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    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Updates: Roster Role Added I would like to Welcome two of his divine graces newest members @Cactorrioand @devstatnglydank. May his Divine Grace guide you on a prosperous patch. Under his eye.
  2. coolman23

    The Messengers Media Thread

    Campfire RP at its finest.... Photo Credit - @coolman23
  3. coolman23

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

  4. coolman23

    DayZRP Get Back In Game!

    I feel like today is just one of those days that people didn't get on... It happens every now and then but yeah past two days it seemed a little lower than usual
  5. coolman23

    • coolman23
    • Wee_L_LR

    I don't know if its my current mental state, but i loved the music its trippy 

    1. Wee_L_LR



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    The Messengers Media Thread

    The Vomiting Hobbits... Photo Credit - @devstatnglydank
  7. coolman23

    Hello Travellers.... bloody thing....

    *Complete Silence is present then the following is heard*
  8. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Updates: Goals Updated Congratulations to @Yampa. You truly proved yourself today my child. Under His Eye.
  9. coolman23

    The Messengers Media Thread

    All I need to say is @Alkis has been gifted a power by his divine grace... Video credit - @coolman23
  10. coolman23


    I had so much good rp come my way today and tbh have a lot of people to write about later XD but now im just ready to crash

  11. coolman23


    I personally think it's a two way street I myself have been punched for a "proper rp" reason and I didn't feel as if I was being initiated on I could of easily returned said punch and even though the individuals allies were there I never felt as if I was getting baited into a situation. I also want to say I was armed when I was punched unless Im actively threatening people I have no reason to open fire on them for punching me so long as they have a "proper reasoning" if someone is just walking up to me to punch my character for the hell of it... yeah I would pull my gun on them and initiate. A single punch does not mean anything especially if it's rp'd well and if people are using it to get all your gear or to just kill you based on your reaction then you should report it as baiting not invalid initiation. If you want to RP a fight then do so, but if you want to rob the guy then just upright and do it rather then waiting for them to have a negative reaction to what you are doing.
  12. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    I would like to say Congratulations to @Yampa one of the newest member of the messengers. I must say catching you the way we did yesterday was probably one of the most satisfying questionings I have ever found myself under and your rp was very satisfying I must say great victim rp 10/10. May his divine grace shine on your dark life and guide you to a brighter and better path.
  13. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    It honestly was one of the most entertaining experiences since we barley knew him. It was probably one of the most satisfying interactions!
  14. coolman23

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Hey guys just wanted to say another great organic situation we found ourselves somehow getting two hostages and having a hilarious interaction with @Yampaand honestly when we got the "Old Man" the most hilarious stuff was said to him and I worked so hard to make sure I stayed in character but it was very difficult I somehow managed Quality Rp man!!!
  15. coolman23

    BeanZ WAR

  16. coolman23

    The Messengers Media Thread

    I'll make sure to lyk when they do
  17. coolman23

    The Messengers Media Thread

    When Gareth makes Hudson uncomfortable... Learn your place Gareth. Photo Credit - @coolman23
  18. coolman23

    The Messengers Media Thread

    Blessed Day My Children Welcome To The Promise Of A Brighter and Better Future
  19. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Thank you so much always appreciate the rp with you and your people.
  20. coolman23

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    OOO... trying to bring some justice hmmmm.... Good Luck with the group Love the fact we'll see some cops roaming.
  21. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Thank you so much that really means a lot man. I can't wait to see the future all this rp leads too
  22. coolman23

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    OMG this is definitely one of the better written lores I've heard and reading the backgrounds on all the characters was just as entertaining. I really can't wait to see what this group really becomes. Im gonna wish you good luck but with the effort you put in you don't even need it
  23. coolman23

    *Ocassional whispers inbetween hours of static*

    *You can hear the sounds of people in the background and children laughing as the PTT is held down* My child... Don't ever think that your spirit is broken. You are Divine under his guiding light. You are not forgotten. You have been gifted an opportunity my child. One that you should not take for granted. Find me... I will enlighten you to the gifts his Divine grace can provide. *As the PTT is released you hear the sounds of everything being to fade into the distance*
  24. coolman23

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Mr. Russo I must say RP WAS AND ALWAYS 10/10 entertaining especially when things could've turned south so quick for me and my people. TBH this is the first time I got the chills and frights and I had no control over the situation and I did not know how to react I was stumped. @Jim SmokesJust met you really today First... IM IMPRESSED LIKE REALLY I really think you are a prime example of what and who the russo syndicate is and honestly I hope to see and Rp with you more often because Idk you are just so believable and I love it 10/10 BOIS
  25. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Thank You so much.
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