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  1. Kerkkoh

    “Comfort” drug item

    I think you'll have more luck with Jim with this one.
  2. Kerkkoh

    New DayZ Map

    Namalsk is coming, but it is not an official map and it has never been an official map. The IP rights never belonged to Bohemia, they were always Sumrak's. I doubt it. If I had to guess, Livonia has been in development for at least an year and most likely quite a lot longer. Also it's the work of professional level designers that have worked on it full time, so I assume it's quite a bit more detailed & of higher quality than any modded map. Oh and yeah, Sumrak has confirmed that it's going to be a paid DLC. But it will bring hundreds of free assets for map creation that are available to everyone and not just the DLC owners, which is quite exciting. Other than that, it's just a lazy business move that's quite unexciting, but very expected from Bohemia. The minute I saw the DayZ buildings on Livonia upon Arma 3 Contact's release, I knew that they were going to also throw it on DayZ since there's barely any work required to do that and possibly big returns.
  3. Reading this has been the highlight of my day. Why don't you start modding and bringing back things from the mod if you're so keen on that On the topic though, I haven't really played on Deer Isle, but I'm hoping that we can spin up a server with the new DLC map once that comes out. I doubt it will get as much players as the Chernarus server, but hey, that's BI splitting the playerbase with their paid DLCs for ya. I still vividly remember the times when people were saying that Chernarus is the most boring thing ever and they would play on anything else than it. Granted, we're still very early into the modding phase of DayZ development (less than one year actually, though I started DayZRP admin tool development around this time last year), so we can expect to see much more new maps and completed maps in the next few months or so. Not to mention that Namalsk is coming out this year as well, I think. If there ever is going to be a time to invest in some modded map stocks, this is it.
  4. It's the DLC they promised us this year. So issa map. Hoping it won't be whack, but it might.
  5. Kerkkoh

    Sea, Lakes and River [Open Frequency]

    *Alex wakes up from a drunken slumber in his 'office', grabs his radio & presses the PTT button.* "Hey doc. It's Alex, Dr. Ellis, that is. I haven't seen any Jacksons recently... At least I don't think I have." *He simultaneously looks for his bottle of booze and finds an empty one which he throws away. Then he grunts and coughs.* "Uh... I'm still in the region as well, if you or anyone of your patients need anything." *He lets go of the PTT button and drops his radio on the floor.*
  6. Kerkkoh

    Nerf Dex

    *sees that the poll is 50-50* *politician voice on* I can assure you, that our dedicated team is doing everything to make your experience better. We have already taken great strides in reducing the spawn amounts. As the polls are inconclusive on the subject, I would like to continue to other subjects the public wants me to address. Thank you for your question.
  7. Kerkkoh

    Nerf Dex

    I believe the spawn amounts have been nerfed. From what people are saying, it seems like it’s quite rare now.
  8. I'd say most of my work is under the hood stuff. That's what I like to do , it keeps things running smoothly but it doesn't get me that much praise, hate, or opinionated messages, which is dope. Personally, DayZRP is just boring atm, when you play the exact same thing for some 3 years (or many more in case of many of the veteran community members), it gets repetitive and boring. I'm sure after a while it'll be interesting again, it comes and goes in waves after years of playing. It just feels a bit pointless to get in game and rinse and repeat the same cycle and have boring monotonous conversations, that you've had a million times. If I were to be interested in the actual gameplay of DayZRP, there would have to be something completely new, a new scenario, but it'll never happen. On top of this, getting used to the brutal schedule of school work after a relaxed summer is stressing to say the least, which reduces the time I can contribute to development & playing games or doing anything other than school work and trying to not go insane in the process. Oh yeah, and the game is pretty shit too.
  9. Kerkkoh

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    No clue. It probably is. But idk. Watchman probably knows how to do it *le epic meme face*
  10. Kerkkoh


    This I can get behind. Executions should always result in PK, otherwise they are useless.
  11. Depending on the actual model of the item, they have the vanilla actions and effects. Most medicine at the moment serve only a role playing purpose, and are just meant to remove the need for emoting medicine and pulling it out of your ass. In the future though, if we ever get around to it, the plan is to give each medication proper effects. Note that Bohemia has said that they are revamping the medical system this year, which means that we don't want to touch it until it's finished to avoid compatibility issues and wasted work.
  12. Very fresh memes, especially the 2016 Outrun quotes
  13. Kerkkoh

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    I believe this has been previously suggested and denied by the community several times. It's still a no, I think. Though, I don't really have a strong opinion on the matter since I haven't been too involved in the pvp recently.
  14. I'm ready to be a martyr for this, if necessary. I don't fear death, I welcome it.
  15. Agreed on the boredom part. DayZ has for a long time been the "make your own adventure", which is fun for a moment, and quickly turns to "run around, find people, exchange a few words, rinse and repeat". But things don't have to be that way. I'm not talking about taking player control away, on the contrary, I think it's the best part about dayz and rp, but there are alternatives to the gameplay, set and setting. It's easy to say "we've always done it this way". It's harder to come up with something new. At this point though, it's just a matter of if we are going to be the ones to make that push for something new or if someone else is going to do it first. There's a lot of conservatism and skepticism around this topic because of the whole "we've always done it this way" -attitude, but I'm telling you, we need a change. It's not going to be easy or quick, but it's going to be necessary. And I'm not talking about automated events here, I'm talking switching up big time, Plan B, because let's be real, chasing supply drops etc. will be interesting for a week, but you're still going to be repeating the aforementioned mantra. Wake up sheeple. WAKE UP. Demand change, be vocal. It's the only way you'll be heard, we'll get to be innovative and change happens.
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