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  1. Famous

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    Hooo Boy, here we go
  2. W.I.P™ we are in water in boat, going towards visible island. at the peack of island is a big ass house/ different houses. We get to the shore and begin exploring. It seemed empty until it wasn't. Friends got caught i sneaked out of the place i heard a mans voice scolding them for snooping or what not and kept them captive i dont know as what though. I looked around til i had to make my way back to help them escape. I get there but had to escape again as people where patroling. so i sneak away throught the back this time where i see a trail i begin to follow. There i see a statue or a tree made into a form of a woman. I begin to hear a witch's voice in my head laughing and taunting me. I begin to run down the trail where there was forrest surrounding. I see statues of weird figures as i ran and tthe trail became more and more deteriated as i got further and i began running faster. The trees burrowing into the the trail made of asphalt. When my vision became distorted and the voice louder. i turn revealing a horrific figure of a woman flying the witch. I than end up waking up again at the entrance of the place but it was night this time. i once again attempted to sneak through the same way where my uncle comes out of a door startling me cause i thought it was something else. He glanced at me but pretended to not see me so i can escape. I did i jumped the garden fence but there a man was with a shotgun examining close to where i was. I was shirtless with my shirt in hand so i created a distraction, there was a squirel which i had thrown my shirt unto. When the man investigated i usesd some sort of power to control his movement through speech and commanded he shoot himself. It felt oddly satisfying and i can see the evil within me grow. The power made it so that even when he was dead i was able to command him so i made him give me his cllothes. i knew i had other powers cause i could feel it inside me. don't know what it was. W.I.P™
  3. Famous

    Dobyvatele Chernarusi (Reclaimers)

    And it's lit
  4. Famous

    S2 Kabanino 07:00 Bad RP/Possible Meta gaming

    Radvan Prochazka POV: We had been driving around for a very long time and got called over to kab since @Puncture was there so we drive up. We get out of the car and have a little bit of small talk. @Nihoolious gets the gun from puncture as instructed previously, and take positions. @Nihoolious puts on a helmet and begins to make it clear what was about to happen so @twig runs away so we initiate. Twig gets killed and two of us immediately chase @i am Bambi all the way into Stary where he mysteriously "disappeared" .
  5. Famous

    S1: Killing of compliant hostage Rogovo - 2017-07-29, 00:30

    Radovan POV: In Kabanino we see the CDF soldiers deconstructing a camp and using a V3S truck in order to transport it. When they begin to move it was towards the direction of Rogovo, and we plot to take the party leader. We began to move towards Rogovo in order to get into the town before they reach it so we can ambush them. After waiting in the town we hear the truck passing through the town, where we let them through as we were out numbered. I decide to relocate from the house I was laying in, where OP and Jake Walford see me. They begin to talk to me but I couldn't hear them too clear so I show put my hand up, they couldn't recognize who I was. Nihoolious let's us know that we're going to take them, so Nihoolious runs up to us after I attempt to stall them. Which in the situation we initiate Nihoolious states for them to "Put their hands up" where I yell the same thing and tell them not to move Nihoolious tellls them to not touch their radio or contact their friends over it and tell them to move behind the house so we don't take fire from down the road. Once we were behind the road we tell them to let their teammates know not to shoot at us, come to the rescue, or get near us or they would both get killed. Once we made sure that they told them over the radio we commanded them to discard the radios. As soon as they did this we began to move out of Rogovo where I stayed behind the group to ensure non try to escape. We get near a tree on a hill JakeWalford stops behind it and takes his gun out and kills me. Nihoolious then in turn kills them.
  6. Famous

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    It's sick as fuck 10/10
  7. Famous

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    I fucks with GOT and house Targaryen 8/10
  8. Radovan was born on the very soils of Chernarus into a decent household. He and his family didn't have much but it was a good life. Radovan was very patriotic and nationalistic, so when 2009 came around he joined the military as he was finally 18. Radovan had a deep rooted hatred for the Chedaki due to what happened to his family they were all slaughtered making Radovan extremely angry. When the war began Radovan killed many Chedaki in numerous ways, without fear and with efficiency. Afterwards the chief of COBR took interest in Radovan as his interest not only met, but their tactics did too. Radovan was then recruited to be an elite COBR operative. When the outbreak began the unit began to ensure the safety of the president almost exclusively, and a foreign group VDV began to enforce themselves upon the civilians, Radovan and his chief Izaak noticed this and due to the fall of local police these men decided to take it upon themselves and serve as the military police for the civilians in the northernmost cities, through patrols and investigations. These men saw the struggle of the civilians against the oppression of the VDV and lack of defence against the infected. Radovan was frustrated at the CDF because it had become nothing but an empty shell, who said that the civilians are to deal with the issue. This made Radovan's stomach turn as he felt the rage of the oppressed people and how cowardly the CDF was acting hiding in Staroye allowing for the russians to gain ground in their own country. The men continued to patrol the northern cities and refusing to stay in one place while the citizens were being harassed. This caused for the military officials to frown upon the COBR unit, and eventually dishonorably discharging Izaak and the COBR unit, leaving them alone to fend without uniform, or weaponry Izaak had reached out to all of the COBR unit with wrath directed towards the cowardly CDF. Radovan both enraged and relieved that the CDF will no longer hold them back, they will save Chernarus' people.
  9. Famous

    NLR, RDM, NVFL Zub Castle S1 2:20

    Booker Canvran POV: After the hostile encounter at former camp hope, eliminating the enemies who retaliated we took two hostages who complied giving them specific instructions to allow any friend they had to not come to the rescue or their death would ensue. We took the hostages to zub castle and began interrogation. Some time had passed and my game unfortunately crashed moments before the incident and as i log back in a lot of people were dead.
  10. Famous

    New Settlement Rules

    Yeah I agree 100% even though I feel anyone can report for ruleplay it wouldn't make sense to make it a rule at all if that were to be the case.
  11. Famous

    Where is the line?

    Like one person's feelings shouldn't dictate whether a community member gets permanently removed or not, it's ridiculous that someone's sarcasm gets a person that mad to report him. Honestly it's stupid.
  12. Famous

    Famous' Graphics Workshop!

    Made a few more signatures and moonrunners CP icons
  13. Famous


    Eyy that's pretty lit
  14. Famous

    Famous' Graphics Workshop!

    Just finished a few more request, open to more
  15. Famous

    Famous' Graphics Workshop!

    What I do: -Signatures (From just names, to other objects) -Avatars (Borders, outlines etc.) Some shit i've done: New moon Cp icons Moonrunners Cp icons PM me the deeds such as: Transparency, or objects, anything. Colors Specific or type of font Style (Edgy, vaporwave, simplistic etc) Anything if I can Most i'll do for gifs is add a border