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  1. Strangelove

    Can't see people writing or hear them talking

    Then that is why you are experiencing this problem. Its a really weird bug. Buy a cheap 5$ mic
  2. Strangelove

    Can't see people writing or hear them talking

    Check that your mic is in the proper input and that it is set as default recording device
  3. Strangelove

    Getting an upgrade!

    It should give you better FPS, yes. ArmA is still a poorly optimized game so your FPS will probably never match what you get in much newer games. Google dayz tweak or arma 2 tweak and you should find some good tweakguides to help you out. Here's a short one for example http://www.day0.com.au/forum/arma/21-arma-2-performance-tweaks-and-settings-guide
  4. Strangelove

    Official RP2 map poll

    Voted for Panthera
  5. Strangelove

    RP2 Woes

    Currently if you park a chopper on Taviana oilrigs and the server rest arts, the chopper will be gone. Thats my earlier experience atleast. So thats good i guess
  6. Strangelove


    Customizable vehicles would be cool. Like the ones from Origins mod where you can upgrade the front bumper to a zombie plow or add window guards. But I don't know if its possible to get it out of their code
  7. Strangelove

    Announcing DayZRP RP3: Utes

    Cool idea
  8. Strangelove

    DayZRP weaponlist ?

    Yes: Hope they work
  9. Strangelove


    Take care Zoarial Why not stick around anyway, even though you have limited time ?
  10. Strangelove

    If you can't hear/read Direct Comm (local chat)

    The mic not plugged in / set as default recording device is also explained here http://www.dayzrp.com/t-can-t-see-people-writing-or-hear-them-talking
  11. Strangelove

    Recieving ......

    Check your ArmA 2 video settings, what is Default memory (default video memory) set at ? If its not set at Default, try that and report back. Video memory should always be set to Default by the way, it's a bug in the game. If you set it to anything other than Default, it will be limited to 512MB thus not utilizing as much as possible from your card. EDIT Have you always had this problem or did it start to happen recently? If it started recently, have you changed anything with either your settings ingame or in windows ? New drivers, hardware etc ?
  12. Strangelove

    Pictures of your vehicle thread!

    Volvo XC70 All that is missing now is a dog
  13. Strangelove

    Lukes Change - Loose Change parody

  14. Strangelove

    DAYZ - Understanding Script Kiddies by jackfrags

  15. Strangelove

    WTF and funny pictures!

    WTF for sure ! Hahaha