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  1. Inb4 we start seeing this fucker at Kamensk
  2. Been on a nostalgia trip while my immune system fights the flu.
  3. I see Halo stuff =  Instant Follow and a +1 every day. 

    1. Onyx


      Jerome > Locke

  4. Alan would've fucking loved that. At least he got one last bike ride, surrounded by the people he loved and connected with the most.
  5. You were a great admin. Cheers for awarding me the green shield ?

    1. Quiet


      You'll do well, Onyx!

  6. Congrats bud! You deserve the big red shield ?

    1. Zanaan


      Appreciate it onyx. 

  7. Yikes, what a night. @ScarletRose @yuthee @Roman @Stagsview Thanks for that epic hostage situation, I can never trust you anymore Yuthee ? @Wong and the French Legion boys. Cheers for carting me off down to Zelenegorsk lads. @Veryniceperson @FireDude Thanks for that medical RP. Sorry I ruined your pants by puking on them FireDude ? Shoutout to the medics who came into Zelengorsk to help me too, forgot your names. Cheers to everybody else who I ran into or helped Brody out tonight!
  8. Awesome to see you making this a group, Templar. That RP in the house was some of the best dynamic hostile RP without an initiation I've had, so I know you're going to do awesome, buddy.
  9. 1. The Press 2. Free Territory 3. The House
  10. Congratulations Max. You deserve the red shield. You're gonna make a great admin ? 

    1. DrMax


      Who is this and what have you done with Onyx? 

      Thank you ❤️ 

  11. Onyx


    Welcome back to the community! If you have any problems or questions, feel free to PM myself or another staff member!
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