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  1. Ста́рший лейтена́нт Iosep Петров (Senior Lieutenant Iosep Petrov) used to be an armor officer of the Russian army initially commanding a tank platoon near the Ukrainian border before being appointed to an XO position early 2014. After the order was given to close the border with Chernarus LT Petrov moved with the company to secure the borders near Krasnostav. When the refugees began approaching in droves, the order was given to open fire on the unarmed civilians with main gun, coax, DShK, sidearms, anything. As the crowds fled back to the hell of Chernarus LT Petrov jumped to the ground and vomited, wiped his face, and mounted back up for the next "wave" of refugees. There were a few of the infected that were drawn to the line, but they were dealt with easily enough. After just 17 days the radio chatter spoke of disaster in the rear, infected overrunning the division HQ, then the brigade HQ, then... nothing. The FOOD stopped coming. The BULLETS stopped coming. The FUEL stopped coming. There they were, an entire battalion of the greatest armored firepower that the Russian Federation had, and all for nothing against a seemingly never ending onslaught of infected that would slowly wear them down. The full force of the Russian winter was on its way, and with no fuel or resupply they would surely freeze, starve, or fall victim to the disease that seemed to be at the center of this chaos. The battalion commander fell ill, issuing one final field grade order to his command: --All frequencies have gone dark-- --Reinforcement and resupply is not coming-- --Higher command is assumed destroyed-- --Possible nuclear weapons usage to the rear-- --Certain biological threat to the front-- --Commanders take charge-- --Save your men-- --Save yourselves-- --God save the Russian Federation-- --God save us all-- After the battalions commander's suicide the companies dispersed, most of them on their tanks with what little fuel they had back to Russia. LT Petrov's tank was the first in his platoon to run dry far out in the countryside, and sent the rest of his platoon forward to attempt to find fuel. The last he heard of them was that they and the remainder of the company made contact with a large force of infected near of fuel depot just 50 clicks from their lines at the border, then all went quiet. Lt Petrov and his two crew bedded down in their dead tank, and the next morning he was woken by the sound of two simultaneous pistol shots ringing out in the cold Russian countryside. As far as he knew he was the last remaining member of the last remaining platoon of the last remaining company. He looked to the direction of the fuel depot thinking of all it had to offer. Fuel. Food. Hordes of infected. Certain death. He looked to his tank, 45 tons of death and power, the pride of the Russian Federation. Now just a 45 ton coffin. Also certain death. He looked back to the south to Chernarus, the damned place that started all this. Not quite certain death. Lt Petrov tore the rank from his chest, gathered up only what he needed for survival, and spit on the bodies of his crew, "Selfish bastards". He gazed longingly once more towards home, patted the front slope of his tank and began south, back to Chernarus. He was no longer Senior Lieutenant Iosep Petrov, now he was just Iosep. And all Iosep wanted was to just survive.
  2. I am glad to be joining a group of people ho take RP seriously in DayZ! Already done all the whitelist stuff, just waiting on approval now. See you out there, survivor.
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