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  1. Johan a.k.a John. Was born in 24 January 1997 Norrtälje Sweden. Johan was a very social child and was very interested in the East-Europé. He was really caring and understanding but really righteous and always got in trouble for trying to deal out justice at school. At 18 years old he got into a law school in Elektrozavodsk. Chernarus was the place to be for Johan because it was a pretty calm country in a politic point of view. he lived and studied (occasionally a couple of partys) for about 2 years in Elektrozavodsk . when the news of a new civil war got to him he immediately started to pack his bags. When he understod the he wasn't able to leave Chernarus and the panic of the virus started he set of to the sewers. He snuck in the sewers at night during the fleet creation which he did think wuld end badly. after a couple of weeks he took the decision to boil and drink the blod that was flowing down the street drain in hope of making him immune to the virus if it did it or no nobody knows. After four weeks when all the supplies was gone he went to the surface.
  2. *after waiting for 2 hours Johan decides send a message * I am going to leave town to somewhere else send out a message if you want to do some target practice.
  3. *Johan gasped on the sight of the ammo laying on the shelf and reach for his radio and start sending * Hi if anyone is near Krasnostav airport and want to do some target practice respond to me and we can have fun pooping bitey's heads. *He grasp for air and almost start to choke* So if *chogh* you want to have fun respond and we can met upp. *he release the radio buton and start packing the ammo*
  4. grimstif


    i'm in if the time is right that would be the best i have some karaoke experience but not much in English but ill try. Can also be a great way to get in to the community again
  5. im in on this i will bring my sexy face (not literally though)
  6. acting? i was scared shitlesl
  7. *Johan picks his radio upp and starts transmuting* you can count with me i will arm the chickens to the i would want to talk to you if i can in the feature but i will do what i can do to help HORAH *clucking hears in the background* *he stops the transmuting and feds the chickens*
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