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  1. EWWWW look at the staff ❤️

  2. Honestly This group looks amazing I've seen a lot of groups and I know the RP coming from this group is beyond phenomenal. You genuinely have a stellar roster and the lore behind all of this is amazing I just want to say that these graphics are well worth the $500 you invested into them and I can't wait to hang with all of you. Make sure to send me the contact info for that designer. Keep Up the Good RP BOis
  3. +1 I really think this is a great idea I would love to see potential groups and I think the WIP could be great and almost like grow from the feedback they get from the community. Looking forward to possibly seeing this
  4. Omg I love seeing this. It is honestly very well written Im very excited to check out this new landscape and see what it has to offer for me. Im actually really excited to see how I can take the DnD style of playing because last time I did anything towards DnD style of playing I just kept rolling 20 and going against the course of things and beating the odds
  5. *Presses PTT with a joyous smile on his face and speak very excitingly* "I always love a good man hunt. It's a shame its after so many people. Really takes the challenge of it all don't you think... Well, Under his eye I wish you luck enjoy going against all of chernarus and may your after life prove more promising then your living one." *Before Releasing the PTT He gives a hearty laugh and you hear him sip on tea*
  6. To be quite honest I really thought I was going to be left in the far regions of the map. As much as they said they were going to kill me it almost seemed a ruse in itself. James is a very devious man he does get away with a lot without ever being noticed. He keeps that mindset throughout his encounters because that’s the man he is. His persistence has only pushed him forward all his RP is centered around his persistence so he keeps up with it. If he makes himself believe it others will. James always tries a new accent when encountering people and that was his first “larger scale” attempt for the chernorussian accent. I really thought it was all going to lead to me being tortured to get the truth if anything were to happen.
  7. Thank you, Will talk to them immediately
  8. The screen shot as seen in the photo was taken at 7:25 am and it is currently 9:39 pm and the scarring happened just before my respawn because I was driving a truck that was shot at and Due to the broken glass being flug into my face due to the speed at which we were driving I chose to Rp out a large amount of cuts and scarring so I could receive some decent medical RP.
  9. I would also like to add that Dimitri Tarasov Combat Logged he left about 22 min after the situation
  10. Server and location: S1 and VMC outskirts Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/2/19 I think it was 12:22 Server time Your in game name: James Mayson Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: @JimRP and Associates Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Enemy Vehicles - Blue BMW and Red BMW Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): The hidden underneath this is the proof that my account was looked at during the whole situation to obtain some of the information I was questioned about that they appeared to have knowledge of. Detailed description of the events: I had just finished getting killed in a firefight against the anarchist and had just respawned and within 30 min I had done some light looting at the VMC and then began running to NWAF when I was stopped by a BMW whistling to me so I stopped for a moment and began to hear what I was being stopped for I had a mask on to conceal my identity and had spoken in a Chernorussian accent the entire time. I was then asked to take off my mask and then my face was examined I had emoted that my face was scarred beyond anything that could be recognizable and then explained how a wolf really shredded up my face and left me looking like this I was then asked what my name was I said Dimitri Pertrovich and then I was told that my last name was Russian so I played along and said my father was Russian I had continued to keep it up and then I got question on the history of Chernarus which to OOC knowledge I don't know much about so I came up with the IC reason that I didn't know the Civil War nor the Capital and I had told them that it has been a long time since I had thought of anything pertaining to that part I then was told that I was lying and that nobody believes me I told them that good that you think that, but its wrong. I was then asked to give my ID over which I was then told without an examination of it that it was paper so I yelled at the man and said "Actually Man it's a Plastic Card" and then it was looked up in a database of all the Chernarussian ID's and nothing came up. I was also spoken to in I believe fluent Russian and I had already said I wasn't Russian so it just seemed as if they were trying to get me to trip over myself. At the point where I was still talking JimRp wrote in chat that he'd be back in a sec I believe and I was continuing to speak to the rest. After a lot of defending myself they said to run away and not come back just before I had the opportunity to leave I was told that I had to be driven now. At this point I was put into a Blue BMW and was driven by a man and Dimitri was sitting in the back while I was sitting in the passenger seat. I was then question on the authenticity of my being and continued to defend myself and try to have a conversation in this time I was interrupted while speaking being told that I broke my accent repeatedly like a school child and was being shouted at this happened on several occasions during the car ride for different reasons but all with the same school child energy. I kept my cool and continued to speak to both men I then was questioned what street I grew up on and what the house number was I told them there was no street names and I didn't know a house number because Im pretty sure we lost that a while ago and they told me they had a Map of all the street names and house numbers and then they asked me where I was born I said in the clinic in Storoy where I grew up and I had a farm just next door and then I was told because how I said that if I ever received anything it just showed up because it was a small town. Then I was made fun of because they said how could I order food to my house without a number to my house and I had to explain to them that I was not privileged enough to order food I had to walk to the market to get meat and cook it myself. This continued on for ages to the point where I was asked to roll up my sleeves to reveal tattoos that I have never emoted to anyone that no longer existed due to heavy scarring on my arms that left my arms looking disgusting, and as I was emoting it out to tell them I was being harassed why I was taking so long to roll up my sleeves and scolded for doing such. I then was told that oh you missing a right ear without an examination of me which I would have had no problem explaining or emoting and was told that's how he knew who I was. I continued to get drilled for who knows how long being questioned on the location where we were driving in and told oh yeah im chernorussian Im a tour guide I should know. Without any solid evidence I was told I was blatantly lying and they knew 100% who I was and that they were going to execute me for lying. I had never broken my character and had kept my story straight and it felt as if they were digging for points to execute me on. After I was executed I had looked at my profile out of curiosity on how information on me was being pulled that I hadn't shown anyone. I then realized that my profile was being viewed during the situation by JimRp himself which would explain how he knew of any tattoos on my arms, but I did not have an opportunity to update my Character profile prior to state that any markings on my arm were no longer visible due to torture that my character received as well as self harm that my character actively commits to himself.
  11. Officially hit the big 20


  12. Updates: Goals Updated I would like to officially welcome @Nick Wilde to the messengers. May his Divine Grace guide you to a brighter and better light. I can't wait to see Dennis Come Back and see what RP is to come.
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