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  1. Syoto

    My time has come.

    Cya on Fallout 76 m80.
  2. Syoto


    This looks fucking sick. I can definitely see the democratic side, as Kazimir was openly talking about ways of defending the town, and was open to input from the other residents of the town as well regarding security against the RED's. After running into your security teams yesterday, and seeing more of them regularly leave to go on patrols and culling the local infected infestation, and Brody being given a chance to live by Kazimir despite chasing several members around with an axe due to his mental instability, instead of just being gunned down, and roleplaying with both you and Kain previously and having plenty of good banter OOC, I really do think you guys will go places with this group, both IC and OOC.
  3. Syoto

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I actually had it in my backpack the whole time but didn't realise till I was trapped in the shed lmao
  4. Syoto

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Brody would've just kept taking the piss out of the idea of a weaponised bear balloon lmao.
  5. Syoto

    Unique Faces (1st September 2018)

    Remove Sam as a saviour please and add this character as a burnout https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6948/
  6. Syoto

    Various Shenanigans

    me irl
  7. Syoto

    OFFICIAL What Guns would you like to see in DayZ?

    Definitely this.
  8. Childhood Brody grew up in a wealthy district in Fife, Scotland. He led a rich childhood, funded by his wealthy Mother, Jean, who was a successful doctor with her own private practise, and his father who was a retired fighter pilot. He grew up as a fairly bright kid, doing decent in his studies in primary school. However, this was not to last, as his mother was arrested for malpractice, and his father dying of a stroke in the weeks afterward when he was 12. This led to Brody being put into a foster home, as his only grandparents wanted nothing to do with him after the news of their daughters sin. He was ridiculed in every foster home he was moved to, and would often get into fights and confrontations because of this. By the time he was 14, he had been sent to several juvenile detention centers for crimes ranging from petty theft, to assault and battery. It was here that he met Jess. Jess was almost completely opposite to him. Where she preferred to act carefully and plan long term, Brody acted in the present, thinking little for the future, except in severe cases where it concerned him or Jess directly. Jess preferred others to do her dirty work for her, while Brody relished in beating other kids up. Because of this, they formed a healthy working relationship, with Jess smuggling in items such as drugs, phones, food etc into the detention center, while Brody would beat those that tried to scam or did not pay up when asked, and handled all the other dirty work Jess would not sully herself with. Adulthood Upon their 19th birthdays, at which point Jess was diagnosed as a High Functioning Sociopath, while Brody was diagnosed as Low Functioning, they had started to branch out into more nefarious and lucrative avenues, starting off by raiding hospital lockers filled with “Laughing gas” nitrous oxide canisters to resell. After several months, they had near control over all black market nitrous oxide distributions across central Scotland. However, Brody started to get out of control, after he beat the skull in of an 18 year old guy who burst the tires of his van. This caused Jess to force Brody to begin taking morphine as a means of mellowing him out, with it working most of the time, save for the occasional gruesome beating or murder. At the age of 21, Jess and Brody’ were busted by the police in a major operation to shut down large swaths of the nitrous oxide business. Luckily, Jess had contacts in some backwater Eastern European country from when they smuggled several containers full there. This allowed them to lay low for a while, while they counted their losses and set up to rebuild in Eastern Europe. The Outbreak However, the infection turned that plan on its head. While living in Chernagorsk, the pair were thrown into hell as the infection spread into the main towns. The pair attempted evacuation into Miroslavl, but by the time they had reached the Kamenka checkpoint, there were more dead or infected than living. This forced them towards the Russian border, where they were met by a hail of gunfire, with Brody being wounded after he was shot in the right shoulder, and being grazed on the front of his throat. Jess did what she could do nurse him back to health, seeing him as a valuable asset to have in this new world, but one night, she was kidnapped by some Russian soldiers, after hiding an unconscious Brody in a ditch, leaving only the other half of the yin and yang necklace they both wore, to signify the perfectness of their relationship , and Brody would have thought she left him, were it not for the nail marks in the ground, and her empty backpack with her items strayed around everywhere. Meeting Ian After deciding to go searching in Russia for his long term partner in crime, Brody encountered a man by the name of Ian. After spending a short time together, Brody realised that Ian shared many similarities to Jess. After Ian probed information out of Brody about Jess’ kidnapping, he struck a deal with Brody, promising to get Jess back for him if Brody proves himself to Ian and is worth the risk. Brody agreed, begrudgingly, not liking working for anybody other than Jess even remotely. As they set out through Russia, with Brody meeting Everest, a fellow associate of Ian, they discovered that Brody was prone to violent outbursts of blood thirsty rage, after Brody broke the legs of a Russian bandit who tried to attack Ian, after which Brody put him on the roof of a nearby apartment complex and blocked the rooftop door as he left, stranding the bandit on the roof. Ian quickly got Brody back on the morphine after that, but kept him on it almost always, except in the most dire of situations. Now, Brody is kept in line, for the most part, if only because of the morphine, and Ian being his one chance at finding the one person he can tolerate on the planet.
  9. Syoto

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Some great RP with @GenjiRP tonight. I enjoyed Fae alienating Sam even more from Skye than he already is. Some good laughs between them as well, especially with the condom balloons
  10. Syoto

    For the few people who knows me :)

    Welcome back!
  11. Syoto

    The art of ambience

    This is my current go to
  12. Syoto

    Just 2 guys, locking tongues.

    Can confirm. Was very saucy
  13. Syoto

    Platform Switch Discussion

    Okay. I understand now. Personally however, I think switching to Arma 3 of all games is the worst thing to do. Arma 3 is notorious for running shit on even unmodded servers, it'll buckle if we use even the most basic mod packs on a 75 man exile server. Then you've got to account for how long this will take to set up, the drama that will ensue because of it, and the population that will leave too. That's all for something that might just be a complete flop. I think a small exile server side project might be nice, but that's as far as I'd go. At the end of the day, 0.63 won't save the game like people hope it will. They'll still have the same shit development cycle they currently have, and .64 probably won't come out till q1 2020 at this rate. I personally think the best way to get things active again is for the Dayz development team to focus majorly on mod support after .63, because, while it'll still be a sub par game, the community can add what it actually wants, and not be tied down by Bohemias atrocious development speed.
  14. Syoto

    Platform Switch Discussion

    I'm not sure I understand what you're suggesting. Are you suggesting DayzRP divert its focus to a different game entirely, and leave Dayz behind, or just start a new side project to trickle in new players?
  15. Syoto

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Hell of a good fight between us and you guys. We'll get you next time though