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  1. BobbyKaloRP

    These voices... [Open Freq]

    * He'd hold down the PTT * " I'm out North West. Gimmie some time to grab something to eat as I'm just waking up and we will be around. " * He'd let go of the PTT *
  2. BobbyKaloRP

    These voices... [Open Freq]

    * He'd hold down the PTT * " Right, that's cool guy. Funny how you wanna talk about people eating other people but one of your own members in Wolfpack is prior cannibal. Wolfpack might seem nice but you don't truly know what the fuck some of your people have done. There's a reason people left. " * He'd let go of the PTT *
  3. BobbyKaloRP

    These voices... [Open Freq]

    * He'd hold down the PTT * " Cool, so the first voice was Gator and the second was Mikael, which sounds quite familiar. Tell me Mikael, what reason do you have for telling people they'll be robbed or eaten in the Western portion of the region? " * He'd let go of the PTT *
  4. BobbyKaloRP

    These voices... [Open Freq]

    * Benny would hear the broadcast while flicking through the channels and chuckle. He'd walk outside and search through the crashed humvee and grab a somewhat burnt checklist and skim through it before holding down the PTT * " Reach a local town in the Western region of the country and reply with a confirmation once you're there. I'll give you a frequency after confirmation and have someone meet you wherever you are. They'll talk with you from there. " * He'd let go of the PTT *
  5. BobbyKaloRP

    The Black Roses

    I can assure you your feedback is being taken into account and will be handled. Besides all of the bullshit we might give one another, what you've stated is an issue and will be addressed. I cannot type a full, detailed response at the moment, but am responding in case everyone else is busy to ensure you you will get a response that is more than just an acknowledgement. UPDATED: @G19RP I will speak on the things I can shed light on, anything for Mouse will have to come from him directly. First, let me state that you are right - it isn't fair that others can do things similar if not the same that got PAMYATI archived and not receive punishment. I appreciate you bringing this feedback to us rather than opening a report when you had every right to do so. Metagaming is an issue I've only just began noticing, and one that I have tried putting a stop to every time I've noticed. It has become increasingly more difficult with the addition of new members because of cancer comms, but that isn't an excuse. Unfortunately, I was not present for the situation at GM. I will watch the video and myself or the other leaders will bring it up to each individual involved and explain to them that not only is it not acceptable, they should know better and shouldn't be putting an entire group at risk of archiving for their own stupid actions. As for the initiation, I was present, but not in ear shot nor listening to the comms when it occurred. That being said, I agree that it is best to just not use megaphones for initiations. As well @Apollo, it was my understanding that the other groups involved were to initiate on their own. It was only said as more of a fear tactic that they had numbers with them. That is another thing I will address and, if it did not happen that way and they did not re-initiate, we will ensure they do so from now on or they will not be taking part in our RP. Overall, there is much to improve on. I am sincerely sorry that these actions have occurred as I can see how much of a slap to the face it is. This is nothing to simply claim it is taken into consideration, and it will be an issue I personally will look to fix. Again, thank you for bringing this to us. As for @Major, I will explain why I have an IC issue with Legion. Some time ago, we were allied with Wolfpack. As our neighbors in Novaya, we had always tried protecting them and going to war for them. When the pub owners came to do business, one member of ours dropped an initiation and threw a grenade prematurely. In that time, @Hunter, also known as Lukas in WolfPack, begged them not to hurt anyone in WolfPack because they were not involved. Though I died, I returned some time later and found people going through WolfPack's things. I couldn't remember what Lukas said due to NLR or that they chose not to aid us, but I should clarify they could not shoot back with defender rights because it was an invalid initiation OOC'ly, but in mine and many of my group's eyes IC'ly, they could've re-initiated. I went to start problems with the intruders because I still IC'ly believed WolfPack were allies, but the individuals there at the time told me that Lukas had betrayed us - that he begged the pub owners not to hurt them and that they weren't going to help us. This is where my desire to find and kill Lucas stems from. How this ties into my issues with Legion IC'ly is that they are, from my IC understanding, protecting them. As well, I found out IC'ly that they killed a member of our group (perma'ed since he broke NVFL) while raiding our base on a contract. Now, I have heard two different reasons IC why Legion is with WolfPack. One is that they're protecting WolfPack, the second is that they're protecting their compound. Both prevent me from getting to Lukas, who is my primary target for betrayal and reason to believe WolfPack started acting so different towards us. Should I get to Lukas and PK him (end goal), my issues with Legion would practically end. Until then, Legion is the only real competition we have (no shade, but nobody else ever starts anything with us). Legion has made hunting WolfPack worthwhile because there is a real fight to getting to them, and if we eliminate Legion, getting to WolfPack is a lot easier. Again, that is my personal belief and what I have shared with group members.
  6. BobbyKaloRP

