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  1. In the past, I know they caused a lot of server crashes - but then again, I don't really play anymore so I don't care either way. Kinda more shocking is how rude some of you are being with disagreeing. There's literally no reason to be a dick, just disagree and move on. That toxic shit is old.
  2. It's annoying, but the base owners are doing everything in their power to protect their base. It's annoying both to break in to and going in and out of the base. If the rules stated base raiding could only happen when members of said base were online, I could see this as a problem. But chances are, the owners are tired of getting offline raided and are making it more tiresome.
  3. Hello wonderful ladies and gentleman of Staff, I come today to ask a question regarding this Report. Whatever it be of Mouse’s stupid decision to act as he did, I am seeking clarification on why a 4.3 punishment wasn’t handed out. As far as I am aware, and also understanding that not all reports are the same and there is no black and white, kill rights gained from a rule break are deemed invalid and will be punished accordingly. There was obviously no initiation from either end. Wouldn’t this mean the individual who killed Mouse and any individuals who fired at him would be guilty of invalid kill and attempted invalid kill? (apologizes if weirdly formatted, on my phone) Edit: Thank you for your swift response @Hofer. Please do not assume this is me asking for a punishment. I was only seeking clarification, as when I return to play again, I enjoy knowing I can kill an individual who is looking to kill my allies with no proper reasoning even though my kill rights would be gained through an invalid way.
  4. I would disagree in that I think the small problem with hostile RP is that no one wants to RP they've been injured at all. Additionally, a lot of people doing hostile RP are not consistent. They'll hold some random up for a poor reason, but see that same random a day later and not even bat an eyelash. It doesn't make sense to be a dick one day and fine with that same person the next, and it doesn't make sense to die in PVP and regear to PVP like an hour or two later.
  5. If someone commits a rulebreak, report it. If not, take whatever subpar RP you believe you're getting and try to help foster an environment for RP to grow rather than take to the forums. Actions speak louder than forum threads.
  6. If someone wants to cry about how difficult Livonia is, they can go back to playing on Chernarus. DayZ is meant to be a difficult, survival game. So far, it has been well worth the 15 dollars.
  7. Come grace us with your bobby kalo RP

    1. MouseWB


      I'm alright.

  8. Drizzy


    'Grats & goodluck. Don't let leadership screw this up @MouseWB
  9. Voted yes to everything. I'm on the fence about fast-travel but I'd rather have it and try it than not. As Rolle stated, it'd cost a payment of something and it was something uncommon or rare, it's not like everyone and their mother would be able to use it at any given time. Would add a nice little currency too.
  10. I'm glad you took the time to formulate a real response to my post. If your idea of RP revolves around initiating on people and practically only RP'ing when someone complies, you're not helping to the overall RP of the server. You can RP without an initiation. Nice talk
  11. I'm never voting yes to getting rid of this rule so that the same people's who's idea of roleplay is "Comply to get RP" can attack me every hour. IDK why these threads keep popping up. There is an easy fix to coping with this rule: Step 1: If you're not breaking this rule, don't worry about it being in effect. Step 2: If someone is blackmailing you with this rule, re-read Step 1.
  12. * He'd hold down the PTT * " I'm out North West. Gimmie some time to grab something to eat as I'm just waking up and we will be around. " * He'd let go of the PTT *
  13. * He'd hold down the PTT * " Right, that's cool guy. Funny how you wanna talk about people eating other people but one of your own members in Wolfpack is prior cannibal. Wolfpack might seem nice but you don't truly know what the fuck some of your people have done. There's a reason people left. " * He'd let go of the PTT *
  14. * He'd hold down the PTT * " Cool, so the first voice was Gator and the second was Mikael, which sounds quite familiar. Tell me Mikael, what reason do you have for telling people they'll be robbed or eaten in the Western portion of the region? " * He'd let go of the PTT *
  15. * Benny would hear the broadcast while flicking through the channels and chuckle. He'd walk outside and search through the crashed humvee and grab a somewhat burnt checklist and skim through it before holding down the PTT * " Reach a local town in the Western region of the country and reply with a confirmation once you're there. I'll give you a frequency after confirmation and have someone meet you wherever you are. They'll talk with you from there. " * He'd let go of the PTT *
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