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  1. Keione


    In this instance, I don't see why not. You are roleplaying as if the baby is another item, due to the fact no one is roleplaying AS the baby. Therefore, the baby can be considered an item (such as a rifle or a water bottle) and someone can take it. Now, if someone took the backpack from you, and the baby is in there, and they notice the baby and choose to put the bag on the ground and shoot it, well that's a different story because theoretically, someone can do that and RP the backpack is now ruined. Since a baby's life is on the line, there would have to be a justified RP reason to do so. Of course, this is a question Staff will have to give a final verdict on.
  2. Keione


    Depends on how you portrayed it, really. If you said "You see the backpack is a baby", you powergamed. If you said "You may notice a baby's head poking out of the top of the backpack", that's a different story I believe.
  3. Keione

    • Keione
    • JoffreyRP

    Kudos to you and everyone involved in creating Titan. I truly believe that that is a great addition to the groups of South Zagoria and actually makes me excited to see how this goes. Finally something to draw my interest back into this game.

    1. JoffreyRP


      It's going to be a lot of work. But hopefully we'll live up to the hype. Thanks!

  4. Keione


    Woah. Fucking hype. Infamous, Joffrey, and Undead all together?
  5. I'm going to start right here because there are some flaws in your feedback. You went to the settlement you've been attacking "in disguise" and had no intention of causing trouble, but you knew if anyone found out who you were, you'd be taken. You knew the risks you were taking and went inside for RP and you weren't happy with what you got. You went in someone else's compound and stood up to someone when you had no fallback ground? If you were going in looking for no trouble and just RP, why get into a verbal altercation with someone? If you're trying to stay in disguise, why draw attention to yourself? That doesn't make sense. Even if you did walk away, you had already drew attention to yourself. Again. You came in and brought these problems on yourself. CDF does bad things and some people don't like it, of course they're going to initiate. I'm appalled you think it's "daft" that so many people play CDF characters and do bad things so a common association of CDF is bad things. What else did you think would happen? And again, it's THEIR compound. Your comments on how the Kingsmen reacted is actual feedback, but so far everything else seems like you went in and weren't happy with how things happened. This, sorry, is bullshit. You're going to go attack the town again because you got initiated on for being CDF. You're pissy you got taken hostage and they didn't even take you hostage for what you did, they took you hostage for seemingly something else so now you want to go attack everyone again? Here is my point; You went into a peaceful settlement that you have been causing problems with in disguise as a CDF of all characters, then you confront someone for talking bad about the CDF, then you complain you got taken hostage? Dude, you went in there in disguise and within 5 minutes you drew attention to yourself. That's not going in disguise, that's looking for trouble. If you really wanted to RP and steer clear of problems, why didn't you just leave and come back later and initiate on the person(s) talking shit about the CDF since you have prior experience in the CDF? That would have built a story line. Instead, you're pissed off and going back to cause more problems off of the problems and attention you drew to yourself. Wow. I don't have to defend the Kingsmen, and I apologize if this is unwanted in their feedback thread, but I have had great experiences with the Kingsmen. They are trying so hard to establish a good thing for Chernarus and IC'ly it is working perfectly, but I will not let someone just bash them over some drama they went and brought on themselves. Call me a fanboy and whatnot, but unless you have legit issues with their RP, your feedback looks like complete salt.
  6. Keione

    Vybor Market Destroyed (Open Frequency)

    *Mehkel climbs atop the building, looking around for anyone who may be in the area. He unclips his radio and holds down the PTT, hoping to reach anyone nearby* " Miss uh, Kovar. I have traveled a great distance to view this market only to see it was overran with infected and not a soul was here. " *He takes a bite from the slice of pumpkin, munching into the PTT* " I took the liberty of finishing off the infected inside the compound, no thank you's necessary. But uh, could someone come back pretty soon, I'm pretty hungry and I got some things I want to unload, and i'm running out of pumpkin. " *He loosens his grip on the radio, clipping it back to his jeans*
  7. I've heard really great things about this group, actually makes me quite excited to hop in and come to Vybor.
  8. 09012018. 0500. *Daweson sits by the fire, a map and notebook sitting on the ground next to him. He strikes through the name "Balota" and folds the map up, stuffing it in his pocket. He picks up the notebook and begins to write.* I remember... I used to think joining the military was my best way out of student debt. Good money, simple job, stipends every month, paid school, signing bonus... It was like my entire pay check went towards fucking around because everything else on base was practically paid for. After BMT in San Antonio, I reported back to my respective base only to learn I was being moved to the Delta Bravo Company. Same base, different units, no big deal... Except I went from monitoring aircraft to.. flying them.. Our mission in Takistan was simple: teach the soldiers how to monitor, clean, and fly aircraft. Monitoring and cleaning were the easy parts, and the soldiers listened to anything we said. It was.. great, actually.. to have someone just cater to your every whim with no question. It was powerful. They were doing duties for me not even relevant to the material we were teaching. The closer we got to flying, the more teaching we had to actually do and not half ass anything anymore. But.. the night that everything happened.. things just got out of hand.. Every town that we came across.. no matter the amount of people.. we were doing whatever it took to live, even.. taking these people hostage and tying them up. At first, it wasn't right. I would join in, I'd just stand to the side and watch as my Lieutenant ordered everyone around. I expressed my concern the second time it happened and he explained why it was okay. " Look son, anybody in these towns could be working with a hostile force. We are in uncharted territory. We are not taking any chances, not again. This is the safest way to ensure none of us die, alright? So get your head out of your ass and make sure your brothers and sisters don't die because you're being a bitch about some tough love! " And when you say something like that.. it sounds right. So that's what we did, at first. We knew our evac was going to be in South Zagoria, and once we were out there was no coming back. But.. it went from ensuring we could pass through town and eat and drink safely to taking things. Taking clothes. Shoes. Medicine. Alcohol. Then tearing houses apart for weapons. Ammunition. Anything to protect ourselves. *Daweson tugs at his vest, trying to make it more comfortable. For a moment he stares at the paper, lost in flashbacks to the previous days.* I hated it.. at first.. but then i started enjoying it, enjoying having all of the power as everyone around me looked to me for help. I'd go down swinging before I ever let someone do that to me, but the power it gives you.. it makes me feel like I'm actually in control with everything that's going on. *Daweson reaches in his backpack for a bottle, feeling around. There isn't one. He folds the paper up and stuffs it in his left pocket.* " I'll just hold on to it 'till i find a bottle. "
  9. Keione

