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  1. I'm sure it's worth trying. Slava Chernarus and all that is good but a change can't hurt.
  2. How's not breaking the rules bullshit ? You know very well that you can survive a 5 minute run without food and weapons. I didn't say "never pick up food". I said don't pick it up where you died. I'm not sure what was so hard to understand in that one sentance.
  3. If loot on your body isn't important. Then neither should be the loot in the town/village. Just run a few minutes to another one like the rest of us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. How would you prove that you went there to loot ? In fact, why would you go there to loot at all ? You said loot isn't important. What if you found somebody in the town that knows you died, what then ? Should the staff be checking every possible case of NVL because the player wanted to loot and not RP ? The answer is quite simple, no. What you're suggesting are cheeky ways around the NLR rule that could easily be abused.
  5. I'm all for it BUT - there was a huge amount of bases around the map. Some of them normal and others an absolute units. - no way to control it other than play around with the time it takes to build. - people tend to hoard loot. - people tend to hide at the edge of the map with said loot. Thus, GearRP comes into play. As far as I know, even if there would be rules it would be hard to enforce them, as the admins would have to go to each and every base and check if it's within standards. Overall it caused more issues than it did good, almost every other report included a base at some point, griefing and ghosting became a big deal and people would just sit behind walls shit talking each other. Since it reminds me of Rust ( and I f* hate Rust ) it's a -1 from me.
  6. These answers are all based on what I think would be a good solution but it might answer some of your questions. - In order for the base layout to be approved. The group must show significant activity. Meaning, if half of the group is inactive and the other barely plays, it will not be approved. - Medium sized and based around the lore of the group. Nothing overwhelming but still something to remember. - Good question. The group could, as you said, gather enough materials and then drop it in front of a GM as a "payment". - It would be possible. But, not in a huge scale as it was before the wipe. Meaning no 2 story castles with 4 story watchtowers. - This base would function purely as RP hub. It could have it's own section, where the players actually build with IG mechanics, meaning they can be broken into. Other than that, the base itself would not be destructable. That of course means, that the base must be constructed in a way, where it does not give the owners a significant advantage when defending. Therefore, the base must be checked if it's not too overpowerd. - Enough for people to visit it on daily bases and find RP. If the base will be deserted for longer period of time, just remove it.
  7. What about setting up some rules for base building ? Like, limit the amount of walls, tents and all that. Not only would you prevent people from hoarding all the good shit but you would also decrease the 4000 player objects. I don't really see a reason for small groups to have 10+ tents filled with all the good stuff hiding somewhere at the edge of the map.
  8. ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ Felix Ševčík was born 2 of August in the year 1992. He lived with his mother and father in law in Novigrad, the same place where he was born. His mother was a hard working citizen, a shopkeeper, she did not make much money as the times were hard. She took on any job she could get her hands on. His Father "Vladimir" was not a hard worker, well not a worker at all. He used to sit by TV drinking kvas and complaining about the Reds. Vladimir used to beat Felix when he was young, unfortunately his mother was too afraid to step in as she knew he would hit her as well. This was during Felixis childhood, he had little to no money. He could barely afford clothes to school. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝ ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ As the years passed the situation with his family was getting worse. "Anna", his mother, got sick and could not work, of course, Vladimir would not bother to lift his arse from the couch. Anna's sickness was not getting any better, they could not afford medicine, soon after, they could't even afford the bills for their small apartment. That is when Felix first turned his face to god. He became an orthodox christian, hoping that might help his family. This all happened before Felix reached 15 years and with the end of his education came more responsibility. His mother succumbed to her sickness after Felix reached 15 years. Vladimir would beat Felix and blame him for what has happened to Anna. Felix would often run away from home, hiding at his friends house or wandering the streets of Novigrad. Felix had a choice, live with his abusive father and have barely anything to eat or start caring for himself. