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  1. Sasha was born to a young couple who had just gotten married, before his father, Anton, went to serve in the CDF. His mother, Anna, was a nurse at the local hospital in Miroslavl, and as such, received above average care during her pregnancy. After he was born, they moved to Zelenogorsk in South Zagoria, since his father was stationed at the local base under the 66th Mechanized. Anna abandoned her medical career and instead opened a shop, which allowed her to make extra income on top of Anton’s wages from the military, while still being able to raise her son. As such, Sasha lived a relatively comfortable life, and had little to worry about, compared to some of the more impoverished families in the SZ Oblast. While growing up, his father would always encourage him to provide continuously to the state, and help Chernarus grow and prosper. As Sasha grew up, this turned him into somewhat of a patriot, and expressed his wish to join the military like his father when he was 7, which pleased Anton, but worried Anna. Anna however taught him to respect others, and take other people’s circumstances into account, before making judgements, as well as to show compassion, even if he wants to value the state above all else like Anton. Thus, Sasha was left trying to maintain a steady balance between both standpoints, as he did not wish to disappoint his mother or father. Sasha one week prior to his conscription. However, 2009 would change him forever, as the civil war was to break out that year. Anna was killed in the civil war by a ChDKZ patrol while trying to protect Sasha. Sasha was then subjected to a brutal beating by the patrol, before being left for dead. Luckily, US Marines were in the process of beginning a counterattack to liberate the city, and so the ChDKZ patrol retreated, leaving Sasha for dead, however he was recovered by a squad of marines and brought to a field hospital. As more and more units retreated westwards, he and Anton prepared for the worst. Anton was soon drafted into the military, being incorporated into the 22nd “Svarog” Mechanized Battalion, leaving Sasha to fend for himself for the most part. Anton took his wife’s death hard, becoming even more nationalistic and xenophobic towards anybody who wasn’t Chernarussian, and outright hating anybody of Russian descent. After the civil war, he soon left the military, in order to raise his son, but instead turned into a drunk, trying to overcome the grief of his wife’s death. This meant Sasha was emotionally left alone, trying to overcome his mother’s death, while struggling with school, and his father’s drunken ramblings and antics. Over the years, he became more like his father, adopting some of his nationalistic views, and an extreme xenophobia towards Russians. However, his mother’s lessons stayed with him, and so, while not a fan of foreigners, he didn’t hate them, but didn’t like them either. In 2015, Sasha and Anton moved back to Miroslavl, as they tried to leave behind the horrible memories and experiences they suffered in the civil war. This helped for a time, and Anton was able to become sober, and started working at a local factory. Things seemed to be getting better, however this would not last for long. In July 2017, the infection had broke out, and had taken South Zagoria by storm. Sasha didn’t think much of it at the time, comparing it to the western movies Anton would sometimes bring back for them to watch. He had full faith that the now mighty CDF, helped to grow in strength and power thanks to the Kozlov regime which he and Anton both supported with a zealous attitude, would be able to handle the infection swiftly, and with ease. However, when he seen the 45th Kladivo Tank Battalion move towards Miroslavl AFB, retreating from the South Zagoria Oblast, he felt that the situation was going to get dire, and the news only confirmed this suspicion. As more and more units retreated westwards, he and Anton prepared for the worst. Anton was soon drafted into the military, being incorporated into the 22nd “Svarog” Mechanized Battalion, leaving Sasha to fend for himself for the most part. Sasha (Right) undergoing CBRN training at a training installation near Miroslavl. In June 2019, he received a letter that detailed his conscription. He reacted with mixed feelings, happy to be serving his country, but worried about where he would be stationed. When writing these concerns to Anton, Anton only wrote back 3 words “Serve your country.” And so he did, boarding the bus along with other conscripts from all age groups, as they transported them to a training site outside of Miroslavl. The training was gruelling, but what was more gruelling was learning that he would be enlisted into the 31st NBC Battalion. His father would often write about the rumours he heard about them, and talk about it from the other conscripts there didn’t help him. He has now finished his training, and is on his way to South Zagoria to meet up with the 31st NBC Battalion.
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    Happy birthday dude. Hope you have a good day.


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    S1 - Invalid Kill - Military base by Vybor

    Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Calling in: @Logan Conners - POSTED For his full POV and any evidence he may have. Keep posts strictly to POV's and evidence only, do not contribute to back and forth. Furthermore, due to forum inactivity, @Logan Conners will be temporarily banned until he provides his POV.
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    S1: Invalid Kill in Polana - 07/17/2019 02:43

    Further back and forth will not be tolerated. This is your only warning.
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    A Tank that Panzer drew Kyle before she left the Fifty Two

    Looks like a scuffed Leopard 2. 3/10
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    Nah, keep it. You make it so S2 is only accessible at certain times, then it'll just go back to being the loot server, and then there will be requests to keep S2 open at all times again. I think it works perfectly right now. Some groups are based on S1, some are on S2. It's not ideal when the server is at low pop, but I think it's better than keeping S2 locked until 70 people are on S1.
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    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    Because it's an Eastern European country that isn't exactly the most developed? I doubt very many of the 3.8 million people that live in Chernarus are even going to watch Twitch, never mind buy a twitch shirt.
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    S2 - Vybor Metagaming 10/07/2019 3am

    Summary: @jereme511 is taken hostage by @Eagle, @G19RP, @Helix & @MrPanda and they proceed to RP with him while he is their hostage, however he transmits on the radio with his hands up, and is let go once the RP ends. Explanation: This is a pretty open and shut case here. @jereme511 when you have your hands up, this instantly removes your ability to transmit on the radio. There is no such thing as the PTT of the radio "being stuck", or any ability to continue transmitting once you surrender. In future, when you surrender to somebody, or have your radio removed, you should immediately mute any third party communications and cease giving out any form of information through 3rd party platforms until you acquire a new radio. @Axel Volaris we understand your wish to take the blame, since you ordered @jereme511 to do this, however it is up to each individual member to make sure they know the rules they must abide by. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. See below for the rules you broke: With that, the following will now apply: Verdict: @jereme511 - Metagaming - GUILTY | 3 DAY BAN AND 10 WARNING POINTS. Signed by: @Kieran & @Saunders
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    Yeah, please remove the twitch shirt from the game please, thanks.
  10. This looks sick dude. Hope this takes off!
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    Interview With A Community Member: Luke

    This thread is wholesome as fuck. Nice interview chief, please wander into HD stoned more often
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    GMAK Staff Application

    I hereby sponsor this man's entrance into support.
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    S2 - Vybor RDM

    Since it has been over 24 hours since @Xeno has been temp banned, we will be closing this report until he creates an appeal with the video evidence he was requested to provide, and will remain banned until he does so. We apologise for any inconvenience. Report closed. Signed By: @Kieran & @Randy
  • Kieran

    S1:badRP/invalidkill in mogilevka 7-15-20191:10ish

    Connection Logs Hit Logs Kill Logs Position Logs Calling in: @Joah - Dean Lockwood - POSTED @ShazzBott87 - Vincent Murrieta - POSTED @Jorrdan - Jorrdan Versock - POSTED @Spikey - Tony LaVonne - POSTED @NotMrPink - Noah Russo - POSTED @Squejemofo - Carter Anderson - POSTED @Worldclass - Kevin Williams - POSTED @DeathBeforeDawn - John Clifford - POSTED For your full detailed POV's and any video evidence you may have. Keep your posts to POV's/evidence. Back and forth will not be tolerated. Consider this as your only warning.
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    I'm back gamers. PogChamp.

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