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  1. Would like to thank all the people I have met yesterday and today... been great medical injury RP after firefight with VDV, so thank you VDV @Joffrey for making this into a story to build on. Would like to thank Chedaki for going with the random encounter we had no idea how that happened, but thats what made it [email protected] and rest of them (sry don't know you too well to mention). I would like to thank all the UN and WHO personnel and civilians who have helped me to recover and heal my wounds. Also special mention to @Jarvis Seistt, for helping me to create this into great character development. NB: Thank you all who have tuned in to my stream also. You guys have made it fun experience. I have not had this kind of support before My faith in RP has been restored, bit by bit.
  2. Staff Feedback: Chief

    Link to the situation: IC UN RADIO HIGH COMMAND RESPONSE Any supporting evidence or notes: https://www.upload.ee/image/7335428/Untitled.png Feedback: So in all due respect Chief. We the UN have been waiting on our high commands response to the situation but there have been none since Wednesday. I understand and have heard you are busy with real life and stuff. But I must admit, seeing your posts pop up in those 2 days in other threads do not feel as important to me from my and my groups PoV. See, I do believe you are aware of our situation and we are in hard times right now. I have personally spoken to you in TS and you promised to handle this situation. But we have had 20+ members sitting here doing nothing for 2 nights straight because our leaders can not make IC move unless you respond. So our RP is in halt because of one man. Yes we could go in as civilians in hiding, but that is not the point. RP is flowing dynamic entity and things happen and has happened as you can see. We are getting to a point where it is harder and harder to move on as UN unless you give us direction where to head. Suggestions for improvement: All I can ask you, you as a UN command must be more active and help us out if possible. Put as of now it seems you are avoiding to respond IC. If you do not know how to go further then please atleast let us know, so we can help or if you do not have time to deal with this, hand it over to Major, your co loremaster, so RP could go on. We are in frozen state.
  3. Red's Twitch Thread!

    RED IS LIVE NOW! JOIN US FOR SOME UN FUN! https://www.twitch.tv/red_040
  4. I will give you lore about plane - Russians. They shot it down and now you can RP OSCE observer to investigate warcrimes
  5. Kristen Klein

    Kristen Klein was born in Estonia Tartu to a family of four. Father and mother, Tarmo and Kaisa Klein, with an older brother Karl. Karl was a experienced soldier in the Estonian Armed forces in EESTISCOUTS. When growing up, Kristen used to hear thrilling war stories from his brother. But he always noticed, that his brother got all serious and even sad about it. Sometimes the stories would even end up in tears. When Kristen was 18 and finished high school, he had to join up military through conscription. He of course had always dreamed of following in his older brothers footsteps and to live up to his name. One day, when the sun was high in sky in the base, Kristen was called out of P.T. to talk with one of the superiors. When he got there, the face he saw was sad and even compassionate. Sergeant told him, he could go home on a leave, that something has happened and he should go and be with his parents for now. When he got home, dropped of by the MP-s, there were loads of cars around the house, friends and family, in tears at the door. He rushed in, not knowing what there is to be expected. Soon he would learn the news... Years passed and Kristen determined to better himself and the day came he had reached the goals he always dreamed of. When he had joined with EESTISCOUTS himself. The past had changed him into compassionate and forth thinking young man. He was ready to end all wars, as stupid and childish it sounded in his head. The calling for him was set in stone, he would join the ranks of U.N. and help people to not suffer the same faith and heartache, he had to go through.
  6. Hey man... same to you Like Radan said... he keeps mostly to myself... I guess thats why...
  7. Hey guys... enjoyed your company. Was really fun
  8. Hey u Guise

    Welcome back... I guess
  9. Website Migration

    Its hard to deal with.... it really is....
  10. The mod.

    I would love to see some sort of Arma3 mod... vehicles that work, admins can spawn zombies, we can have settlements...and more casual gameplay might make it more fun imo. ... maybe casual is what we need...
  11. Website Migration

    Whats up with avatars and also reply box is white with white text, so I do not see typos
  12. Poor man's begging thread

    Please donate to me: 1) Firewatch 2) The Long Dark Papabless!
  13. Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hostile RP, Survivor RP or Hero RP)?: Radan Perov, Hostile RP What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? (UTC+02:00) aka +1 server time, I play when I got time. How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? Word of mouth If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what do you lack? campfire RP and walking I got a hang off, but I lack hostile RP and PvP.
  14. Post Election Discussion

    [align=center]If I was American, I would be like this... [video=youtube] [/align] [align=center]This will be an interesting year for sure...[/align]