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝ ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ He stayed with his Vladimir until he reached 18 years, that is when he left his home and never returned. That night he ended up in a bar with few of his friends from school, saying their last goodbyes. He could no longer stay in Novigrad, Felix knew that the VP would search for him and a life in a prison is not something Felix wanted. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝ ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ They say "Keep your friends close and enemies closer" and so Felix did. He applied for the CDF to hide from VP. His application was reviewed and accepted, he was assigned to the 72th Engineering brigade in South Zagoria where he started as a mechanic. Felix did not know much about vehicles and machinery as they did not have one but he was quick to adapt. Felix had talent for leading, he was able to show that during the training and when defending the borders of Chernarus from the Chedaki. A few years have passed and Felix made some good friends in his unit, he learned how to speak Russian and how to operate heavy machinery such as combat vehicles and mounted weapons. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝ ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ One night when on patrol, they got ambushed by the Chedaki forces, most of the unit was able to take cover from the shots but Felixis Praporčík/Warrant officer "Martin Řízek" that was leading the unit, was shot in the neck. He died during the gunfight from blood loss. Felix knew, that someone has to lead and so he did. He commanded Martin's unit and during that fight he lead them to victory, suffering only minor losses. Felix was to take the place of Martin and became Warrant Officer. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝ ╔═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╗ Felix was 24 years old when the infection in Zelenogorsk broke out. He and his unit were send to isolate the infected from those who are not, but failed. They were forced to retreat to the airport, where EVAC was supposed to be. But when they arrived, no one was waiting for them. With half of his men dead, he left everyone behind, showing that even the leader can be broken. Slightly insane and driven by his memories, he roams the woods, searching for yet another purpose. ╚═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═¥═╝                                                                                             
  9. The thing is, you can't stash weapons. What else is there to hoard besides ammo and maybe some scopes and whatnot. What about rubles you get from trader events. They happen once in two weeks. You have to stash it somewhere if you don't want to lose it. They can take up a huge amount of your inventory if you manage to acquire a lot of them. Most important thing is though. What if you just don't have the time to visit your hidden stash every 2 days. Let's say, you go on a holiday. What would be the difference if you log off with all the gear and log back in once you return or if you have it all hidden in a stash that would last let's say a week.
  10. Agreed, I don't really see a point in having hidden stashes unless you plan to dig it up every day.
  11. ---UPDATE--- Added: Some educational videos, improved some things
  12. It doesn't sound bad. But I think we all now that there will always be people breaking this rule. It's been happening since the start of DayZRP and I don't think it will change much. However I'm happy to see the staff team taking a step towards improving it. Hopefully this won't end with shitty reports about metagaming.
  13. Adam grew up in Novodmitrovsk with his parents and his older sister. Adam was always impressed by the dedication of some reporters in Chernarus and always wanted to become one. Once he reached adulthood he traveled down to Chernogorsk with the permission of his parents and applied for a reporter job. He was accepted and started traveling around Chernarus reporting just about everything. One thing Adam learned, was that the entire state was in a poor shape. The more he traveled, the more he seen. From the start, this had a negative impact on him, seeing a lot of his people in poverty, barely living. But alas, he couldn't report only the bad things about his land, that could very well be a quick ticket to the nearest jail. His first big hit he reported, was the civil war in Chernarus. He managed to report from both sides. Risking his life for some good content. He got a chance to report on ChDKZ, NAPA and occasionally the CDF. That's when he became sort of a combat reporter. He got basic training with handguns and bought himself a nice makarov. Just in case shit went from bad to worse. What Adam didn't know, was the fact that an epidemic will break out in Chernarus. Adam wasn't in Cherarus, instead, he was reporting in Takistan. He was contacted by the Cherarussian News to come back and report the spreading epidemic. He was able to get back with his team. A cameramen, sound specialist and Adam. It didn't take them long to realize that Chernarus was lost. Soon after the neighboring countries closed their borders, making sure Adam would't be able to leave. With desperation, he's now wandering the barren wasteland with his notepad and a non functioning camera.
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