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  1. I've seen far too many people blasting music through their mouth. Let's not encourage it with an actual IG item.
  2. Hopefully this faction will last a little longer than the RF.
  3.         Growing up in Lopotevgrad was not easy, he was often bullied by other kids in school for his kindness and everlasting happiness. Though he kept his grades high and his parents proud. His mother was working in a small store, whilst his father joined the Lopotevgrad Police Force. Viktor looked up to his father and wished to follow in his footsteps. Viktor spirit was broken a few years before finishing school. He was not the happy child he used to be. Instead, he would get himself in trouble. He would often fight back when he or someone close to him was bullied or treated unfairly. He once ended up in jail due to a fight over a pack of cigarettes which he supposedly owed as tribute to local thugs. Viktor would remember this well and swore to once clear the streets of this rabble.         A few years later Viktor finished his education and followed his Father's footsteps. Later in the year he was faced with a troubling decision. He was offered a chance to join the Military Police in Lopotevgrad. It was Viktor's first step to moving away from his parents and living on his own. There wasn't much holding him in Lopotevgrad and he decided to accept the offer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Life as an Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ------------------------------------------------         Viktor was station in Chernogors which was a much smaller town than he was previously used to. He didn't have his hands full with work as he did in Lopotevgrad. Just a few incidents every now and then. He got to enjoy himself a bit more, make new friends and connections. As far as he was concerned, life was good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Civil unrest                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ------------------------------------------------         That all changed when Chernarus, a previously independent state, rebelled against so called "Russian Oppression". Viktor was never into politics but he was a loyalist. Many officers were reassigned to Chernarus to keep the peace and restore order to this lawless land. Viktor was among them. Settling down was not an option, not while there is a war at his door. Viktor heard about the Frenzied Flu in Chernarus. Though he never thought it would be this severe...
  4. *Nikolay holds the PTT button* Speaking for myself here. It's seems the majority of the Police force withdrew from Chernarus. I did not partake in any shooting of civilians and I do not support these actions. I have a family in Russia I would like to return to. *You hear a loud sigh followed by a brisk silence* I will willingly surrender myself to you. On one condition, I will not be held accountable for actions done by the department, only my own. *Nikolay releases the PTT button*
  6. True. A lot of first timers tend to butcher the language. Though I understand learning a new language because of a game is tad silly. Especially when it comes to something this hard. Appreciate the feedback.
  7. I'm sure it's worth trying. Slava Chernarus and all that is good but a change can't hurt.
  8. How's not breaking the rules bullshit ? You know very well that you can survive a 5 minute run without food and weapons. I didn't say "never pick up food". I said don't pick it up where you died. I'm not sure what was so hard to understand in that one sentance.
  9. If loot on your body isn't important. Then neither should be the loot in the town/village. Just run a few minutes to another one like the rest of us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. How would you prove that you went there to loot ? In fact, why would you go there to loot at all ? You said loot isn't important. What if you found somebody in the town that knows you died, what then ? Should the staff be checking every possible case of NVL because the player wanted to loot and not RP ? The answer is quite simple, no. What you're suggesting are cheeky ways around the NLR rule that could easily be abused.
  11. I'm all for it BUT - there was a huge amount of bases around the map. Some of them normal and others an absolute units. - no way to control it other than play around with the time it takes to build. - people tend to hoard loot. - people tend to hide at the edge of the map with said loot. Thus, GearRP comes into play. As far as I know, even if there would be rules it would be hard to enforce them, as the admins would have to go to each and every base and check if it's within standards. Overall it caused more issues than it did good, almost every other report included a base at some point, griefing and ghosting became a big deal and people would just sit behind walls shit talking each other. Since it reminds me of Rust ( and I f* hate Rust ) it's a -1 from me.
  12. These answers are all based on what I think would be a good solution but it might answer some of your questions. - In order for the base layout to be approved. The group must show significant activity. Meaning, if half of the group is inactive and the other barely plays, it will not be approved. - Medium sized and based around the lore of the group. Nothing overwhelming but still something to remember. - Good question. The group could, as you said, gather enough materials and then drop it in front of a GM as a "payment". - It would be possible. But, not in a huge scale as it was before the wipe. Meaning no 2 story castles with 4 story watchtowers. - This base would function purely as RP hub. It could have it's own section, where the players actually build with IG mechanics, meaning they can be broken into. Other than that, the base itself would not be destructable. That of course means, that the base must be constructed in a way, where it does not give the owners a significant advantage when defending. Therefore, the base must be checked if it's not too overpowerd. - Enough for people to visit it on daily bases and find RP. If the base will be deserted for longer period of time, just remove it.
  13. What about setting up some rules for base building ? Like, limit the amount of walls, tents and all that. Not only would you prevent people from hoarding all the good shit but you would also decrease the 4000 player objects. I don't really see a reason for small groups to have 10+ tents filled with all the good stuff hiding somewhere at the edge of the map.
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