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  1. Kerkkoh

    Platform Switch Discussion

    Nice to meet the monthly quota of at least 1 topic about switching to Arma 3 or whatever. Jumping the ship now that we are somewhat close to getting a better DayZ with the .63 patch, would be madness. The population has gone up and down with new updates to the game and once .63 is released, the servers will be full again. Unless BI decides to just trash DayZ or push the .63 update back a year or something, there is no reason for us to switch games. Regardless of all that, switching to for example Arma 3, which is notorious for housing the absolute worst rp servers won’t do any good for the rep of the community. Even if we decided right now to start making a good playable rp mod that suits our needs, it would take a shitload of money and time and I bet .63 patch would be done by that time and we would have wasted all that money and time. Notice that I say money. Free Arma 3 developers are quite rare nowadays and the ones that you can find are pretty nasty to work with in the long term (or so have I heard). And oh, the idea of just putting up an exile server or whatever is not feasible because I bet we would have even less players on the server than now since there are a lot of other exile servers out there. Also, once bohemia decides to give us modding with .63 stable, we will be able to add in those missing items and features fairly easily. Idk I probably just repeated what everyone else said. tldr: I know waiting is boring but ya gotta wait for the .63 patch. Jumping ship now isn’t reasonable and any investment now would be for nothing. E: Oh and if you are interested in the longer explanation on why Arma 3 servers are a bad idea and why we should stick with dayz, refer to this post:
  2. They mentioned over here that you should only expect "simple, work in progress loot spawns" from the offline version. If you want to change things in the economy, you can still change loot spawns (afaik) over at: \DayZ\Missions\dayzOffline.ChernarusPlus\cfgSpawnableTypes.xml \DayZ\Missions\dayzOffline.ChernarusPlus\cfgRandomPresets.xml These current loot spawns are probably the result of a bit rushed offline release since they had to act as quick as possible to "combat" the unofficial offline version where you could spawn in unfinished assets. Another reason would be that most of the assets haven't been configured properly yet. I think they mentioned this earlier while announcing the stress tests as well, but they haven't added jumping or other climbing over obstacles properly yet and hence you can walk over most of the fences.
  3. Emma's story began when she was born into a fairly wealthy family in Richmond, Virginia. The Smiths lived in a quite nice neighborhood in an expensive house. Emma's parents were both working quite hard at their large company and barely had any time to dedicate to Emma. She spent a lot of time with a babysitter and by herself. Her parents tried to make up for the little time they spent with her by essentially giving her anything she wanted. She had some problems in school but managed to make a lot of friends, shallow friends but friends regardless. In high school, Emma was introduced to a different group of new friends who understood her better. That group of friends was probably detrimental to her health as she started partying quite hard and abusing different kinds of substances in a desperate cry for attention from her parents. Instead of being more with Emma, her parents got even busier as the years went by and thought that since their child was older, she could take care of herself. She hosted her own parties at her parents' house and her parents often would come back from work only to notice that their house was a mess. Everyone around her thought that she lived the dream life: she had a fancy car, more white lines than she could get up her nose, parties every day and her parents didn't discipline her. Obviously what she would have needed the most was some discipline. Life hit her hard as one day her parents didn't come back from work. She called her mother and found out that her father had died in a car crash and her mother was badly injured. The family was doing financially fairly good as the insurance money flowed in but Emma's mother had to take time off her work. Emma's mother was on heavy pain medications which Emma also sampled once in a while. Emma wasn't too traumatized as she was never too close to her father, but her mother spiraled into depression. After finishing high school with somewhat decent grades, Emma got a job as a waiter in a small bar near their neighborhood but quit after a few weeks. Normal work clearly wasn't made for her. Her mother had gotten somewhat better and was back at work but never fully recovered. Since her mother wasn't at the house every single day anymore, Emma felt quite empty again and filled that void with more substances and partying. She had an aunt called Mary who was a doctor and they were quite close. Emma loved learning about all things related to Mary's job and they spent quite a lot of time while Emma wasn't partying. She even got to visit the hospital where her aunt worked at. After all the partying and substance abuse started again, Mary noticed that something was wrong and found out about the substance abuse. Emma begged Mary not to tell her mother about it, but eventually Mary decided to tell her. After Mary had told about Emma's substance abuse to her mother, Emma decided to take their private jet and go fly around Europe with her friends. She hired a pilot to fly the plane and they headed to Europe with a few of her friends. The partying started the moment they got on the plane and headed to Europe. They went to Paris, Berlin, London, Rome and other major cities. Their trip came to a sudden end in Novigrad after they landed there in July of 2017. Emma and her friends partied there for a few days and explored the foreign town. They grew fond of the city and decided to take a round trip to the few neighboring towns. The trip was cut off as the bus driver heard on the radio about the war going on in the region. They turned back but the bus broke down. Emma and her friends were hysteric. They had to wait for a good while for the repair truck but eventually managed to get back on the road. When they got back to Novigrad, things were already quite hectic and when they made it back to the airport, their pilot was denied take off. So there they were, stranded in an Eastern European country that was simultaneously in war and fighting an infection outbreak. They stayed at the airport until it became clear that they wouldn't be able to fly away and they decided to return downtown and get a hotel room. The partying had changed to constant worrying and uncertainty about their near future and survival. Emma was quite a wreck in the beginning but quickly started to enjoy the purpose that the situation gave her, to survive, by any means necessary.
  4. Kerkkoh

