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  1. I care very little about the stuff you took. What I care about is the shitty RP and wasting my time. You knew very well that I wouldn't be able to get out of the house on my owm. I could probably call that AOGM since you used it to your advantage. "It should have been a short stay for you." Well this short stay lasted around 15 minutes and as I said, it was a stranger that got me out. I could have been there a lot longer if he wouldn't show up. "You saying we had no right to hold you up isn’t true." I never said that.
  2. There was nothing I or you did that threatened you in any way, as I stated, the conversation we had was very friendly, I even asked you if you have any work for me or what you guys do in Chernarus. You say this, yet you were the ones that initiated, as I stated, I had no hostile intentions nor was there a sign of any. You were the ones who approached me and suggested starting a fire that I was already working on, you're contradicting yourself on this one. Yet after you initiated the only things you said were "It's for our protection". You didn't RP it out, you just made a shitty excuse to rob and leave quickly. You could't have know where my teammates are or If they will rescue me, you took my radio, remember ? Either way, let's assume they will be just around the corner, you have to take into consideration that in order to get me out of the locked house one of them would need a lockpick, they are quite common but it's not guaranteed. In the end, it was a random stranger that rescued me but it did take 15 minutes. From what I can see, you're way of RPing the situation is to lock someone in a house for 15 minutes and leave because of your own safety even though you were the ones who initiated and started the conflict. As I stated before you were just repeating yourselves about your own safety. Yet you put yourselves into this situation. If you feel threatened, leave. Don't start a fight. From what I've gathered, I can just walk around and initiate on anyone because "I feel threatened", lock them in a house, provide some shitty RP and leave, because the may or may not have friends around.
  3. Server and location: S1 - Kabanino house Approximate time and date of the incident: 16:22 23/11/2018 Your in game name: Vladan Volf Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown (Check chat logs for radio interaction) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was on my way to Kab to get a fire going and get out of the rain, as I was chopping down wood and setting up a fire, I came across 2 reporters. One of them was a photographer the other one worked for New York or something along those lines. The photographer was very silent, not saying o word until I turned face away from him. The conversation we had to this point was very friendly, no signs of hostile actions from both side. Then, from out of nowhere, there is a gun pointed to my head, I'm order to turn around and get handcuffed. I comply, they take a bunch of my stuff, lock me inside the house and leave. After I broke free from the cuffs, I've discovered that my lockpick is gone and the door is locked, thus, making me unable to seek revenge as I can't even leave the house. The whole conversation and initiation didn't take more than 3 minutes, that's why I know so little. One of the gentleman searched me for a radio in chat, you should be able to see the that in the logs, along with my answer to that. I myself find this situation a bit humorous, 2 reporters initiating on a fully geared CDF and locking him inside a house so he can't find them. Very bad RP from my perspective, there was no intention other than to grab some free loot and leave safely.
  4. ---UPDATE--- Added: Adjectives, Negation, Imperfective & perfective verbs
  5. I personally think that the prices are too high. At least it's only civi clothing so it's not that big of a deal but still, 10 Euros for glasses ? I think not.
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    Lore poll

