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  1. Keione

    Relief efforts *Open Freq*

    * through open static * Oh my god shut the fuck up. Someone's trying to offer help to another soldier and here you lot come trying to swing your dicks and act cool like we're in middle school again. I don't know if you're just retarded or fucking ignorant. Nobody cares about your fucking metaphors holy shit. You keep saying you're going to do this and you're going to do that so fucking do something then. Otherwise why don't you lot go cut each others' dicks off and take turns shoving it up each others' asses.
  2. Keione


    Pretty positive if we're talking about the same thing, the RED's and Nordic both came to an agreement about how to handle the situation. Comments were also made to go talk to a GM just to be sure. For clarification though, most of the conversation today was if the RED's held KOS rights on Nordic since we've been holding a hostage for more than one day and had not made negotiations yet seeing as the RED's had not been online. Unless you have another instance Svenne was involved in, but I spend pretty much most of the day in TS with him and Nordic so..
  3. Keione

    Relief efforts *Open Freq*

    * the same voice can be heard shortly after the broadcast * You hope to keep it that way, huh. I guess robbing me of my ammunition was a job of you and John's? * he chuckles * You're a First Lieutenant, yeah? So you know you broke OPSEC the moment you disclosed your previous locations. Not to mention a recent sitrep gave me intel that you and your men are entering and exiting towns with no recon and no overwatch. Should I mention the locals you're allying with are beaming to rat you out for small prices of ammunition and heavy weaponry? * a can is opened, and the sound of drinking can be heard briefly * Maybe attaching to a new unit would be beneficial for your boys and the Corporal. If you were on active orders, your superiors would be furious right now. Let's hope you pick what's best for your unit and don't succumb to fear.
  4. Keione

    Well... time to go finally.

    Bye dude. Sometimes it's just better to walk away than to drain yourself. You did good.
  5. Keione

    Relief efforts *Open Freq*

    * a calm, deep voice comes over the frequency * Marine? First Lieutenant? Doesn't seem right. Had a "Claudia" hold me up for some ammunition a few weeks back, and Claudia is a pretty unique name to have 'round here. Pretty ballsy for someone under oath to follow the orders of their superiors and outnumbered by the locals. We'll have a chat soon. * end transmission *
  6. Keione

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Please see the below post. So, even if someone did something as simple as commented issaknife or +1, which at some points I recall staff saying not to do so, and accumulated points doing that, they're still breaking the rules and have a lack of respect for said rules or the staff asking them not to. And I'm sure you are well aware that those same people had already committed enough rulebreaks to reach a point where a small comment like "issaknife" put them over the 30 points.
  7. Keione

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    I'm sorry, what? That, like, defeats the purpose of final warnings and accumulating 30 points. 30 points is A LOT for someone who doesn't regularly get in trouble, and even if it was the smallest infraction multiple times over that never had any true harm, that just shows they don't learn from their mistakes and had no care to try learning. While I've seen people have lots of issues with Staff in 2 years of being here, not once did Staff fail to let someone know they were pushing it and closing in on a perma. And people who did get perma'ed were also the same people who knew they were close to it and decided to involve themselves in situation that either led to their ban or simply didn't care to be careful with their actions. Anyway, -1 to bringing back Perm'ed players, +1 to the rules change. Dynamics have been a bitch.
  8. Keione

    Radio Chatter Issues

    For some reason I cannot post in the radio chatter section, not even to create my own thread or the reply.
  9. Keione

    Invalid Initiation, Bad RP S1 Svergino

    Again, @BorisRP, I was in a room of OOC chitchat full of people who aren't even in Nordic. My guess is that it was Avery, but I can not be 100% sure because I was hard muted for most of all the situation. I'll also be adding Metagaming to this report against yourself and your group of allies. In my video, you clearly see you did not ask for a frequency, you asked for a TS room. I told you the frequency of my radio and you asked me again what TEAMSPEAK room I was in, and then used it as an excuse to hold me hostage. So you clearly show you had no confirmation I was even Nordic except for the fact I was in an OOC room. Pretty funny that you all assumed I was friends with these guys and you chose what frequency you wanted the radio to be tuned to after I told you what it was on. Asking for a TS room is not the same as asking for a frequency, even more so after I told you. This is pretty clear, cut and dry from the evidence presented. You guys rolled up and took me hostage for no reason, and while you state it's because you wanted to be good guys, you let the one person who stalled around solely for "loot" and Hobo Code to walk away. You also held me hostage with no reason to, and while you state it was because I was on a Nordic Frequency, I wasn't. I told you guys I was in 102.9, and had I been in an IC Comms, I'd have told you I was in whatever frequency the Nordic Comms are, but I wasn't. You used knowing what channel I was in as a reason to keep me there, clearly seen as metagaming since 102.9 is not tied to Nordic in any way. As well, connection logs and the individuals in the OOC room who weren't even affiliated to anything occurring will all show I was not in any IC comms, or anything that tied Nordic to 102.9. And since Feng's radio was not stated in OOC to be tied to any radio frequency related to Nordic, and I already told you my frequency, I think it's hilarious you asked me again what channel I was in and used it as a reason after you and everyone else taking me hostage already saw me type that it was tuned to 102.9. Sure, I put open comms although I was in an OOC room, but that's what having connection logs are for and you asked me again what channel I was in like you wanted to come talk, so I put open comms because had you moved up to it, I'd have came down and spoke to you. But it doesn't really matter, you had no IC reason to believe I was Nordic and no IC reason to hold me up. /shrug
  10. Keione

