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  1. Fackmos

    Interview With a Community Member: Sin

    Hey, I remember you, when you told me chronic was only used as slang by inner black culture and New Zealanders.
  2. If ya gonna die then you gonna die, might as well go out with a bang. Rule Shields, tut tut.
  3. Being as Australia has a pretty small player base in ArmA and DayZ, we are often forced to play on EU/US servers. Lag ain't that bad really, you only really notice it in close quarter combat. 200ms+ on US 350+ms on EU. That being said, ArmA and DayZ do pretty well compared to many other games when it comes to high ping.
  4. At what point is it "extreme racism"?
  5. I could go on a lengthy tirade about the subject but I feel my comment works from a undefensive point of view on the matter. But @Grimnir you have shed light on the basic of what I said. @Nihoolious: A racist remark, a racist character and a racist person are different things. Which a majority of the time are done poorly in-game. @Galaxy ^
  6. Racism. People over do it in-game because they are angry (out of character) or they think it is funny (out of character) but have not the balls to be openly racist in the real world public as the game has the excuse that 'it is in-character'. What I find funny is that people 'in-character' also mainly use basic racism in a derogatory form but fail to continue a proper racist attitude, nullifying the whole point. People can argue this point all they want, but what I have said here is the reality of it.
  7. Fackmos

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    yeah nah nah.
  8. My plane crashed off the coast of Balota(or was it Tulga), it was shot down by rebels on route to secure the North West Airfield. Due to my character being an ex-navy seal that is apart of Blackwater, also being the best scoring sharpshooter in his class. It would only be natural that I do not remember or know details.
  9. -user was cautioned for this post-
  10. Cant wait for ArmA 4, gonna be fun. Will have something to play until DayZ is finished I guess.
  11. farkin'strayin yeh cunt
  12. Fackmos

    Double standards? In our DayZRP? It's more likely than you think.

    So, in other words - Shiro Ishii is allowed but Josef Mengele is not. Seems right.
  13. "But I get motion sickness" "I like to look at my character"
  14. Fackmos

    The weird trend of character pages

    I was not allowed to have a character page because the character was transgender.