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  1. coolman23

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

  2. coolman23


    Welcome Mr.Banks hope you have a splendid time
  3. coolman23

    The Dollars

    Congratulations on the approval
  4. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    No promises XD
  5. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Thank you man Look forward to working with you kind folks I assure you my child there is no malfeasance here Thanks XD
  6. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Thank You Oh thank you kindly You are gold
  7. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    I realized that and im trying to fix it but at the moment if I mess with it poorly everything gets deleted Im being very delicate with all of it hopefully I can fix it by tomorrow thank you so much It was a wreck before I finally posted it
  8. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Under his eye he watches all
  9. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Thank you Had to run to fix the background XD
  10. coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    A Nomadic Tribe reborn into the life that consumed them guided by a light that truly came from a place of divine worship. Within this treacherous landscape, a light shines oh so brightly into the aura of a man. James Mayson. James was a man, misguided, lost, and sinful. Delivered in his dying moment to a new life that beseeches him, he was saved. His newfound divine grace. James was then entrusted with a message so profound and precious that it forever shaped his destiny. “When man seeks peace he will never be forgotten. When man seeks answers he is enlightened. The path to righteousness can only be solidified through deliverance from sin.” There is religion that truly binds man to its beliefs, but we are free to choose, free to think, free to believe, free to find the path of the light that truly guides each and every one of us. We are not different, but one, segregated through human constructs and forced to live a life of sin through misguidance. Without leadership, there is no hope, with no hope there is no life, where there is no life there is no future. Sin itself leads to a life without leadership, therefore, leading to a life where there is no future. His Divine Grace watches us under his graceful eye guiding us to live the purest and most righteous lives and only those who truly believe and open their minds can truly feel his presence. In a world thought long forgotten by God, stricken with infection, ravaged by violence, mans only concern is protecting their own life for the short time they have left. The Messengers reach to transcend this selfish human perspective with the intention of saving others. The Messengers wish is to achieve a world once again brought to peace through the teachings of the divine path. To put one's life before your own is the noblest act a man can do. This is the goal of the messengers, to absolve those who wish to open their minds and walk along the path of righteousness. And to cleanse those who have turned their backs on their fellow man and fallen into a life of sin. Day 741: Create relations with fellow survivors (Completed) Day 750: Find the deviants that roam society (Indefinite) Day 751: Find those in need of his divine grace (Eternal) Day 753: Create relations within Chernarus (On-Going) - Maintain Relations with any and all group members (Internal) - Search for the gifts his divine grace fruitfully provides (On-going) - Spread his divine message (Eternal) Day 790: Census to find sinners hidden in society Day 815: Begin cleansing of known sinners Day 855: Set safety precautions and Establish Watchers into existing sphere of influence Day 900: Ensure that his divine message is posted and encourages a safe a pleasant standard of living. More to come when his divine grace wishes…. Divine Leaders way is his Divine Graces will All are valued and divine under his eye Sinners are never forgotten Life must always be preserved Care and Compassion are the path to righteousness Respect guides his light Speaking of his divine location acts against his divine grace Rape Pedophilia Murder Greed Abuse Pretentiousness Public nudity Slander Bigotry Cannibalism Harming Children The Divine Leader... Blessed upon men to be gifted his Divine Message... Speaks to his Divine Grace... Lives through his Divine Grace... Cleanses the sinners and absolves them from all of lifes true evils. Always Wise. Always Forgiving. James Mayson - @coolman23 The most Devoted of the Messengers... These men have given their freedoms and life to his Divine Grace. Guided by his Divine Light these men watch over all and are positioned over all. These men report straight to his Divine Leader and carry out any and all commands. Nikolai Petrov - @Spillz Hector Krane - @alexnlena These men are the providers of his Divine Message... The most devoted of The Believers... They are above and protected by The Reluctant followed by The Believers, but if they were to ever fall under shameful practices The Reluctant will always assume charge. Jethro Parker - @SecretBeats Not all individuals believe in his Divine Grace, but they believe in the Divine Leader his leadership guides them and so they guide the people. Under all circumstances. Khalida Furia - @NightMar3rGamer Deviants who have let go of their troubled past blessed and reborn true believers of his divine grace loyal forthcoming always trying to better themselves John Walsh - @FknSnow The curious... The lost... The forgotten... They have many names but all seek the same thing... Hope. Seidr Seer - @its_pikaJEW
  11. coolman23

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

    Glad you guys are finally putting this up good luck with the group love you guys
  12. coolman23


    I really hope someone from the console rp servers upload some videos to the forums Im so curious to see the rp on there to be completely honest

  13. coolman23


  14. coolman23

    • coolman23
    • Kordruga

    I couldn't help but watch the video in the background its so cute ❤️

  15. coolman23

    Inspecting crash from afar

    This shot is high key very cinematic
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