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  1. Jack was born in London England is the year 200. He has two older brothers named Sam, aged 21, and Jack, aged 23. He had a good childhood where he went to a public school and made lots of friends and had lots of fun. He spent a lot of his childhood out and about with his friends, exploring the local woods around his house. They often used to camp out in the woods overnight, where they would make shelters out of fallen down trees or anything else, they could find, and cook meals over camp fires. As time went on Garry wanted to explore more of the world. He met a friend online called Vladimir, who lived in a place called Chernarus, in a town called Novodmitrovsk. Just after New Year’s 2019, at the start of 2020 Jack decided to go and meet his friend in person. He'd heard about the outbreak of an infection that had wreaked havoc across the country, but he was reassured that the issues had gone away for good, and it was still safe to travel. Little did he know that his decision to visit his friend would change his life forever.
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