  7. ---UPDATE--- Added a few new things Fixed minor mistakes ---BIG UPDATE COMING SOON--- "Hopefully"
  8. I'm glad that it's helpful. I will be adding more when I find the time.
  9. It´s relatively simple - letters generally sound the same despite the words that contain them. There are some exceptions, but unlike English, they follow fairly strict rules, and there aren´t many of them. Czech alphabet: a, á, b, c, č, d, ď, e, é, ě, f, g, h, ch, i, í, j, k, l, m, n, ň, o, ó, p, r, ř, s, š, t, ť, ú, ů, v, y, ý, z, ž. The Letters q, w, and x typically exist only in foreign words. Vowels are short (unaccented) and long (accented), and can be simplified thusly: pronounce the accented vowels the same as the unaccented, just hold them twice as long. Guide a makes an ‘ah´ sound (as in ‘bus´) e makes an ‘eh´ sound (as in ‘red´) i makes an ‘e´ sound (as in ‘bee´) o makes an ‘o´ sound (as in ‘hot´) u makes an ‘oo´ sound (as in ‘book‘) ě makes a ‘ye´ sound (as in the ye in ‘yes´) y is pronounced the same as i The following consonants sound the same in Czech as they do in the English examples: b (as in ‘bed´) d (as in ‘dog´) f (as in ‘film´) g (as in ‘game´) h (as in ‘hot´) l (as in ‘lit´) m (as in ‘meat´) n (as in ‘not´) s (as in ‘sad´) v (as in ‘van´) z (as in ‘zone´) Consonants k, p, and t are pretty much the same as in English, just softer - never with the ‘aspiration´ that they may have in English. The others: c makes a ‘ts´ sound (as in the ‘ts´ in ‘its´) č makes a ‘ch´ sound (as in ‘cheese´) ch makes a ‘huh´ sound like in ‘Loch´ - with a bit more phlegm j makes a ‘y´ sound (as in ‘yes´) r is rolled, making a ‘rrr´ sound (same as the Spanish r) ř is the rolled r combined with a ž to make a ‘ rzhuh´ sound š makes a ‘sh´ sound (as in ‘she´) ž makes a ‘zhuh´ sound (as in ‘measure´) ď, ť, and ň are pronounced slightly different than their counterparts d, t, and n. They´re softer, and sound somewhat like ‘dyuh´, ‘tyuh´, and ‘nyuh´. When these three letters are followed by an ě or an i, they lose the hook but are pronounced the same. As I said before, all the letters will generally sound the same throughout the Czech language. A few exceptions: When ě follows an m, a mňe ('mnye') sound is produced. Double vowels: ‘au´, ‘eu´, and ‘ou´ are pronounced fluidly; all other double vowels are pronounced with a very brief pause in-between them. This is the toughest - paired consonants: occasionally, one consonant is written when another is pronounced. Sometimes b changes to a ‘p´ sound: g to k v to f d to t z to s h to ch ď to ť ž to š It happens when one of the letters from the first group (b, g, v, d, z, h, ď, or ž) ends a word (led is pronounced ‘let´) or starts a cluster of consonants that ends in one from the second (p, k, f, t, s, ch, ť, š) group (vstup is pronounced ‘fstup´). It also happens vice-versa when the last consonant of a cluster is from the first group (kdo is pronounced ‘gdo´). Adjectives The ending of an adjective changes depending on the grammatical gender of the noun it’s describing. There are two types of adjectives. If the basic masculine ending is –ý basic feminine ending is –á basic neutral ending is –é If the basic masculine ending is –í basic feminine and the basic neutral ending are also –í. Negation To make a verb negative, you just add ne-: Present tense add ne- before the conjugated form of the verb. Future tense add ne- before the conjugated form of the future tense of být (budu, budeš...) Past tense add ne- before the l-form (NOT before the conjugated form of být!) Examples: I don’t love - nemiluju She will not talk - nebude mluvit We didn’t have - neměli jsme (love - miluju, talk - mluvit, have/own - mít) Imperfective & perfective verbs Czech language has two types of verbs: imperfective and perfective verbs. Imperfective verbs describe an action