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  1. Rainey

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Oh oh oh, this is a really small detail and it's mainly just because I'm a Military nerd, but I don't believe the UN would be doing what is basically considered a Reconnaissance Operation - finding the lost squad. I could be mistaken, but I believe they would instead send in an actual military unit dedicated to that type of mission, such as USAF SR, USMC Recon, or another countries equivalent. However, this is a very small detail that most people won't notice/care about so it's likely nothing to even look into. I will definitely agree with Ke Ke up there though, take this slow as hell. Don't rush into anything, for the time being focus on Internal RP, or consider RPing with a Loremaster (as the UN HQ) if you're not already. I'm sure I'll think of more feedback to leave eventually, but for now this is pretty much it. Again, i wish you good luck.
  2. Rainey

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    I'll wish you luck in the revival, but I will voice my concerns. I worked alongside the early UN, as I was in the early NATO, so while I wasn't a member of the UN, I saw a lot of what happened. If you were to make a group with the same goals, same characters, just under a different name it would sit a little bit better for me. But bringing in a government entity at this point in the lore, as unstable as Chernarus currently is, I don't personally think it makes much sense. However I'm not a Loremaster so take that with a grain of salt. I look forward to seeing hopefully good RP from the group, and I wish you luck.
  3. Reading your replies, it seems you only want funny characters. Dude we're almost 2 years into a zombie apocalypse, people aren't going to have the same sense of humor as they did before it all started and I promise you a fucking circus is not going to come to Chernarus. My character has been alive since the beginning, he's not going to take a prank and just laugh it off, at least not from a stranger. There's very few characters left that have been here since Day 1 Lore Wipe, but even the characters that are "new" are still almost 2 years into an apocalypse. Your sense of funny RP might work for you but it's not going to work for a majority of people. The people that have survived this long have done so by being hardened, and assholes at times, especially when you're hanging around the known hostile areas. If you want more laid back RP, don't go to hostile areas.
  4. I'll agree to an extent, but I think that there's more to it than what you're saying. Camp Hope is in a pretty shady spot, it's known that the people there aren't the friendliest bunch generally, so expecting to get away with a practical joke isn't really sensible in all honesty. We're also 644 into the outbreak, people are hard motherfuckers generally. But I do see where you're coming from, I just think you need to think about the area and scenarios more.
  5. Rainey

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    15 shots almost ruining a suppressor has nothing to do with spray and pray. 15 shots is 15 shots, it doesn't matter where they hit. I figured that much was obvious.
  6. Rainey

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    I fail to realize how 15 shots almost ruining a suppressor is "fine", especially given how rare they are. That's one tiny hoard of zombies and boom, my suppressor is gone. Fair? No.
  7. Rainey

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    That is simply not true on any point. First of all, there are numerous videos out there of guns being shoot nonstop for hundreds of rounds before it melts the suppressor. Secondly, suppressors ingame do not last longer if you fire in semi auto. I'll shoot 1 mag from my FNX and my suppressor will go from Worn to Badly Damaged.
  8. Rainey

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    You guys do realize that 1 shot to the head of a zombie kills it right? Chest shots or any other body part is almost any zombie film, game, etc. rarely kills them. Go for the head. As for people, I can see both sides of it so I'm going to stay neutral.
  9. Rainey

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    Congrats on the approval, I look forward to running into you again at some point.
  10. Rainey

    Remove buried stashes, increase barrel & tent spawns

    I can 100% get behind this idea. Although I think buried stashes are really cool, if they're only going to last 48 hours then just increase the spawn rates for items that are more easily found.
  11. Rainey

    Extend stash timer

    Unpopular opinion, I agree they should be extended. I've found multiple stashes in the past, it's not that hard if you know where and how to look for them. If stashes aren't going to be extended, at least increase barrel spawns because I've seen a grand total of 1 barrel, and 0 tents.
  12. Rainey

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Alright I'm 100% gonna get hate for this, but I'm gonna say it cause it's the truth. All of the bandit groups are always the same big group of friends, under a different name. The goals are almost always the same, the roster is always the same, and what they do is always the same. It isn't "good" banditry most of the time, it's "Let's run up into this hot spot and initiate on everyone, or take everyones guns". That isn't what a good bandit group does, in fact that leads to what's going on right now, people hiding. So, the bandit groups cause people to hide, then complain when people hide. Maybe if you don't want people to hide, change how your group acts for once? Just my $0.02
  13. Rainey

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I guess it depends on the character. For example, my character is currently "Watch and get information" rather than "go be buddy buddy with everybody" because I have a job to do, and the job I'm doing requires me to hide out and get information. However, I can agree that people seem to be staying in their small groups hiding places too much but the reason for that is the level of hostile RP. Most of the hostilities stem from people wanting the rare rifles, so they rob the people that do have them. Having an M1A, when I run across somebody that's always my first thought is "They want my gun". It's been proven in the past that when a hub is set up, all the hostile groups just bum rush to see who can ruin it first, and it gets old. So I don't think it's a mystery as to why people are keeping to themselves, they're tired of the overdone hostile RP.
  14. Shit yup that's my b, it was a long day when I wrote that.
  15. So Ducky got the big part of it, a lot of people make their first characters some type of Military, SOF type character. It's easy, most people who play these types of games tend to really like those kinds of guys. Like said above, a few bad apples in the past ruined it for newer people. Even if you RP those types of characters well now, it's some what frowned upon. That's the OOC hate, there's a whole other level of hate for them IC though. ICly, we're in Chernarus, a post-war country that is generally pretty close knit. So anybody who's playing a Russian or Chernarussian character is going to dislike American, Military characters. So when you think about it ICly, it's best to keep your miltary past a secret throughout the whole outbreak, from the start to the end. For example, we're on day 629 of the outbreak, my character is Military but the only people that know that are the people I was in NATO with at the beginning of the outbreak, who are still around. I don't wear military clothes (except the plate carrier) and I don't tell people of my past. At the beginning of the outbreak I kept it a secret due to the tensions between NATO and Russian/Chernarussian forces. Now, however I keep it a secret because it's nobodies business. I guess what I'm saying is, if you're going to run a military character, do your research on the type of character, and preferably do something different. Don't do a Seal, SF, or MARSOC guy. Example, my character is a USCG MSRT Sniper. I've never seen another person doing this. I've also played a character who was a USAF Pararescueman, I provided medical aid to those in need. Just be different, set yourself apart so people can tell that you're not another "Super Soldier".
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