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  1. Should Donators Have More Variety Options When It Comes To Their Backgrounds?

    -snip- nvm
  2. Community standards: A critical discussion

    I do not disagree, it takes lot of dedication and work... which for some people, it will put them off sadly. Can not think of a solution though... Cos sadly sometimes people try to rush into conflict and torture and thats when some other people might get salty (like myself), that for them it feels rushed and might end up making reports. But I mean, that comes down to every individual, do they have time and patiences do drag it out that long... lot of the times this place does feel like second workplace after actual work/school IRL. Same goes for some other issues...
  3. Community standards: A critical discussion

    I personally would like to see hostileRP born out of friction. Having a crazy character who tortures for fun is boring (overdone). I would rather like to see political friction over ideas. After which conflicts and torture are manifested after countless interactions between characters or groups.
  4. Svoboda Brigada

    Yeah, thats why Im afraid this might lead to your future enemies abusing that... hope that will not be the case. Good luck none the less
  5. Svoboda Brigada

    What about that part? EDIT: Did you miss that part? not sure if that applies to anyone making request turing hostile RP or only requests by your group members to yourselves...
  6. Svoboda Brigada

    I must say, after reading the lore... this seems good. I am excited to meet you guys ingame... the only thing I am afraid for, is the PK rule... I think you will find many enemies and this group might be killed off too soon cos of it. Good luck!
  7. Netflix show... starts with sex and then DayZ gameplay :S LUL

    -Snip NSFW- Random youtube video I found... not sure what the show is about...
  8. Who got you in/motivated to make you stay in DayZRP?

    Delusion that I can achive something in RP and false hope that everything changes for the better... But I am exhausting my last resources here... not sure how long can I keep on going.
  9. Something people might find interesting

    The thing is, going in, when it presented me option for cooperation, I felt it tried to convince me straight away that is the only truth... so I resisted it by chosing cheat... I will look into it later, do not want to feel dumb EDIT: ok well, the thing is, it looks at it from broad view, but individual only sees it from his/her perspective... in this case, we saw straight on impacts when certain things were changed in behaviour and got results... IRL we see it only from our PoV and will lot of the times not see results, which imo. leads to mistrust no matter what. Not sure if I followed that correctly, but I mean, I think I knew this before...
  10. Something people might find interesting

    I lack intellectual understanding to follow this game... so I just clicked cheat lot of the times... hmmm Maybe I should come back and read it later... when not tiered
  11. War rule.

  12. Shanoby




    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I love how on the third one you can see my gif. 

  13. Add subforum under DayZ Groups

    Great discussion as usual /close
  14. Add subforum under DayZ Groups

    All change is not good... but hey... thats why you are the boss.
  15. Add subforum under DayZ Groups

    So thats a big no no, no matter what I say? cool beans...