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  1. Do Stuart Island instead and work into the lore a teleportation device that chernarussians and stuart islanders came up with, which they use to travel between chernarus and stuart island /solved.
  2. hopefully it wont die a week in, you got this maximoo i trust in you
  3. Chernarus is too big of a map for even a 100 players on an rp server ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But yeah most of the people seem to be east, and the rest are looting and hoarding in the west from the looks of it.
  4. Could do. Didn’t even think of a modification to the char page. If the feed was visible on the front page, the moderation would still be a pain in the ass though unless there was a quick mechanism in place for blocking content from certain chaeacters.
  5. This. I think we should have something that fetches the tweets from all the DayZRP chars somehow. Perhaps by looking at like a #DayZRP hashtag every now and then and picking profiles to include in the feed from there if not included already. Seems doable and wouldn't need to reinvent the wheel. Though moderation of sth like this would be a pain in the ass.
  6. Very good vibes from you guys and top notch RP all around. Keep it up.
  7. Nothing but good stuff from everyone at the RF quarantine zone, made me enjoy my time on DayZRP again somehow, props to you guys. If my memory serves me correctly, the people to thank in specific, or rather the names I remember were @groovy toez @Death8970 @groovy willsky and everyone else whose name i forgot
  8. 6000+ scripted objects sounds like a nightmare performance wise.
  9. LMs are very hard working and good people, developers, eh, well at least they are hard working appreciating you all
  10. Tbh with the current buffs to AI health, the only useful gun for hunting is an M4 with a 100 round mag. On topic though, -1 don't remove stuff.
  11. They were fine when I was able to find them and abuse them as well to not have to crawl across the huge map, but rn i can't find them so time to nerf
  12. Need to decrease the amount of pills in one bottle and the effect to be a bit different too and add in a chance of a heart attack or sth if you make it a habit.
  13. -1 I'm on this server to PVP and look at myself doing it (i look fabulous while i'm blastin' away btw), not to RP, please.
  14. So are these threads going to be a new addition to the "Lorewipe xyz" and "Hostile RP bad" threads that keep popping up with regular intervals? Also yes, make 1 headshot = 1 kill or riot.
  15. Very nice, i low key want in on this one.
  16. I for one have seen extreme boredom on the server(s) regardless of the infected that spawn in every 2 seconds. Things are getting stale and having glitchy zombies to shoot doesn't really change that. I'd still say no to this one. I'd much rather have them not respawn every 2 seconds and have pistols actually do something against them. If both of those things happened, they would be less of a nuisance to RP than they currently are.
  17. I believe it has already been stated that helicopters aren't coming. There's no support for them in the DayZ engine and I think Bohemia is getting ready to launch something with a new iteration of the engine, so no official helicopters.
  18. When the icon disappears you should still take a few vitamins or an antibiotic to get rid of all of the agents in the character's immune system so they don't start replicating again.
  19. It'll take a while to settle in, assuming Rolle put in the change that I suggested. Should be easier to cure with vitamins and shouldn't spread so easily. Also you shouldn't be getting it too easily from just being cold anymore. You'll have to go into the main menu and customize your character to the preset you want and then click "Apply" and this will save it and you should be loading in with that preset from now on and don't have to visit the main menu again.
  20. Community: *wants a feature*

    @Roland to Developers:

    Developers: *get it done*

    Community: Thank you Rolle, you are amazing



    This episode of DayZRP brought to you by the development squad @Watchman & @Ducky

    1. Roland


      and I get all the BeanZ for posting changelogs :trolle:

    2. Hofer


      And my April's Fools ideas @Roland

  21. That's not how math works brother.
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