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  1. Alexi Svetlov

    Born in Chernarus to middle class parents, Alexi grew up an academic boy, and was sent to study in a private school in the UK when he was sixteen. He went on to study at university there, and stayed on as a proffessor of chemisty. at University College London. At the beginning of the civil war he moved back to Chernarus to take care of his elderly parents, and they moved from Novigrad to Elektrozavodsk for fear that the capital might be attacked. After the civil war, he got a job as a mid level civil servant in Chernogorsk to support himself and his parents. He stayed in Cherno long after the infection had begun because he could not move his frail parents, and fled to the countryside once they became infected.
  2. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    I was joking, but you're right, increasing the scale of inventories really ups the variability in size that's possible. It's so nice, after so many years to see some concrete development progress for Dayz. I only hope the devs can keep their promises despite previously inaccurate roadmapping and production estimates. But the new player controller etc is a good step, considering that clunky controls is practically a pillar of Dayz Mod/SA, and this demo promises good progress of things to come. A roleplay update with more clothes, character customization (Imagine a world where there are more than 4 faces per gender!), etc would be cool however I'd imagine it would be fairly low priority; Mods will likely solve any lack of clothing variety though. On the other hand there are numerous gestures ready to be implemented into dayz and more animations and ways to emote one's character are always a good thing. The soft skills system the dev team has previously mentioned would also add to RP, e.g those who don't use guns often are unlikely to be accurate etc. A clan system might be rather cool, like the one in reign of kings perhaps.
  3. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Canned food now takes up 4 slots smh
  4. I was wondering when you guys would become an official group. If previous RP is an indicator of what's to come then this will be very interesting.
  5. DnD Night Series?

    Another idea might be a homebrew D&d Campaign set in the DayzRP lore. The party is a band of survivors who has to deal with the political entrigue of the factions of South Zagoria, scavenge for supplies, fight zombies and whatever other McGuffin quest the DM sends them on. Even by quickly googling "D&D post apocalypse homebrew" I've found homebrew classes etc
  6. Nato Spies & Espionage (OPEN FREQ)

    Lusha listens intently, eyebrow raising at the news of NATO spies. *He pushes the PTT button* "What NATO government? Cheers for the info." *He releases the PTT and smiles smugly*
  7. [GAME] Continue the Story

    "Weed lmao, xD", said
  8. [GAME] Continue the Story

    He had the munchies, and
  9. Learned to treat bullet wounds with @RogueSolace and @HarveyJ And had a fun commie rescue time with @APTerminator, @Shanoby, and the Chedaki (I didn't get all of your names)
  10. DnD Night Series?

    I'm a lead farmer
  11. BOUNTY [Insecure/Open frequency]

    *Lusha pushes the PTT button down* "Yeah, the same guy robbed me too a while back. Good thing it wasn't my family heirloom. His name is Howell Grim, bald black dude, usually hangs around Kovar's market. Can't say I condone killing him but get some justice sure"
  12. DnD Night Series?

    You'd be roleplaying as a dude pretending to be another dude, with 3-4 other dudes roleplaying as dudes pretending to be other dudes. Also character sheets would be hard to maintain
  13. Such a long list of people who made my evening great. Fantastic music and the epitome of good campfire rp. And also cant forget the ghillie man himself @Dillon.234
  14. Federation transmission

    Lusha is eating some Beanz when his radio crackles on the kitchen table *He picks the radio up and finishes chewing his food, listening to the strange message. Lounging back into his chair, he holds down the PTT button* "Come on comrade, the CDF is the lap dog, not the other way around!" *He releases the PTT button and eats another spoonful of beans* "Commies huh"
  15. I was very impressed by you three's roleplay, that encounter lightened my day. Had some scattering fun with @MagicMike, @Cedric97, and @Jake McSmith