    The REDS (Recruiting)

    Goodluck with this, hope you guys do Hostile RP good
  11. Keione

    Invalid Initiation, Bad RP S1 Svergino

    For clarification purposes, I was the one who was going by Shane, as seen by the description matching my video.
  12. Keione

    Invalid Initiation, Bad RP S1 Svergino

    The only person who I remember being remotely nearby was John Castelle before I hard muted TS, because most of the individuals in the OOC room were not Nordic members and were just conversing with us about OOC things. Yes, Avery was already told he can't do things like that. Not sure what impact that had on anyone's RP as it was more said in rage. How do @KyleRP @Burps and @EverybodyH8atesBanksRP have any IC reason to be involved in this? I've literally never RP'ed with any of them on my current character.
  13. Keione

    Invalid Initiation, Bad RP S1 Svergino

    @Harvey I do not. I only pulse-checked G19 and recognized Kenneth and Boris. I don't know who was next to Boris when they stopped me at the road of the guy who came from the house behind them or the guy in the orange striped shirt.
  14. Keione

    Invalid Initiation, Bad RP S1 Svergino

    Lol, he didn't say we both were. He said Feng took him hostage, I was fairly friendly. No one at any point accused me of taking part, but a few times you're allies stated I was just as guilty for being a bystander. I'd appreciate you stop with the "you and your friends" because if I was taking part in the hold up, why wouldn't they list me being hostile to them? Right, because I wasn't. If Staff can answer this, if G19 was initiating because he was being friendly, why didn't he initiate on Kenneth as well who used the Hobo Code as a reason to take from the hostages as he states in his POV? Harrison, it wouldn't make RP sense for me to come up and just initiate on two guys just for taking you hostage. Instead, I tried talking it out and explained it wasn't necessary and bargained for your freedom. Are you sure you want to lie about my involvement in this? Because if I was helping Yuri, how come I never came over and took anything from you. Scratch that, why would I even try to get you two free is I was helping Yuri. That makes no sense. I stated I was in Open Comms but really was in the OOC/AFK channel, which Staff can see from my previous connections in TS. Either way, you can't ask for a TS channel and assume that's what the radio is tuned to. That defeats the purpose of if I had previously used radio chatter or was actually using my radio. I was In an OOC room.I told you 102.9 because that's what my radio is tuned to unless I am in an IC channel, but I wasn't. You can't metagame that I was in OOC Nordic comms as a reason to take me hostage, I told you the frequency the first time. EDIT: I'd also like to add that Harrison already admitted to a lot of us that he knew Kenneth stole from him, so this all seems stupid and makes no RP sense that Kenneth would help someone he robbed. As well, Boris and G19 can not just pick which frequency my radio was tuned to. I told them what it was tuned to (102.9) which is my personal frequency I've handed out before, and he asked again for my TS ROOM, not my frequency on the radio, so I figured he wanted to come chat about something OOC. You cannot pick and choose which frequency is on a radio by metagaming where they are in TS, especially when I was in an OOC/AFK room.
  15. Keione

