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  1. Kerkkoh


    The thing is that cars are coming in one of the next updates from the dev team so I don't think it will be a problem for long. Right now since we changed a bit how we handle things on the server, we can override constants so stamina fixes shouldn't take long. The only problem with overriding constants is that I need to update the overrides after each update.... or things start breaking, probably. The other alternative is completely overriding the stamina system which isn't a great solution in the long run either since if they update how the stamina system work, I'd have to learn how it works again.... and override it... and if we don't... things start breaking. But we can go with a temporary fix for now and override the constants if needed. Everyone would just have to be very patient with me after every update.
  2. Kerkkoh

    Blood Types

    Only way I can see this working at the moment is if every time you create a new character, the website uses probabilities just like the game currently does and assigns the blood type to your character and then we relay that to the server and attach it to the player. It's possible, don't know if it's exactly a priority right now though.
  3. Kerkkoh

    Xans in game lol?

    Just a few drugs I could think of from the top of my mind as some of the more common hospital grade drugs that might contribute to RP. Hoping to add more in the future updates.
  4. Kerkkoh

    Xans in game lol?

    Hmu on discord if you wanna help with texturing them and I'll brief you on what's kind of textures are needed for those
  5. Kerkkoh

    Xans in game lol?

    This is probably the most important 10 word topic but also, the asnwer is me. This was probably the most important addition that came with the mod. Can't wait to see how they are used in RP, lol. Hopefully, in the future we can have someone that isn't graphically challenged to change the textures for some of these custom items as well.
  6. Kerkkoh

    Starting Items

    Kiwi was just the first food item that I thought of tbh. Haven't looked into its nutritional values. And also yes, I rarely have the time to actually play the game (one of the reasons why I try to engage with people who do). Wouldn't mind a knife either since you probably need to kill your character after the first time spawning in. I have a feeling that if that's implemented, Black Forest will just turn into a huge graveyard lol.
  7. Kerkkoh

    Starting Items

    I personally don't hate the black forest spawns but spawning in all players in such a small area is a fairly bad idea for the loot economy of that area and of course survival of those newly spawned players. I would much rather have spawns all across the forests somewhere more inland. I also wouldn't mind a kiwi or an apple as an extra item when you spawn so you don't die as easily.
  8. Emílie was born into a relatively wealthy family in the capital of Chernarus. Her father was a successful businessman doing business with Americans and Russians. Her mother was operating in the same countries as she was a political influencer and entrepreneur. They both were very quiet about their jobs other than her father occasionally taking them for a nice dinner at the finest restaurant in the city because he had just landed a big oil deal or her mother cussing and reading the politics sections of newspapers from around the world. Because of her father wanting her to get the best education she was homeschooled with the best teachers her father could afford to hire. The homeschooling began when she was 6 years old and the pace was quite fast. She was a quick learner and loved learning new things especially in practice but the homeschooling was very theoretical so she occasionally sneaked out to meet the boys of the public school to play soccer and to whittle wooden figures out of scrap wood behind a nearby carpenter's shop. Sneaking out wasn't that hard since her parents weren't at home a lot during the week because of their jobs. Around 2008 Emílie's parents had been fighting about something in the kitchen as she walked downstairs. They quieted down and told her that they would have to move away for a little while. Her parents were expecting the civil war and decided it was the best to get away from the country before it. They didn't sell the house but simply locked it down completely and moved to Detroit to live with her father's friend that he had been in business with for years. She had already learned the basics of English and was taught more in Detroit with teachers that her father got. She got a few friends by playing in a park near to their apartment. Other kids thought she was weird but there was one boy that she became friends with. The boy's name was Jon and he was from Ireland. They played together almost every day and he was able to help her with her English and getting a few friends. Emílie's family ended up spending the entire time of the civil war of 2009 in Detroit and decided to stay for some time longer because her father's business was easier to conduct from there. A year more turned to two and two turned to three and three turned to four. Emílie's friends called her Emily and then just 'Em' and she adopted the name during the years and was speaking fairly fluent English with an accent. In 2015 when Emílie was 15 her family decided that it was time to move back to Novigrad. Emílie wasn't happy with the decision as she had already become familiar with the life in Detroit and on top of it all she had become really close with Jon. Their house was still fine after all the years as Emílie's father had had someone take care of it once every two or three months. Emílie kept contact with her friends from Detroit via the internet and texts but quickly started hanging around with her old friends from Novigrad and life started feeling normal again. When the infection started to hit Novigrad, she was at a dinner with her parents near the harbor. A small group of infected sailors attacked the restaurant and managed to reach Emílie's family. She noticed them first and screamed out and began running. When she looked back she noticed that her parents weren't behind her and that they had in fact been left in the hands of the infected and as she looked at the table she could see the limp bodies of her parents. She was in shock and ran away crying. She got into her family's car and drove along the highway until crashing into a concrete barrier on the road somewhere along the coast and kept wandering North-East until she hit South-Zagoria. After wandering around, Emílie found a small cottage and she decided to stay there. She got her food by gathering berries and other plants from the nearby forests. Being alone in the cottage took its toll on her after a while and she started talking to herself and inanimate objects.
  9. Kerkkoh

    {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    Yes, you must be on the experimental branch.
  10. Kerkkoh

    {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    Try launching the game with the launcher, disconnecting, changing your character skin, press apply, connect via DayZ's server browser (just filter for the IP or DayZRP) and kill yourself. I believe you should then respawn with the new skin/char model.
  11. Kerkkoh

    {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    The launcher is not only vital for the mods to function correctly right now, but getting used to it will mean that when we add more modded content into the game, you don’t have a lot of trouble updating your mods. It also ensures that everyone is running the same files and the same version of those files. Currently there are custom items on the server and these can only be added via client sided modifications so you’re missing out on these items and other people using them in game looks like they are holding air, or you might encounter game crashing or errors. Don’t try it out for yourself. I urge you and everyone else to use the launcher and the mod even though you might be able to join without them. This will be fixed in the future updates and you will not be able to join without the mods.
  12. Kerkkoh

    {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    Could be. The author is a respected member of the Arma 3 development community and now the DayZ development community so I have some trust in him. Here's the virustotal if you are interested in that.
  13. Kerkkoh

    October 2018 changes

    I tried to make this work with the admin tool but it didn't for some reason. I'm still gonna look into it but I'm not going to be able to do it by the switch over so initially, everyone will just have to extract a mod into their dayz folder, which shouldn't be too hard. I could, I don't know if we should though. A lot of stuff like radio ranges, water/food intake, stamina and stuff like that are defined as constants (you can't change them) so I have to override entire classes (the systems) that handle how the food/water/radio/stamina systems work, which isn't good in most cases because almost every update will change something with at least some of these systems, which in turn means everything will break and it will take me days to fix the mod once again. Since modding isn't yet officially released, it will be a world of pain for me to figure out what breaks the mod every time there is an update (every Wednesday pretty much at least), so I would rather only add new things and not so much change existing data structures in the game that could change at any point. At the moment, the mods are a bit broken after the Wednesday update and I'm just absolutely exhausted with uni work, trying to stay alive and sleeping at the moment but I'll do my best to fix things before the switch over to the modded server.
  14. Kerkkoh

    Interview With A Community Member: Kerkkoh

    Special thanks to @Roland for doing this even before the interview came out. Also sorry if the answers were a bit short, I broke my arm just before this so it was quite painful to write.