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  1. You could just stick to the old classics like opiates, benzos, coke, booze, and many more.
  2. Addicts. I feel like I see very few people doing drugs, drinking, etc. but maybe I’m just not hanging close enough their trap houses.
  3. don't let your memes be dreams
  4. Just got 1 hit knocked out by a zombie yesterday from full blood and health on Livonia. Me me no likey this new zombie stuff at all.
  5. The only silenced weapon that I've noticed not causing massive zombie aggro is the integrally suppressed PB pistol. I assume this is a modded weapon and the modder did some config magic to make it more silent to the zombies. If we can change suppressors back to being at least a bit effective, that would be really nice to have.
  6. @Roland I know how much you love your AI health buffs but this ain't it. Please change it back. My immersion is suffering.
  7. Perhaps if you want to solve things ICly in a manner that includes only certain people from the group, please convey that ICly. From what I've heard (though this whole washing of dirty laundry on the forums feels like a game of broken telephone), your associates told the person contacting you that the leader of the group would have to accept your demands (which were unacceptable and in direct conflict with core goals of the group), and all hope of IC discussion kind of ended there to you stonewalling us. Your associate could have told our people the exact person you wanted to talk with and we could have taken it from there and kept things IC. Idk, tell me I'm not crazy, I know most of y'all are reasonable people
  8. @Realize did shoot me though and then I passed out and got mauled to death by a zombie, and most of my stuff was gone in a heartbeat lol, but that was on me being caught off guard. It's all good tho I see where you're coming from, and I agree that handling the situation was a bit rushed and awkward. I think the root of the problem is that our group goals are clashing with yours quite heavily. I would have liked to see a compromise solution to this situation ICly in such a manner that neither group's goals would be violated as heavily as you were requesting for them to be. The problem with that is that when someone responsible of the group's security contacts you and wants to talk it out ICly, you turned them down and didn't really leave much room for further discussion. Maybe we can try again sometime
  9. The only thing I hate is that pistols are useless now, absolutely useless. I'm not a big fan of carrying a rifle and 10 mags on me just to clear out the zombies that respawn every 10 seconds.
  10. Updated this with relevant information with changes introduced after the original post. Most interesting changes are that wound infection doesn't seem to cause any symptoms at the moment and that you can rather easily cure any disease by taking both antibiotics and charcoal tablets. Also included a nice flowchart for treating patients/your character.
  11. \scripts\4_World\Classes\PlayerModifiers\Modifiers\diseases\BrainDisease.c Throw that in and no more laughter
  12. Yeah take it out, it has no place on this server.
  13. Been pretty cool running around with y'all @Phoenix @DrMax @Eddie @Roman @Ingvalid and any other I forgot, I have a terrible memory. Props to you for tolerating me.
  14. Yay, approval well deserved.
  15. I met some cannibals very briefly on Livonia a day or two ago, not sure if it was you or someone else. The RP was fine regardless. I think the whole kuru laughter mechanic should be removed from DayZRP altogether, it's not exactly the most realistic thing and I feel like it takes away from RP more than contributes to it. If one wants to RP having kuru, they should be able to do that without the quite disruptive mechanic. And yeah, there's that metagame thing that people have mentioned. I'm sure our wonderful dev team could arrange that, and in the mean time avoid eating the meat.
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