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  1. Thank you Caleb for the moments on the road today, it was enjoyable not to travel alone. Even though things went south in the end, I hope my character had atleast a small impact on yours.
  2. IGN: Zane Nolen Age: 19 Country: Sweden English skills: Basically everyone thinks I'm from Canada when they frst hear my voice DayZ Mod Experience: I didn't play much of the mod as I was quite young when I first heard of it and therefore never really got into it the way I have with the Standalone DayZ Standalone Experience: I've played the Standalone quite on/off since it's release but gotten very active since the 0.60 update Roleplaying Experience: Mediocre at best but I'm working on it which is why I'm looking for a group What kind of In Game role best describes you: I prefer being a support/medic role since my character is a former field medic Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Best way to contact you: PM, steam Backstory: Zane's backround as a field medic is what got him into the mess of Chernarus in the first place, he was captured during a simple reconnaissance mission, in Takistan, by supposed rebels. He later learned that the so called rebels were actually soldiers gone rogue with the reason being that they refused to uphold the order to shut down the border between Chernarus and Takistan. They had for quite some time attempted to establish radio contact with the remaining survivors of the infection, but with no luck. Zane however, who was not a flagged deserter had no issue passing through the border control unnoticed and was therefore asked by the group of 'rebels' to enter Chernarus and try to make contact from the radio station in Altar. After a lot of convincing Zane agreed to do what they asked, without knowing the many possible outcomes. In the end there was nothing he could do to save the survivors and was instead stranded in the wasteland, forced to make do with what he has and make choices he's never had to make before.
  3. Shame the entire freaking server went nuts and pulled me back to Cherno where I last logged off (was that just me by the way?)
  4. Stumbled upon the Outrun camp in Vavilovo today, awesome setup you guys got
  5. Thanks to Dan for todays chat in Novy, cool backstory man Zane
  6. Zane Nolen

  7. To everyone who was involved in the hospital incident at Pavlovo military base, just reaching out to say that was some epic roleplay and to see which ones of you see this. Thanks! Zane
  8. Alright, thanks everyone!
  9. Hello everyone, I've searched for similar topics but I haven't found an answer to my question so sorry if there's something on this forum which answers my question and this topic ends up being useless As the topic reads my character background story seems to be too epic for DayZRP to handle. I can only fit 7986 characters out of my 15291. I really enjoyed writing this and it sucks that I can't fit it in the form so now I'm wondering if I can send it some other way (via PM or something) or if I need to shorten my story somehow (which would be a goddamn pain in the ass if I may add.) Answers are appreciated, I'll see you in Chernarus very soon