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    * Pressing down the PTT * " Oh nice you can emphasize letters after making a joke about high-school, nice one. You don't even know my name kid, tell me yours and I'll be happy to come give you the spanking your parents should've given you. " * Let's go of the PTT *
  7. BobbyKaloRP

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    * Holding down the PTT * " Okay haha. And who the fuck are you? You aren't even relevant, stop trying to make it seem like you are. We don't have one set home, we've been walking the roads for the past two weeks and not once have you done shit. Try talking shit when you're actually important, or I don't know, actually doing something to us? " * Let's go of the PTT *
  8. BobbyKaloRP

    Kill rights being allowed to be used for execution

    +1 from me. If you threaten to kill someone and find them, you basically have to ask for perms to execute if they haven't done anything to you. Would be cool to follow through on promises.
  9. BobbyKaloRP

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    * He'd recognize Phoenyxx and Lukas's voice and scratch his head. He'd hold down the PTT * " Oh is that Phoenyxx? Aren't you the same stupid bitch who got told put your hands up and you pulled a gun out and then you got shot up? Funny, how are you and your baby doing. And Lukas, shut the fuck up. You're the same cry baby bitch who begged the owners of the pub to spare you but now you're acting like you actually have a cock to swing on the radio? Those three who left Wolfpack and stole your shit and went to Camp Eden told me about you and your fucked up ways while you were in Funeral Parlor. You're trying to protect yourself but people know the truth about you. Why don't you do myself and the members of your own group who can't stand your pussy ass a favor and go into the woods and find a noose. Maybe Phoenyxx's baby will have a chance of living a decent life without you starting shit. " * He'd let go of the PTT *
  10. BobbyKaloRP


    Love to see it. Welcome back Taryn!
  11. BobbyKaloRP

    has everyone gone mad ? [Open Frequency]

    * Benny pushes down on the PTT * Good on you for not listening to these idiots on going to Polana. They're not going to have food for you and their baby sitters will rob you of your shit or make you change into random clothes they've found just because they know the puppy pack isn't going to say shit to them. There are some people who run a nice place in Novaya Petrovka who actually have an interest in your well being and give out supplies. They'd be worth much more of a visit than. Look for their red armbands. * Static *
  12. BobbyKaloRP

    The Black Roses

    Kyle, I am happy to see you enjoying RP outside of the Black Roses. We are not a group for everyone, as our RP style does not fit everyone's style. Please remember this is a feedback thread, not a thread about how horrible of a leader you believe Mouse is. You are new to the community and many of us are seasoned vets who have a lot of RP experience on this server. Mouse's character is just that - a character. You have taken how he acts on a video game and let it sway your opinion of him overall. Things do get said in the heat of the moment OOC sometimes, as I'm quite sure you are aware, but should Mouse really be what you are describing him as, this group would be empty. Should you have constructive feedback, we will happily receive it and work to improve our quality of RP. However, anything more about your disdain for Mouse should be taken up with him in a PM. Take care.
  13. BobbyKaloRP


    Dropping initiations and shooting bitches, just kalo things

  14. BobbyKaloRP

    Hiding your character and group on your profile

    I literally tell no one my real name, but I emote a lot and people will see my name and recognize me as a Black Rose by my name in chat. If I wanted to report that, it would go no where because the report would be word v word and I'm not going to keep or post days upon days of video evidence showing I don't say my real name. Metagaming reports need blatant proof and just because you have a video showing someone recognizing you without giving off any indicators does not mean they can't come up with an excuse as to why they recognize you. Also, I've seen a verdict or two where people were caught metagaming but got a verbal warning even though now that information is able to circulate IC. That's why people want to hide their names.
  15. BobbyKaloRP

    Puppy Pack [open broadcast]

    * Benny would notice the yellow armband while rummaging through the backpacks. He'd take the radio from the person's clothes and laugh as he looked around at the sea of blue armbands. He'd hold down the PTT * Thanks for relaying that information today, probably wouldn't have found them without you two's help. Don't worry about the payment, those blue fucks are dead - that's payment enough. If you run into anymore problems with your leadership in Polana, just come let me know. From the looks of it, they took off running with their tails between their legs like usual. Whip them in shape and you wouldn't have to contact me. * He'd take the battery out of the radio and put it in his flashlight, tossing the dead radio back onto the body. *
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