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  1. Lancashire, England. (Greater Manchester is a myth that was created in the 70s to remove our historical heritage.)
  2. Yeah so basically every time I put the password in for the server it just gives me the memory error 0x3f982e80 refreneced memory at 0x00000168 and yeah I can't do anything pls fix ty xoxoxo
  3. WhiskeyFoxtrot

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    this is by far the greatest post ever made on this website
  4. *He would take a bite out of the leg of goat he had previously prepared and push the PTT* *Audible chewing would be heard and then a man with an African accent would begin to speak* Oh great another one of dese muddafuckas who tink dey are scary listen mista you are not givin yourself a reputation you are just saying "look at me i am weak you cant catch me" how about you torture de man you're after den fuckin retards i swear *He would release the PTT and take another bite of the succulantly cooked goat leg which had been spiced with garlic and marjoram*
  5. WhiskeyFoxtrot

    Interview With A Community Member: Solo

    Glad to have been mentioned, love you bro Got my 5 seconds of forum fame lets get these beans (or not)
  6. I like looking at the way my character looks and 1st person never feels right, balancing realism and how fun the game is, is very important and having too much realism always ruins it. It's gotta be a -1 for me because I feel it actually allows amushes to work since camoflauge in video games isn't very effective at the moment creating more variety in hostile encounters because you never know when you're going to get initiatied on.
  7. WhiskeyFoxtrot

    Arma 3 Modded RP Server

    Nah sounds like a bad idea, Arma 3 is a trash a game and it's absolutely horrible to roleplay on, the mods are terrible and it's just a waste of money,
  8. *He would place down his machete on the table and pick up the radio, pushing the PTT button speaking in an African accent* Hello people of South Zagoria, I am broadcasting this message to all the African brothers out there I am calling for you to contact me in hopes that we may join forces I know of one man of African descent however I do not know his name Using this information I assume there are more of you out there Contact me back on this frequency and we can work things out *He would release the PTT and return to sharpening his blade*
  9. WhiskeyFoxtrot

    What's your favourite dayZRP Jargon!

    "does anyone have any 556?" most common phrase in Kabanino back in 2016
  10. Gonna leave this last track here for the night, always loved the prodigy as a kid and that. (Pendulum's remix is also very good)
  11. Was waiting for someone to drop this one, didn't expect it to be you Beni
  12. Aye that's a decent one that, you ever bothered with big DnB/Bassline events? I'm off to Distortion on the 15th of Dec to see what it's like, mostly just listen to it in clubs atm, only got into the scene around August
  13. Here's a cheeky media thread since I have a few screenshots. Here's Kibuka in a pipe.
  14. Alright pal, nice to see you've also come back.
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