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  1. Shanoby

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Aiko arigato gozaimashita for the walk and talk, I enjoyed myself. Hope you had fun aswell
  2. Shanoby

    WTF! Most expensive DLC pack. Collect them all !

    UPDATE time, Train Simulator 2019 with all the DLC-s can be yours for - 7 037,94€ https://store.steampowered.com/app/24010/Train_Simulator_2019/ Get it while its still hot!
  3. Shanoby

    TTSKo pants do not fold into boots anymore?

    OK... I am not crazy... I just logged in and they are different... What... I compared wrong pictures last time...
  4. Shanoby

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    If I meet you IC... might even want to join up
  5. Shanoby

    Bratstvo (Open Recruitment)

    No I totally understand... I meant nothing bad by it. I just thought maybe you want to change it? Messes with my brain when I read it nothing more. You did it , also rude...
  6. Shanoby

    Bratstvo (Open Recruitment)

    Looks a bit simple for my taste but that is fine... I would change the FONT for banners, cos when you can actually read cyrillic, it reads: BJADSTSTLO But hey, good luck non the less.
  7. Shanoby

    TTSKo pants do not fold into boots anymore?

    I am SO sorry... Im questioning my sanity right now... not sure if its the color of the boot that makes the difference.... but yeah... left picture is new and right picture old... they are same... YIKES. I guess its the MAIN MENU also that kinda gave me that effect. - trying to justify myself... /close I guess... oof
  8. Shanoby

    TTSKo pants do not fold into boots anymore?

    Is it just me or like title says pants do not fold into boots anymore... I feel scammed cos I bought them for only that reason... If that is official DayZ change, can we mod back in the old pants model?
  9. Shanoby

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    I started and every day do care less about this community... I was passionate once about RP and the community. Now I do not care... I can see no matter what I do or intend to do in this community, it is waste of time... for many reasons. So I do what others have started to do, take a brake from the community and once I return I keep away from forum stuff and just play... or leave permanently. This community is rotten through the core... it lacks passion and creativity. I feel like all that put together effect people in different ways... some start to be more toxic and flame... cos it is more fun... Getting into loads of fights... cos stories feel boring to them and do not bring as much excitement as a gun fight. Now I can officially say that community itself (staff included) have lost the vision compared to 2K13 Mod days... what is "acceptable RP" and what is not. Rolle used to say, nothing has changed... we were always like this... no man... we were not... and now I am sure of it. Good luck community, you need it...
  10. NO... people feel protected by rules and systems... they talk back and do other shit while there is real threat on their life. If they NVFL then PK is legit imo. If it is valid demands and hostage shows NVFL - PK is all good.
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    Well... what I wonder is... are they going to evolve/change it to something that fans will be disappointed about cos hype is HUGE... I assume most want just updated engine with same type of gameplay... But cannot wait if this one will be as good or even better than previous ones and give us years of playtime Meanwhile S.T.A.L.K.E.R fans should keep an eye on project called: Ray of Hope
  • Shanoby

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Another one of those Estonians... none knows the location of the mysteriouse lands these people come from. So solid 7/10 from my PoV
  • Shanoby

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    First of... now that there is no age restriction... more and more kids will join. We have to look to the future and not only CURRENT situation. I get why people want to ADD sexual interaction as a STORY PLOT POINT into their character ark... all I am saying is... WHY YOU NEED TO ACT IT OUT. You can just OOC-ily agree on steam/discord... our characters had sex. Caps are to emphasize my previous post points. Cos I feel we had disconnect between my points and your answers.
  • Shanoby

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Why does this NEED to be played out in RP I do not get. Just OOC agree on steam/discord what happened and go from there... you do not need to actually act it out? Right now as I read it: if all players involved with the situation agree upon it... but what about a random person who runs through woods and stumbles upon this? That person still will experience it without OOC consent. A kid would even just run up while 2 people sexually moan in woods? Also I do get kissing/hugging/cuddling is not an issue. But currently this rule still leaves open sex act through RP by agreed parties. ...like why?
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