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  1. Kerkkoh

    Add sick emotes

    You know who it is already, your not so friendly neighborhood game mechanic checking in. I added a new category to the gesture/emote wheel called "Sickness". You'll find the following emotes in that category: - Coughing - Sneezing - Shivering - Wiping sweat Here's a quick video to demonstrate once again. ~ With , Kerkkoh
  2. I wouldn't expect too much military loot at NE airfield, it's a civilian airfield after all. Though, I think that it would probably make players go around the map a bit more. Though, I do think that the map is way too large as it is already for the 0 to 80 players we can have on it. Changing loot in certain places isn't too hard if there's loot already there, but adding loot to objects that don't have any loot in them is really annoying as you'd have to find out suitable positions for loot in the object's local coordinates. Not to mention that it's quite hard to keep a track of these changes and in the past they have been somewhat accidentally lost while performing DayZ updates to the loot stuff, iirc.
  3. Kerkkoh

    DayZRP 19.7.2

    I think I already got them in the suggestions thread where I showcased it, but here we go again:
  4. Kerkkoh

    Attempt to make the server more survival-based.

    I'm all for balancing that makes the game more hardcore, but I think it's very hard to do that and keep the game even somewhat enjoyable to RP on, and I think this has been the sentiment shared by many people on the countless threads just like this before. Revamping critical systems like the medical system, I'm not too excited about. The only thing I'd really push for are small tweaks here and there. For example, the current health/blood regeneration is way too fast to drive any kinds of medical RP. You can get shot and be limping for 30 minutes and then start running again full speed like it never happened. If we slowed the regeneration down, it would be beneficial for players to call in medics and have them get treated for the wounds etc. With food, I think we can still lower the values significantly but we would have to be careful not to make it Starving Simulator 2013 on top of the running simulator it is already. While taking the food loot values down, one would have to significantly also tune down the metabolism so players don't have to eat every hour or so.
  5. After playing a bit with a male character in game, the beard growth is definitely too fast. Currently it's set so that you go from clean shaven to full beard in 60 minutes, which is absurd. I'm ready to change it but I could use some suggestions on what's a good time for the "full beard" to grow on the character. So how long should it be? Some 6, 12 or 24 hours or even more?
  6. No. I used the admin tool to reduce my health to further demonstrate that if you are of low health (like 17HP in the video, which equals "ruined" in the emotes) you can not use the emote wheel to get yourself back to a healthier animation. In the video's case, I couldn't go to any of the other stages as my health was so low. If you do get hit, it DayZ will work in the vanilla way of updating you to the appropriate animation state, I believe.
  7. Hello it's me, your friendly neighborhood game mechanic Kerkkoh again resuscitating another suggestion topic after months of radio silence about it. Granted, I didn't even promise to work on this exact solution, but I did promise to do something about this issue here. Regardless, injured states (limping) is now added to the emote/gesture wheel and waiting for a merge to the next DayZRP patch. It works just about how you'd expect: you can fake to be more injured than you are, but if you are injured, you can't fake to be less injured you are. You can of course return to the default animation as well. I tried to show it here: ~ With , Kerkkoh
  8. Kerkkoh

    PvP Complaints are a Sign of the Times

    Yes, we need a system for groups to win/lose wars. Whether that's an in game system or a forum system based on injuries and deaths, it's needed. There should also be a serious incentive for groups to sign a peace treaty or finish a war. This could also be a game mechanic. If we want to start resetting the lore every x amount of time, I think it might be worth looking into this again with serious intent to implement: I personally think restarting the lore too often will make new players happy but leave regular players dissatisfied. I think different maps could nicely feed into this once good maps start popping up in the workshop. It might get boring to roleplay the "oof, oopsie doopsie world die, buhuu, also here's a twist to not make it the same lore as last time" on Chernarus every year, but if it was on some other map, it could make it interesting.
  9. Kerkkoh

    Building the ED [Open Frequency]

