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  1. Keione

    Nordic Battlegroup

    Don't @ me. Just kidding. @Svenne I'm updating DayZ, be on soon.
  2. Keione

    Nordic Battlegroup

    I am apologizing to all members in advance for my recent absence and my absence to come. I just started a Bachelor's Nursing Program and am getting accustom to the ins and outs of it, so it may be a week or two before I hop back in.
  3. Keione

    Why don't you get in game?

    Not too sure if you're insulting me, but that felt a little unnecessary. I don't understand how anything is a dream. In my two years of being here, I've had to leave for real life reasons for months at a time. Each time I came back, I had to find new people to play with due to my older friends either leaving or getting banned. I distinctively remember starting with @Psycho and others who were banned, then @Rory and her group, then Tombstone's war on the Horsemen, then SOF-004 with @Brady, and now I'm with the Nordic Battlegroup. I'm not saying it's easy, but it's disappointing to see people (and not everyone in this thread) complain about problems that could be fixed if people were willing to step outside of their comfort zone and meet someone new, try out new RP, or just hop in game and not try to swing some dicks OOC. If there are some "exclusive clubs that are holier than thou" you'd like to bring to light, I'd love to hear about it. I personally have not met any of these.
  4. Keione

    Why don't you get in game?

    Friends don't play here anymore? Make new ones.. Things seem uninteresting? Make them interesting and help others improve their RP. No real threat to groups? Both the Sea Men and the RED's are a threat, but everyone runs from Hostile RP. The rules are fucky but other than that, a lot of this can be fixed if people put effort into getting on and not only bettering the RP themselves, but offering to help others. The only time I don't stay online is when it's been an hour and nobody else is getting on.
  5. Keione

    The Phoenix

    * through static * I got a boy up here in Kabanino lookin' for y'all. Y'all come get this poor kid and take care o' him cause i ain't his daddy. * end transmission *
  6. Keione

    America's Beer [Open Freq.]

    * Ricky would be searching through the homes of Chernogorsk when he found a radio lying on a nightstand. He'd grab it, examining it and checking for a battery. After turning it on, he'd walk out of the house and onto the road, blankly staring at the map in his other hand. He'd hold down the PTT and grudgingly speak into it * Hello? Helllloooooooo? * He'd look around for a moment before speaking again * What type of dried up dogshit is this? Ain't nobody in this country ever heard of some miller light? Or some damn Bud light? Hell what about Budweiser! I ain't had this much trouble gettin' a nice cold beer since I was 12 and ain't have no beard! * he'd grunt in annoyance, stuffing the map back into his bag * Looka here boys and gurls. I ain't with this carrying some gadget that let's y'all hear me have my sexy talk. But desperate times are callin' for some desperate measures. Help a man reunite with some beer y'all it's called southern hospitality alright now? * he'd clip the radio to his belt and would start walkin' North *
  7. Keione

    The Homestead

    * static pauses and a voice is clearly heard * Hell yeah brother thas what i'm talm 'bout! You get me some beer and i'll be good as a fat pig playin' in the mud! * short pause * But none of that rasputin trash y'all be tryin' to serve 'round. I need me some U S of A grade domestics! * static consumes the frequency *
  8. Born to John and Jill Joe in June of 1993. (25 years old) Raised on the banks of the Mississippi River. (Vicksburg, Mississippi) Oldest of four children. Family owned a small farm that supplied groceries to a nearby convenience store. Family lived in poverty with just enough to get by. Ricky started hunting at the age of 7 to help provide for his family with food. At 18, Ricky enlisted in the Army to help provide for his parents and siblings. (2011) After basic training and technical school, Ricky was stationed at Al Asad Airbase in Iraq as an attachment to the 332nd Medical Brigade until the rest of his infantry unit arrived weeks later. He was to provide security details to cover for another soldier who was transported stateside. In the four years of his contract, Ricky deployed to Iraq three times. The mental and physical damage of deploying into a warzone held a lot of weight in his decision to not reenlist at the end of his contract. In an attempt at living a normal life once more, Ricky returned home to his family in Vicksburg. Ricky’s parents struggled to maintain the farm as they once did, and his siblings were either off at college or did not care enough to help out. He chose to take over the farm and encouraged his parents to retire (2015). His father, John, left him with all of the contacts and information he had gathered in his years of running the farm. From 2015 to the Spring of 2017, Ricky had successfully expanded the farm and hired farm hands to help run the farm while he took days off. He had moved the small farm from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Tallulah, Louisiana, and had expanded it into 50 acres. Much of the land was bought with money saved up from his service with the military. Ricky was approached one day by an individual interested in expanding local farms to other countries, specifically countries with a high poverty rate that bordered countries with a high intake of farm goods. The idea was that workers could be hired for cheap to harvest and mass export goods to a neighboring country. The idea itself seemed wrong, but Ricky tolerated the thought of building a wealth that his family could survive on for years to come. The individual had already been in contact with farmers from other states, and they themselves had already picked out countries they’d wish to settle in. Of the options left, Ricky chose Chernarus. It took a few days, but Ricky made his way to Chernogorsk, the location his contact said he’d meet him. The girl was a petite Russian lady who seemingly knew everything there was to owning a farm. They discussed long term and short term goals of the business and agreed to discuss it further at a later date. Once back home, Ricky brought the idea up to his folks. His father was suffering from dementia and struggled to have a valid reasoning to anything. His mother encouraged him to do what he felt was best for himself. Ricky thought it over for quite a while. By June of 2017, he had made the decision to go ahead with the deal. He called up the contact and ensured he would be back in Chernogorsk in a few days. The paperwork to owning a house, getting farm equipment, conducting interviews for farm hands and flying out farm hands from Louisiana was a long process. By the month of July, everything was flowing smoothly except for a contract on the land he was buying near the Balota Airfield. Much of his time had been spent out on the farmland trying to prepare things for his contact. After days of waiting, he made his way to Balota only to see dead bodies littering the road. A flashback to Iraq caused him to freeze, and when he came to, he sprinted back to his home and locked the door. Enjoys: Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Shooting, Drinking, Female Compassion, and Meat. Dislikes: Anything that isn't Country.
  9. Keione

