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  1. was born to a fairly wealthy family in the rural subarbs of Edinburgh. He began his studies in medicine at the University of Glasgow at the age of 16, after his father, a neurosurgeon, pulled strings with colleagues he had in the university. However, by the time he was 17, he had decided to take a gap year, and met people of a questionable nature on the dark web, who had all sorts of plans in a backwater Eastern European country called Chernarus. He decided to take the leap and go there, under the guise of going on a sight seeing trip with the money he had saved from his part time job. However, it was not to be, as shortly after he arrived, the infection had broke out in the north of Chernarus, and flights out of the country were shut down in the following days, leaving him stranded in the country. Once the airport was abandoned by the CDF forces defending it, he managed to secure passage with them as they retreated westwards, claiming to be a doctor, reasoning that there might not be many doctors left if things get worse. Thus, he spent the next year and a half in Novigrad, where he was conscripted as a doctor, but performed many other tasks such as surgery of many forms, childbirth delivery, treatment of infected individuals in the early days of the infection etc. It was during these early days that he operated under the guise of humanly treating those who had been too mortally wounded to be worth the limited resources the CDF had left, when in actuality he was using them for his own cruel and twisted operations, experiments and research. Minor things, like rearranging the muscles in peoples eyes to make them squint, to performing botched bone extensions. However, this was discovered, and he then fled CDF controlled territory, deciding to flee back towards Chernarus, after hearing about the lack of an established presence there by any major factions save for local hostile groups and neutral settlements. Of course, he still wonders about the people he found on the dark web 2 years ago, and still expresses a desire to meet them. -WIP-
  2. Onyx

    What's the funniest RP experience you've had.

    It's gotta be between @MrPanda fucking me over and selling me out after I tried to yoink some drugs, the time I sat and begged on Kabanino road to 5 different groups of people for a pair of pants, or the time when @ScarletRose failed to warn me about a wolf and promptly gave me a heart attack.
  3. Onyx

    What's the funniest RP experience you've had.

    Holy shit you recorded it
  4. Onyx

    Favourite TV Show Growing Up

    Fuck me, listening to these after so long is a real fuckin' nostalgia trip.
  5. Onyx

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    I hate the current whitelist with a damn passion. A mentally deficient monkey could get past the current whitelist system. I'd much rather we go back to the old whitelist system that actually filtered out this shit.
  6. Onyx

    Assassin's Creed Unity Free Until 25th of April

    Unity may be shit, but it's a cool thing for them to do, I guess.
  7. Onyx

    S1 Tisy Summer Camp: Killing of Compliant Hostage 3:57

    Verdict: @-CML-NorWayy - Invalid Kill/Lying in a report - Guilty @Squillium - False report - Not guilty Summary: @Squillium is at Tisy Summer Camp where @-CML-NorWayy initiates on him and proceeds to rob him and take him as a hostage with @Zorull. They warn the people in the camp that any shots towards them will result in the death of @Squillium. After they leave the camp, the Revenants in the camp utilised their defender rights and opened fire on @Zorull and @-CML-NorWayy at which point a gunfight breaks out and @Squillium is killed. Now, to address the rule breaks. @-CML-NorWayy We understand that you warned the people in the camp not to shoot at you or @Zorull lest @Squillium be killed, however this is not a valid demand, as the people who shot and killed you were not part of Dredgens, @Squillium's group, therefore you did not gain execution rights on @Squillium when they opened fire on you. Had this been a Dredgens member, it would be different, and your kill would be considered valid however this was not the case. As per the rules, you can only give demands like the ones you gave in the camp, to approved group members of the hostage, and can only execute people if the approved group they are a part of, opens fire on you or your demands in a negotiation are not met. Finally, you will be found guilty for lying in a report, as you insist at the end of the video, you were waking up. However, you shoot Squillium at 1:56 after you are shot at and kill him at 1:58 when you announce his death. The logs however show you were knocked out 6 seconds later after killing Squillium, as well as 6 seconds later in the video. At this point, you would not have woken back up for 36 seconds like the logs show us. However, you claim throughout the report that you woke back up at the end of the clip, only 19 seconds later. Even though there is a delay between waking up and the logs showing you regaining consciousness, it is not a 17 second delay. However, as for the metagaming accusation, due to the lack of evidence, and the video cutting out mid sentence in the video, combined with the POV's of what happened after word being Word vs Word, we do not have enough evidence to determine the scale of which Norway may have metagamed, as the video cuts out mid sentence, and as such, this will be marked as inconclusive. However, in future, please keep rule 3.3 in mind for future situations. As for the counter report, we see no reason to punish @Squillium for false report. As you say Norway, you covered letting his dynamic allies know that if they shoot at you, then @Squillium will be killed yet they shot at you anyway. This was their choice, and @Squillium cannot be faulted for their decision to open fire on you. The rules which support the verdict can be found below: 4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. A character that is taken hostage may be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was personally responsible for, or participated in a death of your ally. In any other circumstances, hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios: Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape. Hostages pose a direct threat to you or your group, for example by picking up a weapon when not allowed to. Hostages do not value their life, for example they repeatedly talk back or insult you despite being told to stop. Approved group of the hostage refuses to negotiate or opens fire on hostage takers. Demands from negotiations with approved group of the hostage have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed. I would however like to make a note that there was an opportunity for more potential roleplay here, as there were only two aggressors and at least an equal number of Revenants. You could have tried to negotiate with @-CML-NorWayy @Zorull and perhaps attempt to bribe them or convince them to let @Squillium go. Conclusion: @-CML-NorWayy - Invalid kill (roleplayed)/Lying in a report - Guilty - 7 day ban and 10 warning points - Metagaming - Inconclusive @Squillium - False Report - Not Guilty Signed by: @RandyRP & @Onyx with notes
  8. Onyx

    S1 US | BadRP West of Sinistok | 14/04/2019 7:54 PM

    Thank you @Vini Your temp ban has been lifted. Keep an eye on this report for any further questions. We need a POV in your OWN words, not just a copy of your allies.
  9. Onyx

    S1 US | BadRP West of Sinistok | 14/04/2019 7:54 PM

    We require a full POV in your own words regardless if yours is similar to someone else's POV. @imbranden Your temp ban has been lifted. Keep an eye on this report for any further questions.
  10. Onyx

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nope. Cookie.
  11. Onyx

    Review group recruits

    I don't see a need for this. Staff doesn't need to get involved with every facet of the community, if I'm honest, especially when we're all busy as it is. Group leaders are perfectly capable of doing something like this on their own, in my opinion
  12. Onyx

    Old Timers

    //Archived upon request. o7 boys.
  13. Onyx

    S1 US | BadRP West of Sinistok | 14/04/2019 7:54 PM

    @Kernetic, @Vini, @Dustin Durabolin and @imbranden will all be temporarily banned due to it being more than 24 hours since they were called in.
  14. Onyx

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Goddamnit. Xehara
  15. Onyx

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Get double memed. TryaxReck
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