    I guess goodbye

    Throw back to the Saints days. Come back soon man, try to get some parts on a deal!
  10. 08012018. 0030. Classified. *Daweson slides a black pen from his sleeve pocket, clicking it a few times before testing how much ink was left. He sits atop the watch-tower inside the military checkpoint, observing the amount of cars piled up and the infected that roamed about. He speaks to himself as he writes.* The last time I put pen to paper.. I.. told my friends and family I was coming home.. and now I question if that letter even made it out of this fucking country. Is my country even still standing? Why am I still standing? Why hasn't anyone sent a search an.. oh.. yeah.. Someday, someone will find this message, and by that time i'll probably be dead or captive. In any case.. this is all classified information of the 1 Delta Foxtrot squad and it's mission.. *Daweson sets the pen and paper down momentarily to take a swig from his canteen. SSgt. Daweson is visibly carved into the side. He would stare at the name for a moment before picking the pen and paper back up.* It was a blur. Leaving my friends and family, losing my fiance, the offsetting looks and attitudes from the locals in Takistan, the mission to teach another unit our job, the bombing of the bunker, even arriving at this point in time - it's a blur in my memory merged together by blood and mud. Takistan was the most painful. We were six soldiers from the radar operations unit at Moody AFB in Georgia. With a limited number of radar operations in the South and the words "High Risk" written all over the file, the mission was voluntary. My fian.. ex-fiance and I.. were in a tight spot for money, so I volunteered to go. Radar Operations isn't frontline, and though I know there is always a risk, I felt the risk was small. One evening, probably around 1700, we were moving in a convoy back towards the bunker at the border of Takistan and Chernarus. Takistan soldiers atop the towers signaled to open the gates as we arrived, but we weren't alone. I think there was an inside job all along. Anyway.. we fled our bunker in Takistan. Yeah.. it was a shitty thing to do.. leaving those Takistan soldiers to die for us, but they knew what they signed up for when we arrived. Once we were a few clicks from the bunker, we dipped into a nearby town and inspected a few empty homes for spare clothes. We tried our best to dress as locals, but I didn't think it'd work - especially with rifles strapped under the clothes. With the sun down and nighttime filling the land, we hid in a nearby tree line and called for an evac. A Russian soldier intercepted the transmission and relayed the message to a nearby KC-130 being operated by American pilots. No runway was long enough to support the landing of the KC-130 except the NorthWest Air Field of South Zagoria, just outside of Vybor and Kabanino, and even then it would be three days before they could land. If we weren't there at 0500 in three days, we were stuck. *Daweson takes a pause and sets down the pen and paper, standing up to stretch. He would look towards the road at the crashed humvee. Light glimmered from the dog tags hanging in the review mirror. He sits back down, picking up the pen and paper.* It all ended before it even began. We were the only ones who didn't know. *The paper is rolled into a straw and stuffed into a water bottle. Daweson climbs down the ladder and heads to the ocean, tossing the bottle into the waves crashing on the sand.*
  11. What's a good, free software I can do graphics or just simple nice word art for a group idea?


    1. Beni



    2. Lad


      Paint.net is legit not bad if you get some add ons for it. 

  12. A1C with the Mississippi National Guard. Hit me up if you ever need any help. Anywho, yeah the lore just needs to be fleshed out a little bit. Don't look at it as necessary for RP, but as necessary for others to understand the background of the group. I know a lot of understanding is done through RP, but some prefer to read it like I do sometimes. Goodluck though, love seeing military groups done correctly!
  13. Keione

    Group limits.

    And those same people are acting like they can't come up with something to say on the spot. Not everyone has to say the same line that person A says, and seeing that each report is done on a case by case basis, if you raised your gun at me and these dynamic restrictions were applied, and I showed video, I think it would be well understood that person B had every intention of initiating on me as well. He took part in the initiation and wasn't just a bystander, so that's that. Now if Person B was just a bystander and acting like he wasn't involved, and then out of no where pulls a gun out, then he should have to re initiate.
  14. Keione

    Group limits.

    I mean... that's a part of not being in an official group, but nothing says that cannot retaliate and go initiate? You just want rights to execute, right? Or what? What is it you want?
  15. Keione

    Group limits.

    I don't understand. You don't need execution rights or kill rights. Can you not just initiate on them? All of this is RP as well, so i'm confused by your statement of "all we wanna do is RP"?