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  1. @Mia @Pepper @GunRunnee02 All you guys made yesterday anxious and hectic, but the rp was beyond phenomenal who knew James would find his way effecting so many people... Oh wait... Its James... He knew. Keep up the great work guys you're making this server what it needs to be
  2. I made it on the list 



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      Is that good or bad? 

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      @Ron I REALLY DONT KNOW, but @Alkis IM coming for you BOII

  3. CONGRATULATIONS I KNEW YOU GUYS COULD DO IT!!! GOOD LUCK Also I'd like to leave feedback. This group not only has grown with the events that took place on the server they have grown with the people they met and honestly Im very impressed keep up the RP guys never a dull moment when Im with the 5.0.3
  4. Love how peaceful it was just coming to your page 🙂

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      Thank you!

  5. So I wanted to start this by saying I understand that it's whose roleplay did I enjoy today, but tbh I've gotten a lot of good RP over the course of this month and I just want to thank everyone and what I remember from every so sorry for the large post. I will start from the most recent to the last bit that I remember. @JimRP and @NorwayRP and rest of the anarchy members that got me I just want to say I loved being a held up and figured out and my favorite part 100% was having to run with bullet hole through my leg to get morphine and race Daryl to get it. I had so much fun and the fact that Daryl getting knocked back had me win I was laughing the whole time. @Yampa I had met you one time before you had even considered joining the group and honestly the rp that you always give always leaves a smile on my face and Im just loving everything that's growing from your character. @Mugin I am just so happy to see the rp developing from our first interaction weeks ago and what it has become is just gold. All I can really say is thank you for throwing some great rp into this server. @TheGlassSpider I wanted to say when I had first met your character the presence you brought was one so significant you left my character wanting to just learn more and almost take a lesson from you. Solid RP in all our encounters honestly a blessing. @RiZStream Im glad after the whole story arc that was building without us ever meeting finally came to point when we met that the tension could be cut with knife and it was honestly very fun and I enjoyed myself a lot. @Cactorrio The depth of your characters goes very deep and it feels like there is so much to uncover and It always makes me eager to find out what could possibly be shown and honestly Its really been a pleasure Rping with you as of late. @JamesRP When I had met your character the other day It honestly was just very great rp coming from you we had met so many times throughout both of my characters and im always very impressed with the rp I get from you keep up that great rp @Magpie WORDS DO NOT DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR CHARACTER... honestly Magpie since I met him always provides a bit of comedic relief whenever the tensions are high and it's a very important part of the rp to find people like this 10/10 every time keep making people smile @Rover Mr. Little left so many questions to be answered and showed James that sometimes you make the acquaintances and you really don't let yourself know them, but you appreciate the fact that you are both alive and breathing and that your still fighting. Loved being a held up with you it was definitely entertaining @AidanVC Being held up by the lot of you was so fun... You had gotten us when we were at our most vulnerable and also as you were robbing us you gave us so much respect that James could not have been mad because he was really never treated harshly it was so weird and perfect that I just felt a bit speechless. Love your group man. @GreenySmiley You bring the sense of peace to the rp a sense of innocence and it's always projected so genuinely through your rp it adds some warmth to my heart to hear your character speak and move through life don't ever lose your personality it's killer. @C-J and @CocoMii you two have created a very large dynamic that not only impacts my rp but the rp of the server it never is a disappointment to find people willing to create a large story to build an allure behind a character stunning work the both of you don't lose that spark. @lunathecat We have had so much rp over the months that passed and honestly I always get a kick out of your character each on shows of a different unique personality and I just need to say Mary is James favorite child just because of that killer insistent that is always present and never overbearing.Your character grace was one of the two to save james life when it was at the brink of death. Never let that flame die. @PhoenyxxRP Meeting you in cherno that night really gave me a taste of the rp you had to offer and I did not regret that moment for an instant there was an unnerving tension that was never broken yet easily ignored. It was genuinely a pleasure. @Kordruga It never ends from the moment I met Vlad until now we've had so many encounters and all of them the RP that was given was honestly satisfying you helped mold my character into a lot of what he has become and honestly I couldn't be more thankful. @Duquesne Yes... Yes... Yes. I've seen this character grow and become someone really great to be around. Not only have you always brought something new to the table keeping thhe rp fresh, but you also never let yourself lack when it comes down to rp consistency is honestly a