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  1. Kerkkoh

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    Step 1. Take control of the media Step 2. Suppress the news media
  2. Kerkkoh

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

  3. Kerkkoh

    What do you listen to ?

  4. Kerkkoh

    I found a football in DayZ

    We haven't been able to make them work with the F key. For now they can only be picked up via inventory and sometimes DayZ is just weird and you can't pick some items up.
  5. Kerkkoh

    Limping/Injured animation.

    I'll look into it once I'm not too busy with my college stuffs.
  6. Kerkkoh

    Persistance observation

    DayZ is rather strange. There's always something broken with it. It just happens to be persistency right now. And no, we didn't change anything else than what's spawned into it by default (gas & parts).
  7. Kerkkoh

    Persistance observation

    I could throw down some barrels on the testing server and see if stuff has disappeared. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the barrels causing this problem, but I don't know if we should start removing broken stuff from the server, though. The game is broken, and we've dealt with it before, it shouldn't be a surprise now.
  8. Kerkkoh

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I'd honestly rather see more lore development or a time jump etc., but if those aren't options on the table, sure, yeah.
  9. Kerkkoh

    [OUTDATED] How To Get The Emote Wheel

    It should work now just by launching the game normally with the mod from the workshop via the launcher. The workshop has been fixed in yesterday's DayZ patch.
  10. Kerkkoh

    Text chat locks character up

    I've had this when picking up some basebuilding items on the testing server but never had it with the chat. As with most things wrong with DayZ, its a DayZ issue and you should report it over at https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/2/ so that the developers can take a look at it and hopefully fix it soon. If anyone finds a workaround or something that fixes it for them though, please share it.
  11. Kerkkoh

    Server crashes.

    Some crashes can be related to items that aren’t supposed to be in the game yet that were added in the loot. Other than that I’m not sure what’s causing it other than DayZ being broken.
  12. Kerkkoh

    Add this epic mod to DayZRP

    I'm like 90% certain that these "sniper hoods" are ripped models from somewhere. Wouldn't be surprised if they disappeared from the workshop soon.
  13. Kerkkoh


    Our mod hasn't changed any values to voip, as far as I am aware. There is a config option to change voip quality though for the server, but I'm not in charge of managing any of our servers so I can't really do anything about changing that, if that's the issue. DayZ is broken as fuck though, so it could be just that. I did warn people that if we started modding the server, things would break after every update and the possible downtime would be possibly very long. Even though you guys have been spoiled with almost daily patches from DayZ dev team, don't get too excited. Nothing has changed in DayZ or its development. It's still going to break, it's still going to get updates that break everything, and the modding support doesn't fix those things, it just makes them worse since after every patch our mods break in at least some capacity. So don't get your hopes up. Just wait for the next update that will fix things just like you have done before, or realize that this game and it's development is flawed and will never get better.
  14. Kerkkoh

    War Goals/Attritation

    Yeah I should have mentioned that (if the game ever gets fixed (god damn it bohemia)) this can be automated. Assuming the game gets fixed, we could also make it so that the system detects how severe the injuries were and based on that either tones the injured state up or down. So if you get filled with 20 m4 bullets you'd probably be in the worst possible injured state and if you were punched to death etc. the injured state would be less severe.
  15. Kerkkoh

    War Goals/Attritation

    I think this feature suggestion from here would address this issue: So something along the lines of a combat lock / injured state where you can not engage in combat or your movement is limited since you just got your character filled with lead in the last firefight. Then if a large majority of a group's members become injured and can not continue the war, the groups would be forced into a peace deal of sorts or disbanded momentarily, or something along the lines of that. Obviously this kind of system would need to be discussed further in terms of making it a viable solution to the issue and not a new annoying feature for the players to deal with. I also don't think an in game GUI would be beneficial. I personally think the less we have of any in game GUIs, the more immersion we can sustain.