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  1. ive got 293 hours and I got it the day it came out
  2. Buck99

    Coat up?

    Maybe a craftable leather coat
  3. Name: Alyosha Orlov Age: 32 Height: 182.88 cm / 6'2 Weight: 79.3 kg / 175 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Pre-Outbreak Profession: Russian gang leader,Mental Patient Demeanor in Three Words: Friendly,Cunning,Clever.
  4. Rocking just a baseball bat must be terribly dangerous with the new zombie AI - unless a RAK is a weapon of some sort? I have no idea. Is the submachine gun
  5. Buck99

    [GAME] To Kill a Sniper

    stab him repeatedly with a can opener
  6. The problem is is that they keep adding things we don't need and that makes things break we don't really need CLE just add a low low low chance of an ak or military pistol of some sort and not just crap loot like usual
  7. I was playing experimental yesterday and I was looting a pub and I found two M65 field jackets in pristine condition along with other high end cloths
  8. Buck99

    [GAME] KoS at Green Mountain

    KoS'd for kosing someone
  9. I think we tried that once didn't go to well
  10. Buck99

    DayZRP PlugDJ

    We need more people in here come join us