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  1. Jessica is a keen fisherman all the way from England, she is fascinated with rare and special sea creatures. Jessica is from a wealthy family, who have funded her love of fishing. Her parents bought her a boat for her eighteenth birthday and on that very day Jessica took to sailing the seven seas. She wanted to find new species and legendary creatures all over the world, and document what she found. Jessica planned to create a book of amazing sea creatures for the younger generation. Jessica is an interesting person as he she been away from other people for a very long time, all she really cares about is fishing. She does not have very good social skills, but she is kind-hearted. Jessica found her way to Chenarus whilst she was on the hunt for a mythical creature know as the Golden Puffer, a native fish to the Black Sea. She had been out on the Black Sea for almost a month with no luck, and Jessica was running low on supplies. She had no choice but to dock at Elekro to stock up. Little did she know, she'd walked right into the apocalypse.
  2. pk_cooler

    Extend stash timer

    Well if you read my post you will see that I have suggested removing stashes to see if it makes a difference son.
  3. pk_cooler

    Extend stash timer

    I would raise the fact that there are a lot of people on the server. Many of them will have at least 1 or more military guns, many will log out and not return for a while. I highly doubt that buried stashed are the Antichrist that is 'ruining' the loot economy. I like the fact that it is very hard to find these guns, and it makes for decent rp and makes sense. We are 635 days into the apocalypse I doubt there would be any ak47s lying around in military bases at this point. I would prefer if stashes were returned to normal persistence, as so far I can't see that it has made any difference reducing the timer on stashes (apart from when More Guns was added for a few days). I suggest an experiment on the server: Remove stashes for a week and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn't have a significant impact, put them back in.
  4. pk_cooler

    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    You got your work cut out for you doc Thanks.
  5. pk_cooler


    Hi Guys, this seems to have taken a turn for the worst. Drake could have been a bit more circuitous with his feedback. However the bottom line of it is, that there were six of us in that situation and the person who initiated, from what I can gather, had not communicated his intent clearly enough to his two teammates. This resulted in your team being unprepared for us to retaliate. You had a reason to attempt to take us hostage, and everyone has the right to partake in hostile RP, whatever the motive may be. So I will not question your reasoning behind the initiation. To close, my feedback to you in the future would be to take a little bit more time to prepare and make sure everyone is on-board with your plan. And then wait for a more opportune moment to strike. For example you could have waited for us to go on our way and turn our backs, or you could even tail us and then ambush us when we are not expecting it. I apologise if you have taken any of our feedback as slander, we are not posting feedback with malicious intent.
  6. Could always use those things on the gun that help you aim at things. I don't think it would make rp sense to have it in the game. But then again if I had it my way, I would force all hud off and disable 3rd person.
  7. pk_cooler

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

  8. pk_cooler

    S1 - KOS, No time to comply @Zub Castle - 16March2019 - 23:20

    I’m posting video evidence tonight, which should clear things up.
  9. pk_cooler

    S1 - KOS, No time to comply @Zub Castle - 16March2019 - 23:20

    @Symplekti, @sh4wzy and I approach the castle and hear voices inside. We decide to listen in on whats happening, so sit outside for about 10 minutes and radio for a couple more guys to come help. We then decide we want to rescue the hostages from the people torturing them. Before all our reinforcements arrived a random guy walked up and started talking to all of us. This provoked one of the guys inside to come out, this is when @Symplekti kills the first guy. We then re-initiate many times, they do not comply so we run up the stairs and shoot them all. After they are all confirmed dead we patch up and check the hostages are okay. Everyone then leaves the castle and our RP with the hostages continued for a long while after that.
  10. pk_cooler

    S1 - KOS - Novy - 2019-03-11 22:00

    My pov: We are leaving Novy minding our own business, when @Krisp gets held up. He is not part of our group. Me and a few others run SW into the field (I'm the guy with the bandana in the vid). We are now being absolutely pounded with shots no initiation on us just straight to shooting. I get hit once and then continue running and running until I'm way out of the area.
  11. pk_cooler

    Change back to 100 cap on the server

    I have to say I think I'm struggling with 120 lol However do not drive cars at 120 players...
  12. My POV is limited i'm afraid. Although I was in the area, I was about 100m out. I did not hear the in game voip or see anything other than a dead body.
  13. Maurice POV: I was in our home talking to the first guy I spoke to him asked if he liked what we had done with the place and then I asked if he wanted any food at this point I moved outside and radioed that there was a guy in our base. My team comes over and initiates while I move away from base. Then a guy in the trees shoots at us. And so I then shot that guy. I wait a bit and then go and loot the body. My team had the other guy in base and since they had it under control I left the area about 10-15 minutes before the hostage was killed. Since I left after the first guy died does that mean my timer combat log timer would be 30 minutes after the first one died? If so then I don’t think I’m guilty of combat log. but if the timer is shared between all group members even though I left I think it’s quite unfair on me. Bare in mind it’s nearly 2:30am at this point. I would appreciate it if @Leucifer could give me benefit of the doubt here or even the admins.
  14. pk_cooler

    S1: Invalid KOS 2019-02-25, 00:49

    Don't know if you needed this after Sh4wzy posted already, but here's my video pov of the initiation, to show that we were in a gunfight. Sorry for wait. When the video ends, I take a few pop shots and then run over the field for a few minutes to the apartment complex, which is where the first video starts.
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