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  1. You should probably check how copyright works. I'm not saying I want the thread taken down. I appreciate you took down the one that was a exact copy. I just want people to know how you treat your ex members. I've spent countless hours in this community and yet I'm told to "move on" as if nothing happened. Bravo, this will surely get the numbers up. Anyway, since none of you seem to be able to understand that copying someone else's work is not cool. I'll take my leave.
  2. I don't claim to own the Czech language, I do however own my work. I've explained this in the previous thread that was taken down. BTW, I got notified by people in this community that you guys posted it again. It's not like I come here checking it every day, no. The community told me. Which would suggest the community also does not agree with this action.
  3. If you want to make your own thread and guide that's fine, I won't stop you. It's just mind blowing that you literally copied my work again. No effort went into this. It is an exact copy of what I wrote. As I stated before, there are plenty of mistakes that I made in it, those mistakes are here. So the source Banshee got it from is my work. Different graphics don't change the content. I have no idea why you just can't make your own guide and have to copy mine everytime. Delete the comment, give me points if you want. I'm just saying you copied it yet again. The audacity to do it
  4. How do I know it's a stripped down version of my guide ? I've made mistakes in the pronounciation 4 years back when I made it, I never got around to fixing it. You copied it with the mistakes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Really easy to identify. Good to know this community lost every bit of decency it had.
  5. I wonder where I've seen this before. Oh I know, my guide that I took down, nice.
  6. The quality of RP went downhill more and more recently. That's probably the main reason a lot of people left this community. I remember when people were able to have their own opinions on this site. Just a few minutes ago, I got banned from the discord for saying the RP is shit. A few minutes later someone said "Up the RA" and nothing happened. I wonder where staff priorities are. Having an opinion is a bannable offense but promoting the IRA is fine I guess. PS: Stop editing my comment, thanks
  7. I've seen far too many people blasting music through their mouth. Let's not encourage it with an actual IG item.
  8.         Growing up in Lopotevgrad was not easy, he was often bullied by other kids in school for his kindness and everlasting happiness. Though he kept his grades high and his parents proud. His mother was working in a small store, whilst his father joined the Lopotevgrad Police Force. Viktor looked up to his father and wished to follow in his footsteps. Viktor spirit was broken a few years before finishing school. He was not the happy child he used to be. Instead, he would get himself in trouble. He would often fight back when he or someone close to him was bullied or treated unfairly. He onc
  9. *Nikolay holds the PTT button* Speaking for myself here. It's seems the majority of the Police force withdrew from Chernarus. I did not partake in any shooting of civilians and I do not support these actions. I have a family in Russia I would like to return to. *You hear a loud sigh followed by a brisk silence* I will willingly surrender myself to you. On one condition, I will not be held accountable for actions done by the department, only my own. *Nikolay releases the PTT button*
  10.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kolya's Story Kolya grew up as many other in the Russian Federation. Mostly in poverty, though Kolya was happy. He didn't need much to keep high spirits. A feature which would haunt him throughout his youth.         Growing up in Moscow was not easy, he was often bullied by other kids in school for his kindness
  11. I'm sure it's worth trying. Slava Chernarus and all that is good but a change can't hurt.
  12. How's not breaking the rules bullshit ? You know very well that you can survive a 5 minute run without food and weapons. I didn't say "never pick up food". I said don't pick it up where you died. I'm not sure what was so hard to understand in that one sentance.
  13. If loot on your body isn't important. Then neither should be the loot in the town/village. Just run a few minutes to another one like the rest of us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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