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  1. Pickle

    God Bless The United States Of America

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  2. Pickle

    God Bless The United States Of America

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  3. Pickle

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    I don't think the reason Wyoming isn't voting isn't because he cares but because he doesn't. One can still make the argument that others do though and I agree with your point myself.
  4. Pickle

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    Poll for Anarchy becoming a MedicalRP group? Every warning point you have is an extra vote. Maybe one on different types of anarchism. Anarcho-Primitivism, Anarcho-Feminism, Anarcho-Capitalism (Would be pretty fun to play that actually) These things are better talked out in TS or PM's than views expressed through a binary poll but this is still fun. It drives along progress to have a record of the community's opinion
  5. Pickle

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Gotta agree with @Wyoming here. Lately, Anarchy's providing some of the best RP on the server - hostile, hostage, and campfire. My experience with them in the past few days (which wasnt just hostile despite being a Svoboda member) has been overwhelmingly positive - playing out their RP as both a group and as individual characters. I think the stigma that the name is attached with enables people already salty about gear or for OOC reasons to just hate on them unneccessarily. I've experienced plenty of bad hostile RP in the past 2 years and New Anarchy just isn't that.
  6. Pickle

    things and stuff

    Gonna miss you man, some fun Natively Chernarussian RP at the hospital and Pavlovo. We'll all be looking forward to your return!
  7. Pickle

    Battlefield V

    I hope it's something more modern. I still play BF3/4 with a clan to this day, BF1 was quite a departure due to the difference in tech. This is what I want:
  8. Pickle

    Filii Prophetam [Strict Recruitment]

    Good luck boys, looking forward to your Far Cry 5 DLC
  9. Pickle

    Discussion regarding "ideological initiations"

    The point of this thread is less about the specifics of recent events and the lore/tenets of your group but, rather that "you don't have to like it or agree with it" and so we should be able to act however we want in response to that ideological disagreement. Not just agree to disagree. If you didn't want to discuss your points why even post in this thread
  10. Pickle

    Discussion regarding "ideological initiations"

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  11. Pickle

    S1 Power Gaming/No regards for hostages' life in Pavlovo Military base - 05/01/2018 23:00

    POV: Our plan was to go to the hospital and send a message. Visually we wanted to line people up and cause a stir in the camp, rather than belittle what hospital staff were there momentarily. If we had asked people loudly to line up for a message, that'd be taken as an initiation, so we decided to just straight up initiate as it's more exciting, surprising, and interesting for all parties involved. We grouped up in the Pavlovo church before the event, and I split off from the main hostage taking group to provide overwatch from a nearby hill. The hostages were taken to no resistance, until another group of heavily armed dudes showed up, and I shot one and then subsequently got shot. As for the 3 accusations we are under (Powergaming, Invalid initiation, No regards for hostages life), these are quickly dispelled: - Powergaming implies forcing a status on a player's character. We made demands then left, no permascarring or rather permaconverting as the OP implies. - The human shields are justified under 9.4.4. As the rescue party opened fire upon us, we would've been permitted to execute hostages, let alone use them as shields. -As for invalid reason for initiation, apart from the arguments stated by my compatriots, I have a few things add. There used to be a group of players playing Nigerian characters who would go around persecuting white people. The same thing (Initiating on people IC based on their race/ethnicity) has happened in many other groups such as Alba 19. The situation that we have here is that there exists in game a group whose goals we disagree with. We decided to give them an ultimatum - change or there will be armed conflict. Isn't that the nature of any group conflict on this server? Conflicting goals. The "or else - free initiation rights all day long" that you are describing would be the "indefinite kill rights" granted to us by rule 7.3 if this comes to group war. The "or else" would be the declaration of war against a party that has not met our demands. That other party would be Capax Infiniti, which I understand is not yet an official group and therefore would not be able to give a reciprocal declaration of war til approved, however to ignore their actions IC because of their status on the forum would be both metagaming and ruleplay over roleplay.
  12. Pickle

    Merko Inn (A stopping Place)

    I wonder if there's any pattern as to how long these places last.
  13. Pickle

    Anyone else have a fetish for being tied up?

    Ties are a great way to add a bit of panache to a formal outfit. Don't ruin this wholesome thread
  14. Pickle

    A peaceful community

    Unless a group can have a settlement guarded 24/7, it's impossible to have a camp secure from someone coming online in the small hours of the night and taking everything. That's a fact of life in 0.62 . To avoid conflict, the main map settlement moves about, settled until tension reaches a breaking point. Then it moves again. The campfire RP at these places is good to meet people but ultimately everyone just sits around in somewhat silence. Any conflict is interesting enough to gain a crowd.
  15. Alexi was born in Miroslav, Chernarus, to a doctor and his loving wife. He grew up an academic boy and he secured a scholarship to study at a private school in the UK when he was sixteen. He went on to study Natural sciences at university in the UK, and stayed on as a professor of Chemistry at Manchester University until 2009, aged 45. At the beginning of the civil war he moved back to Chernarus to take care of his elderly parents - unable to fight themselves - and they moved from city to city to avoid the clutches of the Chedaki. He had grown up under the communist rule and sure as hell didn't want to grow old under it. After the civil war, he got a job as a mid level civil servant in Chernogorsk to support himself and his parents, who were living in a retirement home in Stary Sobor. When the infection began, he traveled to Stary to take care of his parents. After they became infected, he could not bring himself to kill them, and fled to the woods. Staying hidden in the flora, he survived devoid of human contact for months until he became ill from living wildly. He reemerged into this apocalyptic society to find medical aid, and has wandered aimlessly since. Goals: - Find a place to call home once again - Find a purpose and cause to fight under - Protect Chernarus from the interests of foreigners - Seek further medical attention for his continued bad health - Never enter Stary for fear of seeing his infected parents