like a video, like an ongoing thing and concentrate on the action itself. Perfective verbs describe an action more like a picture, like something that happened at a certain time and concentrate on the result. This means that most verbs come in pairs: to do - dělat - udělat to buy - nakupovat - koupit to cook - vařit - uvařit to repair - opravovat - opravit to eat - jíst - sníst to paint - malovat - namalovat to sell - prodávat - prodat to give - dávat - dát to write - psát - napsat to wash - mýt - umýt Learning the Czech Vocabulary displayed below is vital to the language. Czech vocabulary is the set of words you should be familiar with. A vocabulary usually grows and evolves with age, and serves as a useful and fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. Once you´ve got the pronunciation down, it´s time to move on to vocabulary. Here are some basic words and phrases that you´ll likely need to get around town Here are some words explained in detail: Greetings/Introductions – Těší mě I’m sure most of us know “Dobrý den” and “Ahoj”. For more formal situations, use “Těší mě”. It is the equivalent of – though not literally the same as – “Pleased to meet you.” Moving through crowds – S dovolením So you're in Kab and there is a lot of people that just won't let you pass ? Well, it's simple just use the phrase “s dovolením” is a polite way to request that he/she lets you pass. Disagreement/Dissatisfaction – “Ani náhodou!” “Nesouhlasím” – “I don’t agree”, and “Nelíbí se mi to” – “I don’t like it.” A little stronger is the exclamation “Ani náhodou!”, i.e.“No way!” It is not very formal and more appropriate amongst close friends. Pacifying – Nezlob se Here is a very useful sentence. You can use “Nezlob se” (or “Nezlobte se” when being formal or speaking to more than one person) when you want to defuse a situation or show you are not willing to do something, e.g. “Nezlob se, ale neudělám to” (Don’t be upset, but I won’t do it.) *Grammar point: in Czech the past participle is inflected for the gender of the subject. This means if you identify as male, the past participle ends in ‘l’, for those who identify as female, the participle ends in ‘la’. Yes - Ano (Ah-no) No - Ne (Neh) Good Morning - Dobré ráno (Do-breh rah-no) Good Day (formal hello) - Dobrý den (Do-bree Dehn) Hello (informal) - Ahoj (Ahoy) Good evening - Dobrý večer (Do-bree veh-chehr) Good-bye (formal) - Na shledanou (Nah skledah-noh) Good-bye (informal) - Čau (Chow) Good night - Dobrou noc (Do-brooh nots) Nice to meet you - Těší mě (Tye-shee Mye) How are you? (formal) - Jak se máte? (Yak seh mah-te) How are you? (informal) - Jak se máš? (Yak seh mahsh) I´m well - Mám se dobře (Mahm se do-breh) What is your name? - Jak se jmenujete? (Yak seh ymenooyete) My name is - Jmenuji se (Ymen-oo-ye seh) Excuse me; forgive me - Promiňte (Promeenyuh teh) Thank you - Děkuji (Dyekooyee) Do you speak english? - Mluvíte anglicky? (mlooveete anglitskee) I understand - Rozumím (rozoomeem) I don't understand - Nerozumím (nerozoomeem) Big - Velký (velky) More - Více (veetse) Hot - Horký (horki) Little - Malý (maly) Less - Méně (menye) Cold - Studený (stoodeni) Hands up! - Ruce vzhůru! (Ru-ceh Vzhooru) Stop! - Stůj! (St-ooj) On your knees - Na kolena (Nah koleh-na) Drop your weapon - Polož to (Polo-zhuh to) Do you understand? - Rozumíš? (Rozoo-mesh) Shoot! - Střílej! (St-rzhuh-lej) Fall back - Vrať se (Vra-ts seh) Run! - Utíkej! (Oot-ek-ej) Fuck - Kurva (Koor-va) - Sakra (Sah-kra) Bitch - Kurva Cunt - Píča (Pitsha) Asshole - Čůrak or Kokot (Choorahk) or (Kokh-ot) Goatfucker - yes we use this - Kozomrd (Kozho-mrd) Fucker - Sráč (Sratsch) Motherfucker - Vyjebanec (Vyjebh-nec) And that is it from me, if you want some more information or help, feel free to PM me or write down in the thread !
  10. @Faithie Good riddance.

