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"Yeah, I know, I'm heading into hell. Whatever."

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  1. Onyx

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Ima try make this one short, but fuck me was tonight good. @Cocomii It was great playing with you bud, looking forward to playing again! @Lyca Brody has a new friend poggers! Sorry about the pants thing (Glad to see you're back, I remember you from when I first started playing again!) @KnightsTemplar I fucking shit myself when I remembered who you were, hence why I ran back away from you lmao. @Barbarian Hope you fucked Joe up for me mate! I'll never forget our road flare rave haha. @yuthee AYYY NOLAN MATE Cheers to everybody else I ran into today, especially those poor people that encountered me wearing wellies with no pants on the road to Kabanino!
  2. Onyx

    S1: BadRP/Invalid Kill In Stary Sabor 14/12/18

    We had no chat of any sort, you told me you're having a barbecue after we asked if you needed help, then you initiated on us. I also never lost anything, nor do I care even slightly about losing weapons or gear considering I very rarely PvP. Okay? Am I supposed to be a psychic? All I saw was the level of engagement with your hostages slowly decline when District turned up. It took a guy literally badmouthing you to get you back to RPing with us, your hostages. You can figure whatever you like. I posted my POV because I was tagged and requested to do so, and posted this evidence because I'm obligated to. My honest advice for you? Don't do hostile RP yet. Stick with more passive RP while you get accustomed to the rules on the server, and the quality of RP that is expected, especially considering cannibalism is a very hard form of hostile RP to do correctly. I will not be responding here any further unless requested by staff to prevent back and forth.
  3. Onyx

    S1: BadRP/Invalid Kill In Stary Sabor 14/12/18

    Brody Graham POV: So me and @Cocomii are walking through Stary. We see a car with a few infected outside of the green house so we offer help, thinking they might be getting hassled by infected. The accused then burst out, initiating on us with no prior roleplay and herd us into the house. I am relieved of my weapon, radio and told to sit in a corner. Coco is walked upstairs and told to strip so they can search her gear, presumably. I ask of their motives, and why they need so many people for a barbecue etc. They then bring in another guy who just stumbles upon the situation, things just kind of stagnate for the whole situation when District shows up, and the other hostages are left to talk between themselves for a while until one of them gets mouthy with his captors. Before anything could come of that however, they just sprint off without saying a word. On a side note, it is not my, nor anybody elses responsibility to ensure you, or your friends do not rulebreak while in RP. OOC chat is restricted for emergencies and asking for permission to relog etc, not educate you on you breaking rules. I also do not believe for a single second that you didn't take anybody's gear for your own personal benefit. I will be uploading a cut version of my evidence just for simplicity's sake, however I will PM staff the full unedited videos, as they just contain events unrelated to the RP.
  4. Onyx

    S1: BadRP/Invalid Kill In Stary Sabor 14/12/18

    Will post my POV later along with video evidence of the situation.
  5. Onyx

    Should DayZRP add a weapon redux mod?

    Because Rolle doesn't want to rely on other content creators, because they'll often throw up fits when they see that the server is monetised etc.
  6. Onyx

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some great hostile RP with @TReed99 and the other saviour lad present. Enjoyed the situation as a whole guys. Initiation was a bit iffy, thought it was gonna be a "10 sec drop wep" robbery but I'm glad I was proven wrong. Hope to run into you guys in the future. @GreenySmiley Cheers for the RP, apologies if it was actually hard to understand my accent, still working on it haha. Glad we found your sister in the end though. Brody tries to do his good deed of the week and gets robbed for it
  7. Onyx

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    We need to create proper ned characters like these at some point mate 😂

    1. BrianM


      Definitely 😂 

  8. Onyx

    Interview With A Community Member: Cipher

    I had a feeling your name was an Ace Combat Zero reference, but didn't wanna seem like a lunatic by asking lmao. Hmu when AC7 comes out boyo
  9. Onyx

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @KnightsTemplar Had fun with you guys in Lop today, couldn't find your mates account but you guys were great, loved the subtle strong arming you guys were doing, A great way of doing hostile RP, I hope to run into you guys again!
  10. Onyx


    Meh. I can take it or leave it, although I'd rather they weren't added because a few of them don't have animations for taking the gun out, and some are kinda fucky.
  11. Onyx

    Yo yo Yo

    That's cool. Hmu if you got any questions my guy.
  12. Onyx

    Yo yo Yo

    Stirlingshire boyo reporting in! Welcome to the community mate.
  13. Onyx

    Teamspeak 3 Memorial Thread

  14. Descendants

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    I miss you 😞 

  15. Onyx

    DayZ BETA discussion thread

    This game doesn't deserve any sympathy, nor do its developers. It's been five years of broken promises, dogshit development/PR. This isn't 1.0, this is a watered down piece of shit excuse of a game. All 1.0 does is give them an out to wipe Dayz off their hands at any point and say "that's all we intend on developing, bye!". It's 3 fucking days to "launch" and the game is still plagued with bugs. And then they're increasing the price for what is literally an inferior product compared to the end of .62 I would seriously reccomend that people check out Miscreated if you want a decent survival game to play when you're not RPing. It's everything this game wants to be and has come a long way from its rough development start, and launches on December 18th.