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  1. Shanoby

    Well... time to go finally.

    I cannot believe I am doing this... but... After tonight, I just cannot continue with this community... I have finally come to realization, no matter what RP in here is dying. There are so many different types of people in this community, which makes it good and interesting, but also creates loads of issues. Certain types of people you can talk to, but you can see they will never see your side of the story, no matter how many times you have tried to talk with them, point out issues and emphasize that RP should take the priority... their focus is something else. Hey after tonight if I met said guys, who knows we could be best buddies... but on RP and what it is supposed to be, we will never see eye to eye. I am sorry you can not see my side and I am sorry... but I feel to continue in this community and share my RP with said people I would have to lower my RP standards... it is something I will never do. @Roland I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for setting this community up. I mean the friendships I have had and still have with some of the people from 2013... I still hang with them every day and play other games although they left community when Arma2 DayZRP mod fell... I mean the memories are great... but like I said before... in these 5 years, being constantly active throughout, I have sadly also witnessed the downfall of the community... the focus seems to have shifted ever since I think when we went to Standalone (I supported switching with 2 hands and still do)... but the community itself changed... it become more memes, shade throwing and banter... Whilst we had problems back in the day, community as a whole felt more as a family... we fought IC and OOC but at the end of the day... 2 enemies IC could still have a laugh about it OOC... they were friends... I miss that community. Anyways, thank you all for being part of my life for 5 years... there are too many people to name, but thank you all. You all made this a wonderful place to be in... The memorize, relationships, creative ideas, experience is more that I could ever ask for. Thank you DayZRP !
  2. Shanoby


    +1 Font could be bigger... The story and RP must have been and is amazing from what I read Makes me want to be the part of that RP... good job! EDIT: To add, I truly believe these kind of groups and backstory are good examples and inspiration for RP as a whole. (corny but true)
  3. Shanoby

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    In this case m8, I am sorry but you lack the understanding. I mean sure internet is wide and colorful, full of offensive stuff... But in this community Rolle to my understanding has tried to create a place where we can just come, relax and RP. But for some people RP is not good enough, so they banter/meme/throw shade and be generally toxic to have a laugh on the expense of other people who come to de-stress from IRL in here, but instead they are met with "who cares, suck it up, life sucks, do not be a wimp, you are salty" ... and that is not what this community imo. should be about. They do not need that! Clearly shows you lack that understanding...
  4. Shanoby

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    I agree lot of the rules should be changed... just not sure what would be the best rules. Bringing banned people back - A BIG NO NO
  5. Shanoby

    OFFICIAL What Guns would you like to see in DayZ?

  6. Shanoby


    * Klein hearing the radio chatter stands up and rushes to respond, but then he gathers himself and slows down the breathing, talking calmly and with a deeper voice than usual * " Can someone fill me in on what went down exactly and why? What IS your fucking cause comrades? " * Releasing PTT he waits for a response *
  7. Shanoby

    Nordic Battlegroup Media Thread

    Just a roster idea... (inspired by the UN)
  8. Crim

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  9. Shanoby

    I'm back after 5? years

    2K13 respect.... welcome
  10. Shanoby

    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    I too believe that that kind of lore would help with stagnation and also help to explain lot of the gamemechanics: re-spawning loot (import over the border) and how did these new fresh survivors got here who know nothing whilst some others have survived here for a long time with extended knowledge of the "zone". Also that kind of lore supports different kind of characters with interesting backgrounds... +1 (will edit after I get home from work)
  11. Shanoby

    Nordic Battlegroup

    Thank you guys... was fun, although did not expect this to end soon, but it did. Unfortunately this is where the RP has led my character and he is not happy with @Svenne leadership Thank you all for this experience... Hope to meet you guys ingame...
  12. Shanoby

    Great Dark Souls cosplay

    Was just shared that in TS
  13. Shanoby

    DayZRP Guitarists!

    I have not checked into that yet... Im just doing practice and all that... but I will be sure to contact you if needbe
  14. Shanoby

    DayZRP Guitarists!

    I have had this set for a while (Yamaha - F310P)... never really learned to play properly... made my own 2string songs to woo the ladies (actually works) But would love to learn some HIM and Poets Of The Falls songs in the future... Thanks to @Hardwired here, Im currently learning in Rocksmith... actually works well with microphone setup.
  15. Shanoby

    Real life picture Thread

    Me in my natural state...