    Invalid Initiation, Bad RP S1 Svergino

    Server and location: S1, Severgino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7/30.2018 , 23:40(roughly) Your in game name: Dezzie Castiano Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: @Harrison15B @G19RP @KennethRP @BorisRP and lots more Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/s/Lq1aD5gtWnSZ Detailed description of the events: @Kriss Blade & @Avery initiate on @Harrison15B and @Godryc in the parking lot of the store in Svergino. I notice the two traders from an earlier encounter in Tisy. From the Western side of the store, it sounds as if there's minimum talking going on, so I drop my rifle that I'm double carrying to not look hostile and walk over. No gun shots had been fired. I notice @KennethRP and some civilian with a white helmet standing next to one of the captors but I can't make out what they're saying, but the situation seems relatively calm. I notice the RP seems pretty stale so I start RP'ing with the hostages, asking for their names and why they were in this situation. They give me bits and pieces and I put two and two together that it involved something with trading. I express my disapproval to the captors, stating this wasn't necessary and suggesting the hostages be treated like humans rather than heathens. I notice the clouds and suggest we move into a safer location, preferably a building where we can all sit down and talk like people. I somehow go unheard, so I go pick up my rifle and put a mag in it, then come back and say it again. I ask Harrison to stand up and come next to the other hostage so I can RP with the both of them better before they're told to start moving into the store. On the way to the store, I tell @Godryc not to worry because I'm going to get him out of the situation and protect him, to which he thanked me. Inside, I plead for the hostages to be released in exchange for any supplies I have on me. I'm told that both the hostages are about to get released anyway so I ask for no one to hurt them, and I'm told nobody was going to get hurt. As I start trying to say goodbyes and go outside to wait for the hostages, @G19RPis at the door questioning what's going on. Harrison screams about being held hostage and I leave, letting G19 know I'm not involved in taking anyone hostage. On my way out, I open the fence gate and walk down to the road and see one of the captors walking to my right. We both get stopped by @BorisRPand many others and it seems they're being told to hold us there. I willingly agree, stating I'd wait for my name to be cleared. Seemingly seconds later, someone comes running down asking one more time if we'd been involved in taking them hostage. I reply that I am not involved and lie about my name because I never tell anyone my real name, and then Harrison comes running down at us. He runs up to Kriss and states "He took part" and then runs to me stating "He was fairly friendly but they have my mags" and then I get initiated on. At this point, I know I'm surrounded but I'm still acting cool because I know I didn't act hostile towards anyone. I comply and walk up into the store like I'm asked. I didn't behave belligerently, I walked inside with my hands up and then I was handcuffed and stripped of any weapons and my radio. I'm still complying, not acting scared because I've done nothing wrong. The ringleader of the situation is speaking to myself and Kriss when Harrison comes inside. He laughs about how he split open his captors head and how his axe is now "badly damaged", then starts complaining about his magazine he's missing. He starts searching my body with no emotes and a rifle in his hand, asking about why I had so many coupled 5.56 mags. I explain I got them from a trader and I tried using them to get his captors to set him free, but he says he doesn't care and starts taking them from my body. Then he says something along the lines of "why do you have mags that fit my gun perfectly then", but I was carrying an M4 as well, so that didn't make sense. After Harrison took my mags, he thanked the guys taking me hostage and dipped out. I again explain I'm not involved and someone starts telling me that I had enough fire power to help set the hostages free, and that me not helping is just as wrong as holding someone up. Kriss then admits he was involved for his own RP reasons, and I start thinking I'll be let go since at this point, neither Harrison (the hostage) or Kriss (the captor still alive) have named me involved in any way. Instead, the ringleader starts asking what they want to do with us. I still remain calm and don't backlash at anyone, then Godryc shows up. He comes in and begins to explain what happened in the situation before the server crashes. I spoke with him afterward in Discord and he even states he was about to tell them I wasn't involved in taking anyone hostage, but actually tried helping him. 6.1 All hostile situations must be have a valid reasoning and be justified with role play that happened in character, in game or in radio chat forum. See also rule 5.3. 6.2 You may not use character or group story as a universal reason to initiate hostilities with other players. For example, role playing a bandit, murderer or crazy person does not grant you explicit rights to attack other players by itself, there must be other circumstances, previous history between the players or role play that leads to a situation where being hostile is warranted. I never initiated on anyone, nor did I raise my rifle or threaten anyone. I offered help to the hostages and scolded the captors. IC'ly I don't know Avery's new character, and I've only met Kriss's character a few times before he joined Nordic. The situation was perfect to build some RP tension because I am a civilian in Nordic and do not agree with robbing those who've done no wrong. For individuals from The PCC, Hobos, and Sea Men to show up, it made absolutely zero sense. The PCC have IC goals of harming and harassing groups who are greedy, and the Sea Men are collecting supplies for themselves to leave the country, not to mention it's not like they're a hero group. Kenneth was the one who radioed in that the situation was happening in the first place, but that doesn't make sense either because the Sea Men aren't a hero group so they had no reason to be involved either. All in all, there was no reason for everyone Kenneth radioed to come and initiate, and if there was, there was absolutely no reason to take me hostage and strip me of my things when I was trying to help someone. I've already posted feedback about how overly aggressive individuals from the Sea Men act. You had no reason to come and initiate because someone else was being held hostage. Both Harrison and Godryc are newer characters who belong to no group, and using your group lore/character lore as reason to initiate isn't valid either. Maybe Staff can find out a few answers as to why I was taken hostage and then they allowed someone to take things from me with no RP reason why.