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  1. pk_cooler

    The Highwaymen Media Thread

  2. pk_cooler

    The Highwaymen [Strict Limited Recruitment]

    Thanks Sleepyhead. Well done everyone, @sh4wzy @YO_MIKE @Drake @Imation11 you've all worked hard on making this group and developing some in-game lore.
  3. Maurice POV: We set Vernon up and led him into the apartment where @Drake(Kyle) was. Vernon didn't know that Kyle was with us and so we decided that we would flip the robbery onto him as he had told us he wanted to shoot our friend. We arrive at the apartment and all pile into the room where Kyle was shouting out from the window. Vernon then begins to interrogate Kyle. Once Vernon begins to handcuff Kyle, @YO_MIKE(Harley) flips it onto Vernon and tells him to put his hand up. At this point three of us are armed in the room, Vernon is unarmed and Kyle was still handcuffed. I then head outside to make sure nobody is going to intervene. All of the sudden Vernon boots it out of the apartment. A gunfight then breaks out. Vernon kills @sh4wzy(Jordan) first and then kills Harley. I am now outside the apartment waiting for Vernon to run out. He runs out and I finish him off. Kyle and Maurice then leave the area.
  4. pk_cooler

    S1: AOGM in Pustoshka - 01/27/2019, 1453

    This is 100% unrelated to me. I was in berizino at the time. I haven't been to pustoshka for like a week. We had a car so that is where the logs are from as they are so buggy. When putting things in car it can sometimes collide with you. The logs dont match the time of icident. And they say that I was hit by the car. I'm in all black. Have 3 people who i've been rp'ing with all evening on the east coast who can vouch. Cheers
  5. pk_cooler

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    This topic is getting terribly convoluted with way too many people involved now. I think everyone has said what they need to say. My opinion is we had a legitimate rp reason to do what we did and It is for the admins to review now. Thank you everyone for your input. I do not feel I have anymore to say on this matter it is now 3 pages long. pk
  6. Maurice is a hard-wearing British man. He stands tall and seems to have an everlasting glare on his face. He struggles to show any emotion or open up to anyone. The only person who he can completely trust is his younger brother Jordan. Maurice was a Lieutenant in the British Armed Forces. He was part of a classified unit comprised of five men. They operated mainly in the UK and Eastern European countries and had many informants and allies across the continent, although their main allies were within the Russian Armed Forces. As a keen marksman, naturally, he was the scout sniper of his team. His job was to secure a vantage point and ensure the safety of his team. He would do whatever it takes to ensure their survival. However Maurice is no stranger to close encounters. Maurice's team had been given their most dangerous mission yet: On 7th July 2017 a Russian informant had been captured by the Chernarussian Defence Force, the informant was being held at Troitskoe Base, South Zagoria. The informant possessed information regarding the activities in the base. Maurice's team could not let the informant give the CDF any information that would compromise the UK. This was a no-fail mission. The team infiltrated the base in the early hours of 8th July 2017. Their objective was to secure the informant and to neutralise any threat that stood in the way. Once the informant was secured they were to ascertain whether they had been compromised. However, the mission did not go to plan. Maurice had been captured by CDF forces, they were expecting an attack and were well-prepared. The status of the rest of the team is unknown. Maurice was taken to Storozh Maxium Security Facility on the South Coast of Chernarus. Here he was subject to days of brutal torture, Maurice would not betray his brothers or Country. And so he was left to rot in Prison for the rest of time. Roughly 10 days after Maurice's capture a squad of UN soldiers arrived at Storozh. The UN were going through the prison looking for able-bodied people to help with a situation on the Mainland. The UN spoke to Maurice and he explained who he was. After the UN radioed back to base, Maurice was given the all-clear and was taken to the mainland by the UN. He was given a few rations and kitted up. Maurice was told to help the UN soldiers neutralise the "infected people" at this point Maurice has no idea what was going on. He soon realised that in the 10 days he was locked up the world has fallen into a state of dismay and horror. All Maurice wanted to do was head back to Troitskoe to try and locate his team, Maurice had a feeling that whatever happened that night in that base had something to do with the collapse of Chernarus. But Maurice stayed with the UN soldiers and until he was the last man standing, it was then he realised he was probably going to be here for a very long time. Maurice ventured North towards Troitskoe Base. When he arrived he saw hordes of infected, Maurice battled through some of them before seeing one of his teammates walking among the infected. Maurice then realised that he is now all alone.
  7. pk_cooler

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    As part of the group I can confirm the above comment to be true. I was much further away firing at Mr. Chapman as my team were CQB.
  8. pk_cooler

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    My group was involved in a gunfight with someone who had made hostile threats against us. You then ran towards those shots and took up position with a weapon looking at the area of my group. There were multiple hostile messages made, not just the one that you heard, this is perhaps why you did not hear it.
  9. pk_cooler

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    Sorry, the people in your clip were not part of our group. That was a separate RP event. There was a another loudspeaker message prior to the start of your clip, which made a threat to my groups lives.
  10. pk_cooler

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    Approximately five minutes prior to the clip posted above, there was a loudspeaker announcement that anyone who did not leave Kabanino would be executed. My group were mid-firefight in Kabanino while I was providing over-watch over their perimeter. I was notified by a one of my RP group that an individual was looking straight towards my teammates from the barn and was deemed to be a threat to them. He was believed to be a part of the group that we were fighting with. I turned to see Mr. Blackwood in a advantageous position (edit: with a weapon) looking towards my group. Due to the prior threat to kill anyone in Kabanino, I believed Mr. Blackwood to be part of the roleplay. I Believe this to be a simple case of wrong place, wrong time. Regards,
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