me getting on, to not bothering, increases to 2:1, as I can then order evening groceries. After the group is approved the odds of me getting in game again will increase by a scale factor of 3. Basically what i'm saying is I consent being placed on the roster cuz the mandem in this group are Certi Dons in my opinion.
  3. By all means I would love to read over what In and Out of character means but I really don't feel that would be necessary. You must be mistaken my friend, I was not criticizing anyone OOC. I think the main point I was trying to make, clearly lost in translation somewhere, was that the word Faggot was relied on heavily when referring to my character IC, as a part of their role play. Using the word a handful of time would have been fine but I felt it was a bit overused and this overall brought the role play down a bit. It's a lot like when a joke is overused and stops being funny. I'm sure all of these lads are lovely people who wear clothes when sitting in front of their computers OOC. I just recommend they widen the range of vocabulary used when role playing to keep the experience fresh and not tedious. @Ron @Brayces If there is anymore confusion with what i have been posting, I'd rather you PM me first. I don't want it to seem like too much back and forth. I would rather keep the feedback short and sweet xoxo
  4. I was extremely tired last night so apologies for not giving any constructive feedback on TS. For a start, who ever it was, could refrain from calling me a faggot in game every 30 seconds just because i was wearing a pink raincoat. Not a fan of Homophobia but i'll let that one slide as it was our first encounter. I like the colour pink. I'm wearing a pink T-Shirt right now as I'm typing this. Just an appetizer for you guys to think about. In a bit my g
  5. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy on my character profile, I forgot to change this from a previous group. I promise we are not Nazis. Dave is a nice guy if you give him a chance and a Zucchini About the pink raincoat I don't see that as a problem. Personally I don't run around in full military gear all the time and much prefer to blend it with civilian clothes as not to draw attention to the fact that Dave is in a military group. For example I'd rather not get shafted by Anarchy when I'm just traveling around "Not on duty", i guess you can call it. Obviously we would wear our uniforms when we are preforming an operation or mission which requires us to be kitted up. That's common sense. Lets face it, if you were in a foreign country where previous NATO intervention didn't go down too well with the population and there are factions that are openly anti - military/foreigner; any smart person wouldn't walk around with full military gear sporting a Union Jack (in Dave's case) or Stars and Stripes on their shoulder. That is unless you want to get held up and possible killed. It's hard to establish good communications with people that chase after you with guns and scary gas masks. Personally If that happened to me I'd probably shit myself and run. I wouldn't want to talk to bad men that look like they are out to cause trouble. - Little joke don't take it to heart Thank you for the constructive feedback though ( Minus the REEE at the end. Was a bit irrelevant babes ). We try our best to improve as a group and build upon any feedback, no matter how petty. I look forward to meeting up with you guys IC again sometime, on better terms and maybe having a memorable RP encounter I can say good things about to other people. Ps. Try be more original with your hostile RP and not be a copy paste of every generic hold up ever. Then maybe next time we meet IC both parties can provide much improved RP and will not end up wanting to kill themselves IRL afterwards. I don't hold grudges so from my POV we all good from here on in. Kind Regards, Best Wishes and Lots of Love, Quentin & Dave xoxox
  6. Paddy was born alongside his twin brother Spike in a Serbian trailer park, to a Serbian mother, on the 21st of May 1999. The two boys never knew their mother as shortly after the O'Leary family packed up their things and left to find the next mother of Paddy's future siblings; leaving Paddy and Spikes mother in Serbia. Naturally growing up in a family full of boys there was rivalry, violence and infighting. Paddy and Spike hardly got along and always fought, trying to one up each other to impress Da's, who showed little recognition towards the twins. Most of life was spent traveling round Europe with their family, stealing, swindling and moving between jobs. However the family found themselves stuck in Chernarus during the heart of the outbreak; unable to leave because of border shutdowns and because of the fact Da was yet to find his Chernarussian wife.
  7. Sign me up for Brazil. Also Road to 56? as base game is garbage and the added focus trees are nice for those who pick nations without one.
  8. When you hear the commonwealth is over  :trolle:


  9. Addiction is a bitch and a struggle but it doesn't mean we are going to giving up. But each day that passes you're just digging yourself deeper and deeper into the hole you are trying to climb yourself out of.



  10. Starting my first few weeks clean with my two main boys, hopefully it goes well, here's to 3 days!!



  11. "What a thing it is to grow...59dc602848894_giphy(2).gif.a344a2cb652010be49488333b0acc68b.gif
    Flower, i tried so hard to open my mind... 
    No i never meant to colour you in...
    Jet black, with a ballpoint pen...
    The brilliance hurt my eyes...
    I told you that i'm colour blind..."



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