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  1. bitch

    1. Pestol


      oh my god. REPORTED

    2. Proxzor


      pls no dont ban me

    3. Pestol


      my dad works in microsoft and dayzrp but this time ill just give you a warning ;);););)

    4. Proxzor



    5. Pestol
    6. Murdercool


      What the actual fuck, you still alive Prox?? 

    7. Proxzor
  2. Staff and ex staff fighting, DayZRP never changes hehe. Wheres my MVP Rolle?
  3. Hello I am stuck in Silver 2, I should be at least DMG but people in my team always hold me back. Does anyone have tips what I can do to improve? I know I should be in at least DMG, does anyone want to play together to boost me?
  4. I didnt know people were allowed to copy pasta shit like this?
  5. Blïjf mäar lëkkâh bij hët Nederländsë thrëädje Hebben we die?
  6. Hey I like apps, Rolle wer iz app?
  7. Hi I want to be cook, I am playing DayZ again how do I shoot gun?
  8. I spend like 50, then earned 200 while being staff, feels good mang. I bought case keys, gotta love the negev skins. That's kinda what I meant Riiiiiiiiight
  9. Played the game yesterday since like.. 8 months I guess? The game is even worse than it was before, went into a huge fucking city, saw one zombie. Jup, seems like a pretty solid game.
  10. So you admit you were lying? I said "when I go". Not that I actually went. Riiiiiiiight, i'm watching you closely sir.
  11. I'm pretty sure you never went to a dubstep festival. No, but I do actually like some dubstep (sub)genres. So you admit you were lying?
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