    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

    Holy shit. Missed the pagoons. Good luck!
  5. I would be happy to take some of the blame if I actually managed to get in game nowadays. It's clear the game is boring as shit and it really doesn't encourage people to play more but there are some solid points throughout this thread (Other than the Arma 3 idea). E: Please no Arma Life approach, cops and robbers is a bit overdone. We could start making a framework of our own but with the side project success rate being 0% at the moment and the average life of them being very low, I don't see any sensible developers contributing their time to it. Also, Altis Life, or Tonic's framework, is the worst possible thing that anyone could have on a roleplaying server. My framework is a slight improvement since it's quite easy to mold into so many different things other than cops and robbers, but there's a long way to go before there's a perfect roleplaying framework for Arma 3. Definitely. This is what the DayZ development team realized and hence the new engine & player controller & Enfusion script. Hopefully now that they will soon have an early access version of this (ultimately a new game), we can see if it's been worth the wait. I have to agree that the bannening that happened last year took a lot of good roleplayers from the community but, hey, whatchu gonna do. I don't think we should really worry about the community that much before the next update and regardless, there isn't much we can do about it other than the points that the OP made. Once we get modding, the community can fix problems in game which will help tremendously with a lot of things.
  6. Kerkkoh

    Cosmetic / Clothing items & features you'd like to see in DayZ

    I’m rather pessimistic about actual player model changes such as changing eyes or other features on the face of your character since BI hasn’t really done anything that would allow this in their previous games. Obviously now that they can modify it so that the players can have beards that grow on their faces, maybe we can utilize that in some form to do something similar with other customizations. I would love to see a bunch of clothes but I think those will take a bit of time unless people start porting some models from turbosquid or somewhere. Regardless any good clothes that are done well are fine by me since then people wouldn’t look that much alike everywhere. Personally more interested in how the diseases work and how modders can utilize them. Would be great to see a lot more diseases and of course things such as drug addiction implemented with a system like that as well. (...And these were related to the topic in the sense that you could have the player model’s texture modified according to the disease etc...)
  7. Kerkkoh

    Arma 3 Life / Altis

    Arma 3 Project Life was Caiden's weird lovechild that he crafted with a shit load of cash that he grabbed from A3L after the $30 paywall and the other donations. Then again don't you still have to pay like 20 bucks to get into it or did they already get enough money to quit it? Regardless, it's a mess and definitely not something I'd like to see on DayZRP. (And of course, that wouldn't even be possible because we don't have tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on assets and workforce...) What we were discussing here was if this community would benefit from a "Arma 3 Altis Life and/or Arma 3 Life (Modded)" server which is, very much, fucking cancerous. The only Arma 3 server I know that had even some RP and not a ridiculous paywall to make people value their time on the servers was Humanity / Orgo byte, which was shut down some months ago because there were probably 5 people at max playing on the servers and the management costs were too high. Simply put, these kinds of serious Arma 3 roleplaying servers don't work because the Arma 3 "roleplaying" community is full of... well... this kind of "roleplay" on the modded server and this on non-modded ones. I wish my only issue was with the roleplay but it isn't as I explained. It's the shitty concepts for a roleplaying server such as Altis Life, which ultimately turns into wasteland as I explained poorly in the previous post and the A3L cut & copy & paste servers that are just full of actual shit and still based on the Altis Life framework. The only way to make an Arma 3 server to work with DayZRP would be something like Rolle's concept and creating a completely new goal for players other than killing each other aimlessly.
  8. Kerkkoh

