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  1. Shanoby

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    If you wish to see DayZRP stream and see what he thinks... have fun
  2. Shanoby

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Knee pads Hip bags Drop Leg Holsters Drop Leg Bags Shemagh Scarf
  3. Shanoby

    Item Shop Discussion

    Yeah... thats fine... I get it...
  4. Shanoby

    Item Shop Discussion

    Why are OREL jackets not in there? Size wise they are as big as hunting jackets right? I need that
  5. Shanoby

    Battlefield V

    They even mess up bottle smashing effect in "official" trailer 0:55
  6. Shanoby

    DayZ Standalone Mod Video

    All these look really cool... not sure how stable or "working" they are... but none the less. 10/10
  7. Shanoby

    Bring Beans Back to Reports

    If I could, I would express myself very negatively right now... But I wont and just say: WTH? I just will never understand some of the stuff going on in this community and never will... This has no place in our community imo.
  8. Shanoby

    anyone else?

    To be fair, I see no issue... PvP is there cos now you can rob anyone for any reason... and it is great... should make people fear again walking out in the public and not treat this world like walk in the park on Sunday afternoon. On the other hand, too much bandit activity leads people to be more cautious and hiding which leads to threads like: "CampfireRP vs PvP" There should also be more HERO groups... but sadly I have been unsuccessful from starting one... hope someone does, that would also balance forces out. It is hard to balance, but I feel the more popular the server gets... the more people we get... the more chance is there to run into someone either PvP-ing or CampfireRP-ing. It is merely time of change for the server and how people react... surge of more people and bandits and rules... Scout around more, exercise more caution and you will be fine.
  9. Shanoby

    In game Premium poll

    I hate the idea having to pay for clanskins Clanskins should be for free if you can have logo on them aswell like in MOD... How big would be the update? Also if not big do the update ever Wednesday when there is Maintenance anyway?
  10. Shanoby

    A Little Bit of Conan in My Life

    When I saw thread... this is what popped into my head I love to watch little bit of Conan time to time... Also used to play the MMORPG version of Conan... that was fun for a while.
  11. Shanoby

    Excessive Reporting ?

    See the thing is... people who end up in reports usually see no fault in their action. What I have experienced, I also took the route of talking things out back in the day hoping this would be better... but then realized people are willing to say anything to get out of trouble and they do not change... even if they do get points. So I believe in punishment! Brake rules deal with it... the only way we can raise standards of RP community imo.
  12. Shanoby

    The Tortugan State - Message to the people.

    * Klein listens in and wonders if he should respond, few seconds later he pushes down PTT button * " This would sound great and all if this message came from anybody else, but you and or your friends were the ones who dealt in slave trade in Stary Sobor if I remember correctly... and any society that is built on these kind of principles, I cannot agree with. I hope this is not the case anymore for your and everyone else's sake... " * He looks at the military compound and observes the infected for a bit, before continuing his approach *
  13. Shanoby

    Was that an Admin or game that just spooked me?

    What is your scariest experience in DayZ ? Go FULL volume for immersion ! I just got spooked hard, this has never happened to me in DayZ... I am still not sure is this the game or Admin that just spooked me...
  14. Shanoby

    DayZ Server should not go over 60

    I say go to 70 - 80... try it... have not experienced lag myself so can not say. You cannot compere imo. PvP servers performance to ours considering how much loot will stay on ground and server has to keep track of on those servers .
  15. Mademoiselle

    • Mademoiselle
    • Shanoby

    Favourite song already!!!