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  1. Well when I discovered it, it stayed with my character for a week or so, but then died... so not sure if they reset over time... have to test it I guess.
  2. No I do not think it was announced, I have heard nothing about it. I just figured it out by accident... You choose like it says in guide: You either only hatchet trees or only repair clothes... If you do the one and then the other, then the SKILL arrow will reset in the middle and you will get neither benefit.
  3. I assumed it might be that... but if you can go check the bar and make sure then yep that is it. Cos once you hatchet it will go back to middle. So someone has to make sure... I was hoping it might either not use kits at all and you can endlessly repair or make things Pristine Quality. If someone can prove this, please add picture as well for the guide, thanks ?
  4. Yeah, will be interesting once someone goes and tests this. I will wait for response and so I could add it to guide ?
  5. Hello there community I have something to confess. I have kept a secret from you cos I am selfish, but no longer. Turing the infection BOOM I managed by accident figure out that softskills have been implemented into DayZ and here is how it works, kinda: On the left side of your screen, when you open your inventory with TAB, you can see needle and hammer... - When you only hatchet the trees and make lot of fires, your bar on the left side of the screen will lean slowly towards hammer - If you repair clothes, it will lean towards needle Now I do not know what the skill will be once it gets really close to needle. When it gets close to hammer, you will produce double the amount of resources when chopping down a tree, illustrated below. CAUTION: once you choose which one you want to increase, you cannot do the other one. Cause as soon as you mix it up it will reset the bar in the middle. I presume it was done so players would work together and to get all skills in one group, there would be need for cooperation. Otherwise one person would max out all these skills. Thank you, hope it helps you out and I hope someone figures out what happens when it gets close to needle ?
  6. FYI... if you would lay in that house and wait for a bit... infected lose interest eventually. ? You would learn these mechanics if you would not shoot all of them and actually try to avoid them. Try to adjust... There are solutions for all of your problems if you learn the game a bit more.
  7. PvE should be part of RP. Game should be designed/balanced in a way that it makes you feel you cannot achieve everything alone, creating RP in process. For example: If I lack food and ammo and I cannot blast entire town full of zombies ALONE, then that is good balance. Why? - Well lack of food makes me go around towns to find food. Gives me more chance for RP on the way. - If I lack ammo, that makes me go and rob/trade or recruit more people to go along with me to deal with threats and to make my life easier. - If zombies are tough enough, then I cannot ALONE kill all the infected without being in danger, which in return makes me more careful and sneak past infected rather than shoot all of them. Takes me longer to loot a town and there will be bigger chance to pump into another survivor for RP.
  8. But I mean if you make them tough... but slow... then you can just outrun and still get easy kills on them... which makes them not a threat. What you have to consider is the amount of infected you have around in one place... it is way too few of them. So if they are strong but slow then = not a threat If they are fast but weak = not a threat
  9. ??? "Zombies are boring please remove them..." *small patch later* "Zombies are too tough, can we please nerf them..." Im sorry but this feels like a bad joke but... I just do not get what the issue is all the time... I read comments like "they can spot you far away and so on..." Yet I have proven with a video that zombies have mechanics and you can avoid them. Just adjust your PvE playstile and you will be good.
  10. Im surprised nothing has been done about this... Will we change server pop amount or do we continue with the instability? @Roland @JimRP
  11. WHY are there weeb stuff on banners on top of the forum ?
  12. *Klein would listen and respond...* "Yes... that is indeed the news Im aware of... if you wish to meet, let me know... maybe we could talk about it more in person what could be done and how could I help... " "Wolf out..." *Klein puts his radio back to his vest*
  13. *Klein picks up the message and thinks for a while before responding* "This is Klein... Im still here, nice to hear from you. Is there anything I can help you with Doc?" *Klein puts his radio pack to his vest*
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