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  1. Lloyd Robinson was born into a middle-class family, in the year 2000. He was bought up by his mother Jane, and his father Len. He had an enjoyable childhood, going out and playing with his friends at any possible chance and just enjoying life while he was young, where there were no worries in his world. All throughout his childhood, Lloyd had wanted to go traveling around Europe and the rest of the world. He decided that in celebration of his 18th birthday, he was going to take the plunge and go for it. Lloyd decided that the first country that he wanted to visit was Georgia, and then work his way all around the Black Sea. In June of 2017, a month before his 18th birthday, Lloyd decided he was going to set off and booked a one-way ticket to Georgia and start his adventure. In the beginning, his trip went well, he joined up with a travel company who organised trips to different countries around the Black Sea. This was perfect for what he needed, and he booked on with them straight away. The first stop on the tour was to a country called Chernarus, which they entered via Russia. Lloyd was very exited to begin his adventure, but he had no idea how much his choices were going to affect the rest of his life for better, or for worse.
  2. Garry was born in London England is the year 1996. He has two older brothers named Sam and Jack. He had a good childhood where he want to a public school and made lots of friends and had lots of fun. He spend a lot of his childhood out and about with his friends, exploring the local woods around his house. They often used to camp out in the woods overnight, where they would make shelters out of wood and cook over camp fires. As time went on Garry wanted to explore more of the world, he decided that he was going to take a trip to Georgia and try to explore all of the countries that are around that area near the Black Sea. After 6 months in Georgia learning about all of their culture, he decided it was time to move on and went to Chernarus. He had no idea how much this simple decision was going to change his life forever.
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