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  1. Boys Only Thread

    EDIT: better message
  2. WTF! Most expensive DLC pack. Collect them all !

    UPDATE on this thread and Train Simulator 2018. Now all these DLC-s can be yours for ONLY 5 806,79€ http://store.steampowered.com/app/24010/
  3. Anyone else having this issue?

    Hard to relate to... I have not died to infected months if not a year atleast. I have learned to take care of my character well enough I guess, which means, keeping him constantly ligth green status on all three counts: Healthy, Hungry, Thirsty. Also, I guess the big factor has been for me to avoid zombies for RP and OOC sense, not just walk around, ignore them until they attack and then swat them away like annoying mosquito. Thats when people usually get hit by infected... My only suggestion and as you have figured it out yourself already, is to change the playstyle maybe? RP them as a threat from distance and stay vigilant... will help you OOC and get more RP out of the infected... win - win in my book.
  4. Real life picture Thread

    Had birthday yesterday, now 29 (feeling old), I visited my parents and found a picture when I was around 16... thought a funny picture to share with you (sry, no idea how to rotate it, but if you right click and open it another tab should be right side up)
  5. DayZRP Community Memes

  6. Where are all the groups going

    Again, the only issue I have with SMART is the T - time. I mean I will push my goals forward no matter what... that is why I make a group. But I do not need another deadline aside from job and college, ticking in the back of my head... "I better get to this, got only 3 days left". I mean, what is the point in that? Thats not fun. I can not achive some of the goals without other groups or survivors and stuff happens on the way, so more time goes in there aswell. I mean as a workaround, I would like to know if I put all goals: ETA 999 days. Would that be against rules of SMART?
  7. Where are all the groups going

    I blame SMART goals! SMAR is fine, but T can go and .... well, not come back! But I guess there are some other issues, like lack of interest or people feel that their group is disliked and they lose motivation... DayZRP is dying
  8. United Nations (And then they were gone...)

    I will throw some in...
  9. The Free Wolves (RECRUITMENT OPEN)

    Sadly, another 7 days of recruitment will finish soon, but this time I have managed to get one interested person and thats awsome Hopefully he sticks around, so we could run around together and slowly get this show on the road by recruiting more people ingame. I really hate to see this go into the archive hell again... "GODS... why are you so cruel!" @Rolle "I will see you when you return in 30 days... stay strong group idea, I will not forget you..."
  10. They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    @Major Lore wipe? On one hand I personally do not see the problem and maybe that is the issue. Trying to admit to yourself, maybe it is time to change and even if you reach to that conclusion then the question is how? How will I change that, so it would benefit all... I mean, some people will read this thread and think to themselves, some will ignore it and some will even miss this post and nothing changes... The problem is, we have many different people here with many different wishes and hopes what RP should look like, but in the end @Rolle can establish what RP is in this community, but he understandably rolls (pun intended) that responsabilty on our shoulders... I feel like this kind of discussion as sad as it is, is just our way of venting, will it change anything, doubt it. Sad reality... Maybe, to have drastic change in the way everything works (Major knows what I am talking about). But then again not all people would be willing to play ball... I know how to still enjoy the game solo, RP with the enviorment and the infected and lot of the time, that is all I need, thats how I have managed to stick around and although sometimes struggeling I am still here. In the end, I do not know how to help every individual out there, wishing I could, but that is the reality. You have to find it yourselves or when it comes to that in the end, the owner has to or will by choice come up with the solution.
  11. The Server Owner Rolle (Alexander Hamilton Parody)

    Dan, is that you?
  12. 2K13 4life! Welcome back
  13. Lore Group - Virus Defense Corps. (VDC)

    This quote makes it seem as UN and CDF left same time more or less... and before deciding to send in this unit, they had a thought of sealing it off...? We (UN) left South Zagoria 15th of September Time when outbreak reached rest of the world: World Lore Entry No.1 - Faces of War - July 25-27th, 2017 How would world leaders even get a glimps of an idea and suggest it? That is what I cannot beleave... I cannot explain it any better... why even put that part in? Maybe this story needs more timelines, right now, this seems odd. Like I stated.
  14. Lore Group - Virus Defense Corps. (VDC)

    This part bothers me... I mean, this is all NOW, just before deployment as I understand and after infection has spread into other countries. How would sealing Chernarus off now be any use, like why would someone suggest that? Can you explain, cos it does not make sense to me. Maybe rewrite that part? Also this objective. Will this be achived in a lab? Where, in Miroslavl (cos to my knowledge the samples we took to Miroslavl, they have proper labs there) or out on the field? I hope not in some random building... hopefuly you have thought of that.
  15. Private Frequencies.

    Yeah I mean... why stop there... lets just make all TS IC channels not to have passwords... if you want to OOC, you can still have OOC locked channels... And if I capture your group member and he has radio on the frequency, I will be given right to enter that channel and listen in That would be cool...