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"I'll fight people with my kilt and bagpipes."

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  1. Syoto

    Item shop descriptions

    Motorbike Helmet: Great for fightclub! Shirt: The perfect apparel for cutting down trees. Tactical Gloves: Tactics not included.
  2. Syoto

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    no sleepyhead
  3. Syoto

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nope. Eagle.
  4. Syoto

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

  5. Syoto

    Islamic State of Takistan and Chernarus

  6. Syoto

    Starting Clothing

    I would love to choose what clothing my character spawns with. Light blue checked shirts are my favourite clothing item but I hardly ever find them.
  7. Syoto

    Dayz 0.63 modify lag spikes

    Perhaps it's just the server itself then. Didn't realise you were having stable performance beforehand. Depends on what monitor you're upgrading to, and what you play etc. Feel free to PM me if you need advice on upgrades and such
  8. Syoto

    Dayz 0.63 modify lag spikes

    Yeah, they're really not the best for gaming and is most likely the source of your lag spikes. Here's a benchmark to give you some idea on it http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1060-6GB-vs-AMD-RX-Vega-8-Ryzen-iGPU/3639vsm441833 (However, I wouldn't recommend buying a 1060 for Dayz, that'd be so much overkill. I use mine for games like D2, BF1 etc.)
  9. Syoto

    Dayz 0.63 modify lag spikes

    Ah right. Prebuilt gaming PC's usually come in different models depending on the build. Do you have a standalone graphics card, or just the APU? The integrated graphics on that processor are awful for gaming, but the processor itself is okay.
  10. Syoto

    Dayz 0.63 modify lag spikes

    Is it a prebuilt gaming PC? If so, any idea on the model?
  11. Syoto

    Dayz 0.63 modify lag spikes

    Do you know what your PC specs are? Sounds like a hardware issue. I always maintain at least 100 FPS with no spikes.
  12. Syoto


    somebody help. i have the cold 😞

  13. Syoto

    Day of the Dead (Last Stand)

    @MoodyOG @Pool You guys and rest of the group down for this?
  14. Syoto

    This event was literally cancer...

    I didn't attend this event, nor do I know what went into the planning of this event, however; I think something like a basic invasion style event to protect a town or general area would be a far better alternative while you work out the kinks of creating events. Also, let community members help out if they choose to do so. I'm not sure if spawned in items despawn like regular items, but if they don't, spawn the rewards in first, then begin the event. I get why there was a mass of wolves/zombies spawned in, but in future, perhaps set designated points where you will spawn infected or wolves based along the path an event takes.
  15. Syoto

    Accents are kind of lame?

    Accents are fine tbh. I don't do other accents simply because my accent is too prevalent, so it just sounds weird. Plus my family would give me weird ass looks. I only have a problem with it when people change accents on a whim consistently.