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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. ive got 293 hours and I got it the day it came out
  2. Coat up?

    Maybe a craftable leather coat
  3. Character Biographies

    Name: Alyosha Orlov Age: 32 Height: 182.88 cm / 6'2 Weight: 79.3 kg / 175 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Pre-Outbreak Profession: Russian gang leader,Mental Patient Demeanor in Three Words: Friendly,Cunning,Clever.
  4. Rocking just a baseball bat must be terribly dangerous with the new zombie AI - unless a RAK is a weapon of some sort? I have no idea. Is the submachine gun
  5. Are the servers updateing

    eta on S2?
  6. [GAME] To Kill a Sniper

    stab him repeatedly with a can opener
  7. Everything about Standalone 0.57 update

    The problem is is that they keep adding things we don't need and that makes things break we don't really need CLE just add a low low low chance of an ak or military pistol of some sort and not just crap loot like usual
  8. Everything about Standalone 0.57 update

    They will be back in
  9. [Game] GIF Response

  10. Everything about Standalone 0.57 update

    I was playing experimental yesterday and I was looting a pub and I found two M65 field jackets in pristine condition along with other high end cloths
  11. [GAME] KoS at Green Mountain

    KoS'd for kosing someone
  12. [Game] GIF Response

  13. 1st Peson Server

    I think we tried that once didn't go to well
  14. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  15. DayZRP PlugDJ

    We need more people in here come join us