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  1. Will be smoothing over some of these issues. However, the reasoning behind the weaponry being gathered for the Ukraine does have reasoning behind it. One Ukraine is apart of NATO, I'm sure I don't need to explain to you what that is. Two Russia invaded Ukraine and America funded the Ukraine side of things and also trained alongside their military so its pretty explanatory for why they would want that weaponry back. @PCJames
  2. @Hebi Kotei I'm speaking on behalf of me & @Max Stercore. 40 minutes prior to this situation we robbed a guy and things were fine, we sent the guy the other way we went on. The guy still had KOS rights on us so came over and shot me and another guy.
  3. Thanks boys, hope to see you all in game! @th3inory @Harvey
  4. @Chewy My bad aha just wanna make the right impressions as were a new group!
  5. We have other goals man, We wanna make things interesting and not just use it as an excuse to rob gear. Understandable this has been done in the past but we are different which you will see. @Chewy
  6. @Blackburn Well we are open to the challenge aha but I'm sure not everyone will try kill us, thanks for the heads up though!
  7. Background: Sandline international have been an established company since the early 1990’s to help fill a spot for the end of cold war era. When we first began the company we set out for our main job to be assisting governments and legit companies with military expertise. Due to us starting our own company off the back of nothing we never really had the opportunity to grab a name as our line of work within the UK wasn't such a major thing compared to the rest of the world. Our first big job was out in Afghanistan in early 1993 to do some work regarding the recent soviet war within afghan. The job was for a rich Russian businessman who wanted us to keep eyes on all Russian weaponry flowing through the country as he had suspicion things would become a bigger problem then they were. The job was going well until some of our contractors were out on patrol when they were involved with a local afghan gun dealer who claimed to have known why we was there and was persistent that he wanted us gone otherwise he would began attacking our boys who were involved in the job. Word spread back to the customer and tensions began to rise resulting in a bad name forming for us meaning we had to drop the job and lay low for a while whilst we could figure a way to resolve the issues in which have occurred. The company decided to take a year break in 95 to focus on retraining every employee to be to the highest standard possible so a slip up like this didn't happen again. A year later we felt confident enough to reopen in where we began to get a lot of work coming in regarding eastern Europe which resulted well for us. Jobs began to flow and a good name was forming on the company. Fast forward to the current day and we have received a call from the Ukrainian forces in regards to us gathering all high end weaponry which is spread across where the infection began, Chernarus. We decided to take the job with open arms and decided this could help put an end to where it all started. Sandline International Contractors - Afghanistan 1993 Our Goals: -Our starting goal will be setting up tent at Tisy, and that will be the base of operations which will be maintained and heavily guarded at all times. [Est. Day 0] -Maintain Tisy and use it for meetings with other groups to gather information on the land around us, and setup useful trades which are beneficial to both sources. [Est. Day 50] -Attempt to oppose all robbing of peoples gear, such as robbing them of food/clothing, and some types of weaponry. (We will not touch you if you do not have anything which was manufactured in the United States) [Est. Day 100] -We will be attempting to help secure all of the remaining US arms in Chernarus. Our task will be to be friendly too the people around us, however also complete the overall task what we have been set out to do. [Est. Day 150] -We will be performing peacekeeping operations, which will involved in helping out locals, and supplying the people in need. Also attempting to form some type leadership within the region, and establish a working government to attempt to maintain the virus. [Est. Day 200] -We will not be opposing other political parties which are involved in the region, such as the socialist and the communists, since that is not what we are set out to do, however if either want to oppose our goals, actions will be taken against whom may concern. [Est. Day 250] -We are willing to form alliances and friendships with other groups who are willing to assist us, and will provide equipment to allies, however we will want it back. [Est. Day 300] -Complete all tasks set out, control the militarised zones within the north west, and collect all US arms around. A grouped to be feared, and known for being with numbers, and the highest tear of weaponry in the land, ranging from Russian, to US [Est. Day 350] Sandline International Contractors - Czech Republic 1997 Out of Character Goals: #1- Have one of the largest and most impactful groups on the server, where people who know who we are just by looking at us #2- Give good roleplay too all players around us, even if that means not sticking to our goals sometimes, (we don’t want all scenarios to be hostile) #3- Be a group where people are who are friendly with us, are hated be groups who dislike us. #4- To be a force which people do not want to be robbing/attempting to intimidate. Our Roster: Our roster can be located here Application: Please take the time and effort out to fill out the application and reply to the post below. Name: Age: Timezone/Country: Steam ID/Profile: How often will you play?: Why do you want to join our group?: Why should we accept you into our group?:
  8. Luke Dowsett

    My name is Luke Dowsett, I am 18 years old and I work for a lawyer firm up in london where I have achieved a lot even though I have only worked there for a few months. Whilst working where I am I have had the chance to meet a lot of people who had same interests as me. One of those interests being that they have always wanted to travel to countries that are not as financially stable as some. As I near enough had the same routine everyday me and a few friends from work thought it would be great for us to take some time off of work and go travelling for a month or two as we knew our boss wouldn't be so bothered about us having the time off. We spent hours over the week looking for interesting places we could visit that isn't somewhere that everyone has been to. Sooner or later we came across a place known as chernarus which looked like a country that feared russia which made us all interested to see what it was like there. We done further research into the country and couldnt find much which is where we then decided to travel to. A few weeks later with our tickets booked we flew over there ready for a crazy adventure and to enjoy some time off of work. The country was so interesting we loved it. However, one night we decided to go out for a drink and see what the night life may be like and maybe meet some of the locals although not all went to plan. We ended up getting into a fight with some drunk locals which then led to me getting knocked out cold and waking up on the coast. I now need to go see if I can find any of my friends.
  9. @Eagle When we began playing around 3 hours before I knew that I had to leave at some time later in the evening due to the fact I had to attend to a family meal. When we all met at airfield the situation happened where kieran killed the guy who was standing in the field. We ran as I had intentions to leave soon and didn't think they would follow us into the building. Therefore, I thought I would be fine to log in 30mins as I thought we were away from them. As the gun fight began I killed one person then 10mins later I had to log as I was told I had to go out to attend the meal. I completely understand that I have broken rules and I understand that this is a hardcore RP server. Although, at the end of the day I think we can all agree that real life comes first. I would secondly like to apologies to everyone who was effected by me logging as It may have turnt out better If I was still there.
  10. Its got to be Kabanino you can always find people that and engage in some RP
  11. The guys name was called AJ and was in the ts room channel 5
  12. We found this man on the airfield and came to a conclusion we would rob him. All was going great as we was sorting through his gear. Around a minute into checking his gear the grenade exploded killing the hostage and one of our members as well as destroying a tonne of our gear. So therefore it would make no sense into why we would throw a grenade. After the grenade went off we all got really confused and started to question each other into who threw the grenade but no one knew.
  13. No none of use have video proof but neither does the guy reporting.