    Relief efforts *Open Freq*

    * through open static * Oh my god shut the fuck up. Someone's trying to offer help to another soldier and here you lot come trying to swing your dicks and act cool like we're in middle school again. I don't know if you're just retarded or fucking ignorant. Nobody cares about your fucking metaphors holy shit. You keep saying you're going to do this and you're going to do that so fucking do something then. Otherwise why don't you lot go cut each others' dicks off and take turns shoving it up each others' asses.
  10. Keione


    Pretty positive if we're talking about the same thing, the RED's and Nordic both came to an agreement about how to handle the situation. Comments were also made to go talk to a GM just to be sure. For clarification though, most of the conversation today was if the RED's held KOS rights on Nordic since we've been holding a hostage for more than one day and had not made negotiations yet seeing as the RED's had not been online. Unless you have another instance Svenne was involved in, but I spend pretty much most of the day in TS with him and Nordic so..
  11. Keione

    Relief efforts *Open Freq*

    * the same voice can be heard shortly after the broadcast * You hope to keep it that way, huh. I guess robbing me of my ammunition was a job of you and John's? * he chuckles * You're a First Lieutenant, yeah? So you know you broke OPSEC the moment you disclosed your previous locations. Not to mention a recent sitrep gave me intel that you and your men are entering and exiting towns with no recon and no overwatch. Should I mention the locals you're allying with are beaming to rat you out for small prices of ammunition and heavy weaponry? * a can is opened, and the sound of drinking can be heard briefly * Maybe attaching to a new unit would be beneficial for your boys and the Corporal. If you were on active orders, your superiors would be furious right now. Let's hope you pick what's best for your unit and don't succumb to fear.
  12. Keione

    Well... time to go finally.

    Bye dude. Sometimes it's just better to walk away than to drain yourself. You did good.
  13. Keione

    Relief efforts *Open Freq*

    * a calm, deep voice comes over the frequency * Marine? First Lieutenant? Doesn't seem right. Had a "Claudia" hold me up for some ammunition a few weeks back, and Claudia is a pretty unique name to have 'round here. Pretty ballsy for someone under oath to follow the orders of their superiors and outnumbered by the locals. We'll have a chat soon. * end transmission *
  14. Keione

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Please see the below post. So, even if someone did something as simple as commented issaknife or +1, which at some points I recall staff saying not to do so, and accumulated points doing that, they're still breaking the rules and have a lack of respect for said rules or the staff asking them not to. And I'm sure you are well aware that those same people had already committed enough rulebreaks to reach a point where a small comment like "issaknife" put them over the 30 points.
  15. Keione

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    I'm sorry, what? That, like, defeats the purpose of final warnings and accumulating 30 points. 30 points is A LOT for someone who doesn't regularly get in trouble, and even if it was the smallest infraction multiple times over that never had any true harm, that just shows they don't learn from their mistakes and had no care to try learning. While I've seen people have lots of issues with Staff in 2 years of being here, not once did Staff fail to let someone know they were pushing it and closing in on a perma. And people who did get perma'ed were also the same people who knew they were close to it and decided to involve themselves in situation that either led to their ban or simply didn't care to be careful with their actions. Anyway, -1 to bringing back Perm'ed players, +1 to the rules change. Dynamics have been a bitch.