very key and influential thing. Keep doing it. @NozzyRP I had met Mr. Santiago the man, the myth, the legend myself and honestly the rp was very good and entertaining I really can wait to keep running into you and seeing what come from our first interaction especially now. @Alkis I've never gotten a proper opportunity to ever thank you ooc for all the rp you've given me. You not only kept James going when he was to off himself, but you gave him a listening ear you showed him the world was yet not as cruel as he thought. I've been blessed here keep up that quality. @Willow We have had countless interactions since the moment I brought James back. We met really so much without really knowing the proper significance of it all the story arc that was created between us is only one that could happen organically. I've have never been in a moment where I was not impressed you always got an ace up your sleeve don't forget that. @Masonn From the moment I met russo it was almost comedic relief we had run into each other so much that we had to either set up an alliance or go to war with each other and I just want to say keep up with what your doing with your group I know it will turn out well in the end. @Eagle You hit me with some facts and qualityRp the other night in novy when we had spoken and you had blown me away the transition of your character with mine from the 1st interaction to the next was explosive keep all that going and I promise you'll never find anyone displeased with your RP. @Honeybee yeah that voice and avery not only changed the course of things for the group, but for james life and I can not express in any form how much good comes from you being on this server I know that the character to come will not only be just as good but 10x better. Live long and prosper @Jim Smokes Do I even have to say. I have no idea how or why but your RP always just hits the bone for your group I wish I could've recruited you myself honestly any group that has someone like you putting in that amount of effort to better there rp should feel grateful to have someone as skilled as you. @SecretBeats Jethro. My favorite behind yam ofc XD honestly though your character developed so much since I had met you when you were just arriving to the server and I just want to say keep it up the rp is good genuine and just really good I see so much to come from you in the future and I can't wait. @TheLamp1 You snake I LOVE LUX SO MUCH. The charity always had my attention since they came down to Moglivka some time ago and I have had the pleasure to rp with you and there's always an underlying tension that can never be seen, but you own your character to the point where I really consider him a real person great job dude. @NightMar3rGamer Mik I've been Rp with you so much and honestly as of late I really seeing you come into your character there's a lot of depth coming and I just want to say im eating it up keep it going because I don't want it to stop anytime soon. @CocaineLane Mr. Nozokov you went so soon and it hurt a lot. Lane your rp adds so much depth to a situation and you always give it in small bits leaving people to want more and seek more you are very skilled and your voice acting always makes me want to strive for more. Teach people with the skill you posses I guarantee you'll help so many people. @Hector Krane Yeah I just love your Rp you are always working to improve your character krane gained a lot personality as of late and I can't wait to uncover the lot of it @G_Date Gareth and James have so much that they've learned from each other and honestly he is one of the few friends that James has and it make the lot of the difference when it comes down to interaction they may have tension at times but there will always be a time where he is valued and its because you have created a very lovable character and It amazing. @devstatnglydank Wow... You created so much and have done so much and the crazy part is it's all rp that im yet to experience because I need to dig deeper but I always am and it's a never ending pit of rp and I know when Im with you I will always have something to appreciate. @silvermoongaming I love what I was able to uncover about your character and it wasn't easy. It took specific scenarios to get certain things out of you and I really need to say you gave very satisfying rp and I want to say thank you @Imation11 Shock brought life to James. The good the bad the genuineness you helped James evolve with just expressing yourself and It is so pure and organic that It was impossible not to take it and allow it to effect me all i need to say is WOW @ImNovaaa Yeah Chris gave me so much before and now and honestly having him around James even for short times gave James a glimpse into something that could've been and I just want to say never lose your ability to create a story that's worth listening. Alright I think thats it honestly it was hard to remember this much but it all very much impacted me enough to write this so everyone thank you for showing rp still has life to it keep it up and teach others its the only way this community will continue to live and thrive never lose hope everything in the end always is 10x better than when it first started.
  6. Yes I agree to both. I really think when this new map comes we should replace deer isle with it because that trailer just has me salivating and eager to explore it. I hope by then we can figure out to have a cloud database so we can say our character were able to travel there, but tbh I really don't know where it is and if its too far from chernarus it will be a hard addition to the lore.
  7. *Bows* Welcome to Hell enjoy your stay. Drinks are on your left and lost souls on your right

