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  1. I get the same issue, generally only in the early morning though (Like, 4AM CST early),
  2. Welcome to the community, I'm sure you'll find yourself right at home here.
  3. I feel this, it gets repetitive sometimes. I'm pretty sure Rolle mentioned something about implementing an old feature of if you die "X" amount of times in a week, your character has to perma. The system automatically adds up any injuries you get ingame, and puts them on your character page. This is obviously gonna have some bugs at first but it was a good system and I think the server would benefit from it again.
  4. *He holds the PTT* "I'm genuinely not afraid of you, sir so I don't see what you're trying to accomplish here" *Lets go of radio*
  5. Generally speaking, it's less of the lore/goals you have written in your thread, and more about how you represent that lore or accomplish those goals in game.
  6. Rainey

    Remove the snow

    Ah, I'm sorry. A better wording would be "IRL you can wear sunglasses to mitigate the effects of the bright ass blinding snow"
  7. Rainey

    Remove the snow

    It doesn't blind us irl tho.
  8. *Jesse holds his radio tight, holding the PTT* "Apologies everybody for not being at the clinic recently, a lots been happening and I simply haven't had the time to make it up there. I'm still alive and I'm still helping people but the Clinic is a bit out of the way lately it seems. I do have a few statements to make, however. To the man offering assistance, I appreciate the offer but I assure you I'm okay for now, I have all the protection I need." *He takes a break before speaking again* "Now to the one telling everybody they have drugs, but for a price. That isn't gonna fly. If people need help they get it from me for free of charge and I don't appreciate you telling people otherwise on my radio frequency so if you don't have an emergency I politely request you get the fuck off my channel, thank you. And lastly, for the other medical professional, I appreciate the offer but again we're doing alright. I'd recommend just wandering around and seeing who needs help, it's what I've been doing lately." *Lets go of the PTT*
  9. +1 to all except the sports related ones tbh. At least until throwing items gets added back.
  10. Actually looks dope man, good luck.
  11. Rainey

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    I genuinely enjoy reading all of these. Keep it up!
  12. Rainey

    Amy's Notebook

    The first mention of my character in a journal, I'm glad I was able to give at least decent RP ;). Good Journal, definitely a good read.
  13. Rainey

    Actual PK Suggestion!

    I like the idea as a whole but it comes with downsides. What if I die to a bug 4 times in a week? Or like Finn said, sometimes you have to kill yourself so that you're not playing as the opposite gender of your character. Good idea, too many loopholes IMO.
  14. Rainey

    Dan's Revolutionary Idea

    This is the thing. I have no problem PK'ing my character if it makes sense and there's an actual storyline behind it, but I've seen time and time again somebody disagree with one person one time, and the person tries to execute them and PK them. That doesn't make sense and that's what I disagree with, that should not be happening. If this rule is enforced for executions, then execution rules need to be made and enforced. Such as "Proper storyline must be given for execution to be considered". One time I was playing a cannibal character and somebody was robbing me and found human meat in my bag (metagamed the fuck outta that information) and executed me even though that's the first time I'd met them, would my character now be perma'd because they metagamed human meat? That's my main issue with this whole situation here. Thanks for clearing that up, I'm gonna be honest and tell you I only skimmed through the original post when I first read the thread, sorry bout that. EDIT: I'd like to add, overall I agree with this idea, I'm just hesitant to give a full "yes" because I can see how this would be abused.
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