    Arma 3 Life / Altis

    I think I already posted my response to all the other Arma 3 threads but here I go again because I've dabbled so much behind the curtains of the Arma 3 Life scene. Altis life is NOT roleplay oriented. There isn't forced player interaction or anything of the sort that benefits RP. Tonic's framework makes it surprisingly easy to just not roleplay and do everything else in the game possible. It also has a problem in terms of factions with the rebel faction on the other side and the police faction on the other side, which makes absolutely no sense, as a rebel faction would be countered with a military faction, not a police one. That's just one of the flaws of Altis life. You also have no object as the civilians other than to get money to get guns and rebel against the police. If we would implement an Arma 3 server, I'd suggest that we do something else, such as the idea that Rolle brought up a while ago: This concept is something you can definitely mold into something that can be fun for people who want to roleplay the civilian aspect of things and for those that want to play the military simulation aspect. For example, you could have civilian's that have the ability to create companies that could do mining of minerals and gathering of other materials. Then there could also be companies that bought materials from these other companies that gather them and they could buy a factory and start manufacturing all sorts of things such as military equipment (weapons, ammo, uniforms, vehicles, etc.). That equipment then could be exported out of the country or sold straight to the military factions. This would make it so that the military factions are dependant on the civilians and vice versa. To further player interaction more, the companies could also buy shops that sold their products such as food & drinks and some equipment. There are countless other measures that can be taken to balance things later in development and these are the things just from the top of my mind. Of course, there are ways to automate some of these things to make the game playable even without 120 players online and it is a completely another thing if there even would be enough people interested to fill an Arma 3 server in the first place. And regardless when beta & modding finally are released, I think there is much more interest in that. In conclusion, I don't think DayZRP would benefit from a Altis life server because you can go play Altis life on a thousand other communities and wasteland on some other thousand communities. I do think DayZRP could benefit from something completely different though.
  9. Kerkkoh

    At what point are we giving up on SA?

    DayZ Standalone is in continuous development by Bohemia Interactive and if I don't remember completely wrong, they are going to be offering something around 4 years of after-release development. It's time to stop. They are working on it, the entire community is based on it, there's no point in this again. Regardless, we're going to get modding tools hopefully early next year so we and hopefully a lot of other modders can get to work with adding new features faster than BI.
  10. Kerkkoh

    Show some love <3

    Lmao throwing shade. Thought this thread was about showing love I’d mention some people but since like 70% of everyone I knew is banned... Love to everyone who is left, I guess.
  11. Kerkkoh

    Computer giveaway

    Oh jeez.
  12. Kerkkoh

    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Oh shit, a giveaway. I'm in.
  13. Kerkkoh

    Post-Mod Support Loot Redistribution

    They showcased a fairly cool tool for managing loot distribution a while ago. What I think should happen is that larger cities should have more scarce loot than smaller cities and military gear shouldn't be that common either (especially everything that the Chernarussian's would probably not have had in their military bases like USMC and US stuff overall). Obviously fun and games over realism but realistically speaking, when the BETA gets released, it's gonna be like +200 days after the outbreak so it would only make sense that there isn't that much stuff around especially in this small of an area. I'm not saying that take everything away and make it a super realistic survival simulator 2018 but I'd much rather see at least: Almost entirely damaged, badly damaged and worn clothes (These can be fixed with sowing kits of course) Less food and beverages (make farming, gathering, hunting, fishing, and trading with food & water actually worth something; food would probably be pretty rare, like 200 days in). Civilian & low tier weapons > military grade weapons I think the loot spawning areas are decent, since the development team has been working on that stuff for like a super long time now and perfected them quite well even though there are still some weird areas with too much loot or no loot at all etc.
  14. I'm 'shitting' on it because there is no support for it in the community (at least based on the poll and the player/visitor statics on the landing page). Also, I think there have been at least 3 chances for an Arma 3 server before and they haven't exactly been box office hits and I've offered my help to Rolle on any and all Arma 3 projects way back, but I never got to start work on any of them. But then again: it's not my money or my time so what am I giving my opinion for, but I honestly doubt this will lead to anything unless there's like an actual thread that would list bullet points on how to make the server successful and why it's needed and a new poll in which there is a good majority support for it.
  15. There's clearly no support for it and it clearly hasn't worked before. Can we just let this idea die already? DayZ is being currently developed and believe or not, Bohemia has decided to not abandon the project, but to finish it against all odds. Let's just stick with it and if you're interested in an Arma 3 server, there is that other community that Rolle started up for other games (Even though it seems like it has been under maintenance/offline for like a week now). Longer post in which I go more into detail about why we should just suck it up and stick with DayZ for now, REGARDLESS of how long it will take to develop BETA / 0.63: The points in that post were good enough to justify sticking with DayZ, but the most compelling one is that the last time we had the Arma 3 server and I offered to start developing for it (Scripting, fixing those annoying game-breaking bugs), it had already died off. These side projects just don't work/last long and right now, one wouldn't work anyways since the player base seems to be rather small. (I know these things have been pointed out before in this thread but I thought I should chime in since it's still alive somehow)