  9. That is all the footage I have of the situation I had started recording right before I was to initiate just to be cautious. Sorry
  10. Honestly this comment means a lot I thank you very much for taking the time and effort to write this. Im glad we were able to have time to rp with you and your people as well as Rp enough with you to leave a lasting impact. It really is always a pleasure to RP with you all thank you for putting effort and time into the community. All your effort always shows
  11. Server and location: S1, Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 9/23/19 17:25 Your in game name: James Mayson Names of allies involved: @G_Date @Cactorrio @Alkis @Willow @Yampa Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were over in bash waiting for our team to come together and had walked down and began a journey to Novaya to follow up with @Willow at the water pump we had run in to Dr. Shock and begun a conversation with him when willow had radioed that she had gotten shot and we rushed down to assist her. When we arrived in town we had found a man over willow stripping her body of her weapon and clothing and when we confronted the man with what had happened he had begun walking around nervously and saying that he's going to die and he needed blood so we gave him saline and as we were speaking to him he had begun walking backwards trying to leave the situation without answering for what had happened and thats when the video started and we initiated there was 6 of us aiming fully automatic weapons at the man in question and I had made my demands clear and he had gone against them twice before he tried to kill @G_Date.
  12. Server and location: S1, Vybor Gas Station Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 15:25 Your in game name: James Mayson Names of allies involved: @[email protected]_Date @Willow Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): BMW Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: We were notified shortly before that a BMW had hit one of our people @Yampa that BMW with what looked like the police that him drove into Vybor speeding and then stopped at the gas station they got out of the vehicle as if they were going to begin filling up their car me and my allies approached and without even saying anything they automatically tried to drive away quickly and sped so quickly they hit and almost killed their ally and then they had sped out of town while I was screaming at them hello and I think I attempted to tell them to hold on a second.
  13. I will check in with everyone who hasn't been on in a while a lot of personal stuff has come up recently for them and I will make sure they get on soon. Thank you Randy
  14. Updates: Roster Updated I would like to welcome @lunathecat to the Messengers. May his divine grace guide you to a brighter and better future.
  15. Updates: Roster Updated I would like to welcome @ForgetfulPanda. May his divine grace guide you into a better and brighter future.
  16. it's a small world after all Photo Credit - @coolman23
  17. Congratulations on staff Tiger good luck ❤️

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  18. Congratulations on staff man ❤️

  19. Honestly one entertaining read! It really put a smile on my face today and I needed it
  20. I’m beyond excited to see what’s to come. Building Rp and tension is a two way street and everyone has to do their part so thank you for giving the rp an opportunity to prosper
  21. Thank you so much! It means a lot and I’m glad you were able to see both sides of the table of what we provide. I look forward to his divine grace allowing us to cross paths once again :) I await this with open ears
  22. I second everything I was so stressed because I was holding ribs in my hand when he came up and I had put my gun away just before XD... Loved being a hostage to such people the rp was very entertaining and exciting because I actually was wondering if my name was going to be put into question... good you didn't find it out!<3
  23. Updates: Roster Role Added I would like to Welcome two of his divine graces newest members @Cactorrioand @devstatnglydank. May his Divine Grace guide you on a prosperous patch. Under his eye.
  24. Campfire RP at its finest.... Photo Credit - @coolman23
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