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  1. Shanoby

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    If you make the Chernarus a zone rather than expanding virus around all the world like always... then I can see benefit in lore wipe. Does not need to be zone obviously, but It does need to be groundbreaking and new to actually influence how we perceive the world. No vote from me.
  2. Shanoby

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    Sure I agree forums are not the source of the issue, but they are the means to make those issues public nuisance for maybe newcomers who wish to join but are put off by this behavior or old timers who have seen too much of it and are sick of it. I feel if you cannot contain the negative that makes people leave the community in some cases, then it is time to find different ways to deal with it. Like I said, world saver complex here Every time I see those name tags like you say or memes, shade throwing and toxicity I always have a laugh... How is this rule any true to our community? Cause I do not see it. I wish this was enforced more, then we would not have this discussion.
  3. Shanoby

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    I guess, I do not share the sentimental view on the forums like most of you do, cause what I see, is that it brings more harm than good. My suggestion was to make it more clean/practical and get rid of the useless drama sections that do not benefit this community in any way. Would be less public venting and toxicity, better image for the community... My personal opinion of this community is dropping every day... and unlike others that have left voluntarily, I still for some reason stick around and try to change it somehow - insanity I tell you... But I am starting to see that most of you seem to like whats going on the forums and the way it is... guess I am in the minority here and that is fine Thank you all for your opinions.
  4. Shanoby

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    Cliques are one of the issues in forums imo. But you can always join a group with random people or meet them in game, share discord and chill there. Which I assume you guys do anyways? So I see no issue. In a way would be cooler if more people play with more new people, but again that is just me I guess. But I understand your point. Habits die hard and who am I to tell you who you play with. Exactly and I do not see how this is a good thing? Should be 90% in game and 10% on forums, but again who am I to say how people should play or spend their time. I know this would be a big change, but sometimes change is good and sometimes, I guess I am wrong.
  5. Shanoby

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    Just an idea. Not sure if the best idea, but just something I started to think about after some discussion. Maybe good idea to clean it up? There are communities that do not have forums at all and function just fine. I think lot of people have seen that and/or are starting to see, that forums create too much useless venting, toxicity and banter. I think we have stayed with the current forums and its sections just out of habit and not necessity... Might be in wrong here... but that is how I currently perceive it. Maybe leave stuff like: Lore, Groups, Report, Shop, Whitelist, Characters (not sure about this one, no one enforces those anyways).... so on. Basic stuff. - make it nice and clean. Get rid of sections like: General Forums, DayZ Standalone, Off Topic, Status updates all the crap. Also less work on maintaining it and all that, think we could do without lot of the stuff... maybe it is time to clean up this stinky closet Agree, disagree, discuss.... want to see what others think.
  6. Shanoby

    Aggressive staff

    Why is this a topic, I am so confused? Imo. starting a topic with: is very open ended, no explanation or points or nothing and I see no discussion here... just venting by OP. Cannot even contribute to topic cause it has no ... well points to grab onto and take a position. Except the title... so how is staff aggressive?
  7. Shanoby

    Torture Techniques 101

    // This is too much for me, can you please stop... Avoided GG EZ On serious note... yeah damn... hope I wont be on the receiving end of this guide. Good job.
  8. Shanoby

    Onions Orientation Video - Hostile RolePlay

    I support this. This, but with more clarity and script like you said. Also maybe film it with people. Although the animation of red guy popping in, in every new scenario gets me... just pop pop pops in XD Also if well done, this video should be added to whitelist. So every new person who joins can go through rules with the video aiding them.
  9. Shanoby

    Thought Mentality

    Harder punishments equals fear - fear equals better RP quality. Over the years that I have been here, I do believe community is getting worse by the year. It needs more policing. Thats what I believe in, cause I fucked up in first years, never again after that. Cause I felt shame and fear of not playing here ever again. Yet I have seen this toxic attitude develop where people thrive on getting points and playing around the system to see who fools it the most without being permed, whilst peers admire them for it, which is a sign of immaturity. And that is the kind of attitude the community does not need imo. Thats why I believe in harsher punishments and more reporting, cause I have lost faith in the system.
  10. Shanoby

    New group idea discussion.

    Where can I sign up? Signed by: "ex-recruit who shot the owner in the face while escaping from infected."
  11. Shanoby

    Amendment to the griefing rule and offline raiding

    I like it though that when you start breaking in, I instantly could shoot the guy doing it. Thats how it should be.... you brake my shit I kill you. I do not see how it could be interpreted any other way. You steal/jump my walls, break my stuff.... I kill you. Agreed +1
  12. Shanoby

    The Samaritans [Open Recruitment]

    I hope this lasts and does not get F-ed hard... genuinely. Cause passive groups do not last long in here usually Might even come back just to see this groups RP, seems lot of people are enjoying it. Maybe this group will bring change... I do hope. Good luck!
  13. Shanoby

    Yours is the light by which my spirit's born, Georgia, you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

    This should be a modded item. But maybe the pocketwatch version with a picture.
  14. Shanoby

    Current Zombie Power Levels Above 9000

    I love how people for years complain: " Remove zombies they are boring... " *buffs zombies* - " Too hard... I cannot shoot them all anymore... reeeeeeee " Never a good balance I guess. As long as I can sneak past them like I have done for years, buff them as much as needed, so people actually take zombie threat seriously.
  15. Shanoby

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Might check it out, it has been a while... missed winter mod
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