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  1. Ke Ke

    False Report?

    And now when someone insults me in game, I'll know it's okay to gun them down - you know, because it's a consequence of insulting me.
  2. Ke Ke

    Ban Rape RP

    This entire topic is disgusting, and personally, I don't see why this should've ever become a thing. Get rid of it. Mind blowing that members of this community wouldn't have a problem pretending to rape someone over the internet not knowing what they've been through or if that person is even 18.
  3. Ke Ke

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

    I don't know if this was a serious suggestion, but -1. There's no difference in seeing a gender in one part of the character info vs seeing it in the backstory. It's not necessary.
  4. Ke Ke

    1st Marine Raider Battalion (Open Recruitment)

    Goodluck. I see a lot of civilians trying to run MilSim groups and many members of said groups not following rules/orders. Hopefully this is different
  5. Ke Ke

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Felix was spitting some hard facts. Never expected it to go that deep
  6. Ke Ke

    Where u live? [State]

    Still shook we're in the same state
  7. Ke Ke

    United Nations Official Public Announcement!

    * Oto would listen in, sighing as he spoke into the radio * " Oh so it is this again.. It was better when you all left last time so uh how about just leave again? You do nothing but cause problems and pretend to be good. I already claim one life of fat blueberry, I will not hesitate for more. " * He'd let go of the radio *
  8. Ke Ke

    Looking to trade with Saviours...

    * Oto would speak into the radio * " You say lot of words, do not matter. Get to point. Saviors in Novo building in tower offer home, say safe place to live. So how there no Saviors there? Hm, makes no sense. Maybe educate yourself? Do not know, cannot fix stupid. Traded with Saviors before and now this. I make statement based off experience, you come to just talk shit over radio, and wrong about Saviors not in city. Oh well. Great leadership letting followers speak poorly. " * He'd let go of the radio *
  9. Ke Ke

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    I doubt you specifically have met me, but can guarantee I've met your guys on multiple occasions. Your men attempted strong-arming me just outside of Severgino; I had to pull my rifle because as two of them approached me, one stayed behind 20 m away in the field to scope me down. Whoever the survivor named Jay was that accompanied me bears witness. Regardless, I'm sure it's your newer members who are trying to be hostile with me. The first time they robbed me was Novaya Petrovka - they took my rifle, backpack, shirt, and glasses and hightailed it to your previous hideout in the industrial building. The second time was much like this third time - they trailed me, taking off the armbands but not changing clothes or gear, then circled me trying to question what I'm doing and how nice my things looked. Both times I cut them off and told them I recognize them as Saviors and that was enough for them to realize if they robbed me, I'd know who did it. I don't get close enough to pulse-check, but I record, so next time I'll be sure to send it to you and Falk. I just recommend that if you're going to have a city open to the most of the public and you'll provide safety, there should be a set standard to when it's acceptable to rob someone. I sat in the town for a solid 25 minutes staring at a fire and waiting for civilians to RP with - if I was to be held up, then would've been a good time. Cheers
  10. Ke Ke

    Looking to trade with Saviours...

    * Oto would look towards the men outside before speaking into the radio * " Yes you be that stupid. If not you why so defensive, huh? They come outside big tower and follow out of town, then take armbands off and come up to me. But pretty stupid because did not change clothes or nothing. Fat pigs of america, stay in city. If do not want trouble, do not talk shit. " * He'd let go of the radio *
  11. Ke Ke

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Three times now, I've had someone from the Saviors seemingly follow me from town and attempt to strong arm me, and as soon as I call them out as Saviors, they run and quickly end the RP. Something's gotta budge. Either give RP or don't.
  12. Ke Ke

    Looking to trade with Saviours...

    * Oto would hear muffled static, pulling his radio out and listening. He'd chuckle before speaking into the radio * " Yes not good business.. I make long trip but no traders or civilians, only saviors. They follow and try to rob me and other guy, jay, but i recognize the man as savior and he get spook and leave. " * He'd let go of the radio *
  13. Ke Ke

    The United Nations - MilSim (Open Recruitment)

    I really don't know what to think of you guys thus far. I haven't been able to find you guys even though I look for you every day. Hopefully you'll present yourself as a bigger presence or let someone know where you guys are? Idk.
  14. Ke Ke

    To the people who took me hostage on VMC hill (Open Frequency)

    * Oto would speak into the radio, turning around at the Kabanino sign * " So this means I can not go into towns of Lopatino or Kabanino? I hear lizard men own Stary so is same rule for there too? " * He'd let go of the radio *
  15. Ke Ke


    Welcome back. Nice to see familiar faces coming back around
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