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    Child Soldiers now.
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    I feel like it's been long enough that anyone who has been granted amnesty has matured over the time that they had been banned for, as a person who has been granted amnesty I'm going to be biased but even so I would agree in the past that people should be given a second chance, I'm extremely thankful to all the staff members who have allowed me back and I think just given a chance people will realise that amnesty was the way forward.
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    I don't see a problem with it at all as long as they stay in character 100% of the time, if a word here and there sounds different it's probably inexperience or an accident, if someone is changing their accent on a whim without proper reason, in my opinion, thats badRP. This is all coming from a biased perspective though so take it as you please.
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    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

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    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Kibuka Nanyonga
  6. My name is Kibuka Nanyonga since I was a little boy growing up in Kampala Uganda I was surrounded by conflict but all I wanted to do was make a lot of money and make my father proud. When I became 23 years old I had spent many years fishing in Kenya and selling the fish at the markets there, it was a simple life, no hassle, no fighting it was a dream. Every Sunday I would drink my banana gin on my boat watching the sun go down. I pondered many things, things like: how many fish are there in the ocean? Is my boat the most beautiful thing I have ever bought and what would have happened if I joined the Lords Resistance Army. Well, it didn't exactly take long for me to find out about the last one. I hadn't seen my father in years since I was 20 I believe, he gave me a suitcase of Ugandan Shillings and told me to follow my passion. He made me stay away from the LRA all my life, it was brutal and now that Joseph Kony had all that attention anyone caught under the LRA would be butchered by locals. However, that didn't stop him showing up 3 years later offering me lots of money for transporting weapons, drugs, people and other wealthy things to many places around the world. I accepted of course, who doesn't want to make a lot of money. I was now a smuggler for the LRA, I had been tasked with the transportation of some AK type rifles and a high ranking officer: "Alphonse Lamola" to some mobsters in Russia who for whatever reason were involved with us, it was a long journey, a very long one I tell you. From Kenya, along with the Somalian coast, pirates didn't bother us they viewed us as savages, up the Suez canal and to Cyprus. Once at Cyprus I refuelled and continued through Turkey where it all went wrong. The black sea was a treacherous environment and the lengths that my boat had already gone through was just too much, all I remember is capsizing and a large cold feeling rush over my body. With nobody and nothing, I search for food, family, protection anything that will keep me alive in this godforsaken land.
  7. Nice to see you again Iceman Miss our African RP Hey Western
  8. Hey Cipher Thank you pal, don't recall you though I'm sorry I've forgotten everyone I'm a terrible person
  9. Hey guys, I'm back. Don't know how many of you will remember me because I wasn't a big popular boy and the most notable thing was probably my character, Kibuka Nanyonga. I'd like to take this opportunity to dispell any beef I had in the past since this is a clean slate and all, I'd also like to thank the staff here at DayZRP for granting me amnesty and giving me a second chance, I've missed this place and I can't wait to get back into the RP.
  10. I have cross-referenced facts from different sources and the only one which I'm a little unsure of is the government sale price, I say 1 cent but there have been multiple sources stating $1 but around equal sources saying 1 cent. Either way, it's still cheap for the government to buy as far as I'm concerned. As I've stated if there's anything I've got wrong I'm happy to take criticism.
  11. I'm sure we've all heard about Martin Shkreli if not here's a brief introduction he's an American entrepreneur and pharmaceutical executive. He is a co-founder for multiple companies and founded his own company Turing Pharmaceuticals, who acquired the manufacturing licence for Daraprim which is an antiparasitic drug used to prevent a toxoplasmosis infection in people with HIV. He raised the price from $13.50 to $750 this spike in price was covered in the media as if he was going out of his way to kill people and to make the drug unavailable, however, they failed to mention that two-thirds of the sales of Daraprim were to federal and state health programs at a price of 1 cent per pill. It's true Shkreli has made an absolute killing off of it however he has stated that the company spends 60% percent of their profits on research and development for the drug this is 4 times more than the average drug company. This is so that they can create or find another drug that can replace Daraprim as it makes the people taking it very sick and he wishes for a drug you can take that doesn't hurt the user. Another great thing about Shkreli is that he's a provocateur and doesn't care what the media or other people think, he's a strong individual and in this time of political correctness I think we need more people like him, you could call him an asshole but he's made a name for himself and fortune on top of it. I'd like to hear people's arguments if you feel differently and if I've gotten anything wrong please don't hesitate to correct me.
  12. I'm a 2016er and don't have an ounce of relevancy but I can agree, RP is repetitive and at this point, you have to be thick-skinned or you're screwed, you have to be an asshole and it's getting a bit old. If you're nice you're considered weak and an easy target. I look forward to a lore wipe whenever it happens, clean slate!
  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because the intent of my post was to invoke a moral. I was providing the worst case scenario, as there was no proper response to my hypothetical situation it was seen as a bit of a joke Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I did not mean for the post to be received that way and apologise What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like my warning points removed What could you have done better?: Made it clear that I was trying to invoke a moral.