    *Alex presses down on the PTT button after a bit of thinking. You'd hear a calm voice.* "Hello. My name is Doctor Alexander Ellis and I'm a psychiatrist working with Doctor River." "I've just recently arrived in the region, so I thought I should let you all know that if needed my services are available to you." *Alex pauses for a moment and continues calmly* "So if you or someone close to you is dealing with mental health problems, having trouble sleeping, having problems with addiction, or just need someone to talk to, I'm at your service." "I can also obviously help you with other general medical problems not related to psychiatry if need be." *Alex puts on his glasses and looks through his notebook while transmitting* "For those dealing with acute thoughts about self-harm or suicide, I'm also here to help you." *Alex lets go of the PTT button and sighs while going through his notebook*
  10. Kerkkoh

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    *development & psychiatry intensifies* Rly looking forward to playing more with y'all, loving it so far.
  11. Kerkkoh

    DayZRP 19.7.1

    Can't have the place look like fucking Tanoa with the saturation turned up and have it feel like the Finnish summer. etc.
  12. Alexander "Alex" Ellis was born in London UK to his British American father Thomas and Sweden Finn mother Anna. Alex's father was a drunk and died shortly after Alex's tenth birthday in a car accident while driving under the influence. He spent most of his formative years in London and his mother's hometown Göteborg and in London. They would also occasionally travel to Helsinki to visit his mother's relatives for a few weeks where he would learn bits and pieces of Finnish. From a young age, he was very caring and helpful to everyone he met. Once Alex finished his lower education, he embarked on a journey to become a doctor. He studied abroad in Sweden and Finland and ultimately specialized in addiction psychiatry. After graduating, he worked in Helsinki and London as a psychiatrist mainly working in addiction psychiatry at several institutions and hospitals. After a few years of working, he slowly started developing an addiction of his own. On rough evenings and nights, he wouldn't go home but could be found at the local pub drinking. He never had a long lasting serious relationship, so he felt quite lonely at home. The pub was his escape from loneliness and he would make a lot of friends there, both in London and Helsinki. Alex loved to travel, so he took a lot of time off his work to do travel across Europe in the summer almost every year. He also attended a few conferences regarding his field of medicine. One of these conferences happened to be held in Novigrad, Chernarus, right around the time of the infection spreading. After the conference, he was stuck in Chernarus as the modes of transport started shutting down because of the infection. He followed the situation closely and fled to the wilderness after chaos ensued in the large cities. He would go on traveling across the country and settling down at some locations trying to help those in need. He even worked at a few somewhat functional clinics manned by a few nurses and doctors that were left alive after the apocalypse. His services were in quite high demand as addiction problems after the collapse of society, were running rampant, not to mention the other mental health issues contributing to the addiction problems.
  13. Good luck with this! There are still some OG NATO characters alive and kicking from the days of the original NATO CFOR (Chernarus Force) group that was one of the first groups to be around right after the lore was reset a few years back. Maybe you'll be able to recruit some of them back in. I'd also suggest you look at that groups lore when drafting the lore for this group. From what I know, lore wise, there is still some sort of outpost manned by NATO on the Utes island, so maybe that might get tied in to this lore as well? Idk, good luck, can't wait to see how it turns out!
  14. Hey, it's me, reporting back from the development cave on another suggestion again. Our custom lethal/damaging grenade and trap logs are done. They are now waiting for a merge to the next release. They work just like any other weapons now, so if you kill or damage someone with a grenade or a flashbang, it will be logged. Same goes for land mines and bear traps. For the traps, the details of the person who activated the trap get saved with the trap in the database, so any kills and hits will be logged even after restarts etc. so there's no way to avoid getting logged. So, the takeaway is, use your explosives carefully!
  15. Kerkkoh

    To Devs: HUD mod

    Might be a good idea to add a new option for temporarily hiding the chat for screenshot purposes etc. but that would also mean modifying the settings menu extensively, and the less we need to modify systems like that, the less downtime we'll have between updates. For now, it seems like a better solution to have the chat always visible so that the chat isn't being ignored by anyone as it is quite an important aspect of the RP experience.
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