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      Smh why didn't you say somethin' to him when he was actually still here... 

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      Not much to say here. He got what he deserved. 

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      Coz he never had a problem with him until he just kosed him? Just a wild stab in the dark. 

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      He chose to KOS. Not much to defend there. 

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      Oh shit, you got KOSED? Shit my bad bro my bad... Could've said still

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      Lets not talk shit about people, perma banned or otherwise. They might still have friends here. 

  11. Server and location: S1 - Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 27/07/17 - 21:53 Your in game name: Vladan Volf Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Logs Detailed description of the events: I ran from Kab to Stary Sobor in search of some good RP. When I arrived to Stary I searched the houses for an axe to cook a chicken I killed on the street. I found an axe, found a house to cook the meal in when a stranger came by. We chat for a few seconds then he says : "What's that on your forehead ?" I reply: "You mean the beret?" He says: "No, the bullet hole". That is when I got shot in the head. Dead on spot. I have never met that man and I was not part of any hostile situation since I joined. I was also not hostile towards him and he shot me without initiating. He had no reasson to KOS me whatsoever.
  12. Stormyvill

    Černaruská Republika [CR] - Chernarussian Lore Faction - Open Recruitment

    Good job, love the artwork
  13. ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ Vladan Volf was born 2 of August in the year 1992. He lived with his mother and father in law in Novigrad, the same place where he was born. His mother was a hard working citizen, a shopkeeper, she did not make much money as the times were hard. She took on any job she could get her hands on. His Father "Vladimir" was not a hard worker, well not a worker at all. He used to sit by TV drinking kvas and complaining about the Reds. Vladimir used to beat Vladan when he was young, unfortunately his mother was too afraid to step in as she knew he would hit her as well. This was during Vladan's childhood, he had little to no money. He could barely afford clothes to school. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝ As the years passed the situation with his family was getting worse. "Anna", his mother, got sick and could not work, of course, Vladimir would not bother to lift his arse from the couch. Anna's sickness was not getting any better, they could not afford medicine, soon after, they could't even afford the bills for their small apartment. That is when Vladan first turned his face to god. He became an orthodox christian, hoping that might help his family. This all happened before Vladan reached 15 years and with the end of his education came more responsibility. His mother succumbed to her sickness after Vladan reached 15 years. Vladimir would beat Vladan and blame him for what has happened to Anna. Vladan would often run away from home, hiding at his friends house or wandering the streets of Novigrad. Vladan had a choice, live with his abusive father and have barely anything to eat or start caring for himself. ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ He stayed with his Vladimir until he reached 18 years, that is when he left his home and never returned. That night he ended up in a bar with few of his friends from school, saying their last goodbyes. He could no longer stay in Novigrad, Vladan knew that the VP would search for him and a life in a prison is not something Vladan wanted. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝ They say "Keep your friends close and enemies closer" and so Vladan did. He applied for the CDF to hide from VP. His application was reviewed and accepted, he was assigned to the 72th Engineering brigade in South Zagoria where he started as a mechanic. Vladan did not know much about vehicles and machinery as they did not have one but he was quick to adapt. Vladan had talent for leading, he was able to show that during the training and when defending the borders of Chernarus from the Chedaki. A few years have passed and Vladan made some good friends in his unit, he learned how to speak Russian and how to operate heavy machinery such as combat vehicles and mounted weapons. ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ One night when on patrol, they got ambushed by the Chedaki forces, most of the unit was able to take cover from the shots but ,Vladans Praporčík/Warrant officer "Martin Řízek" that was leading the unit, was shot in the neck. He died during the gunfight from loss of blood. Vladan knew that someone has to lead and so he did. He commanded Martin's unit and during that fight he lead them to victory, suffering only minor losses. Vladan was to take the place of Martin and became Warrant Officer. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝ He was proud, proud to be part of something big. He was well respected by the men for showing courage in the hour of need, and his tactics were known to be cunning. Thus the name "Žižka", he is a man from Czech history, that defended his land against the crusaders, outnumbered and half blind he lead his men to victory. As well as Vladan did, except the blind part. To celebrate 5 years of service, he and his unit got tattoo of Žižka on their left shoulder. ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ Vladan was 24 years old when the infection in Zelenogorsk broke out. He and his unit were send to isolate the infected from those who are not, but failed. They were forced to retreat to the airport, where EVAC was supposed to be. But when they arrived, no one was waiting for them. With half of his men dead, he left everyone behind, showing that even the leader can be broken. Slightly insane and driven by his memories, he roams the wood, searching for yet another purpose. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝                                                                                                           
  14. Most of Vladan's story is finished, needs some polishing but good enough for now.

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