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  1. Gonna go with Sylva on this and quote him as my opinion: "Honestly just banning them after they misbehave is far better than banning them for the possibility of them misbehaving" As someone who got into RP at a young age, there are some solid younglings out there that if it weren't for their voice you wouldn't know that they were young.
  2. Rainey

    Executions and their purpose

    IMO, that's where staff discretion comes into play. Staff have all proved themselves to be pretty good RPers, let them decide if they feel the execution was just in the given situation. When you put specific guidelines on it, it really gets rid of a lot of RP as well, like in my above example.
  3. Rainey

    Executions and their purpose

    Well it depends. When it comes to any RP community I'll always be "roleplay over ruleplay", I expect everybody to have a high RP standard. An example of good execution "rights": A while back I was a member of an absolutely incredible group, The Vale of Shadows ( @Sleepyhead) we were a primarily Cannibal group, however one of our biggest goals unlike most cannibal groups in the past was to keep the fact that we were cannibals a secret for as long as possible. This meant if we knew somebody had found out our secret, or the person had overheard one of our conversation on the subject, we would take them, interrogate them, and if they knew something, ultimately execute them. We believed if our secret got out, every single person in the server would be gunning for us, I mean who wants cannibals running around amirite? However, executing somebody because "Oh they might come back and shoot me if I don't" I mean, this isn't a 1990's bank robbery film. So do I think there needs to be "guidelines" on it? Not really. Do I think the RP of execution situations needs to be held do a very high standard? Absolutely.
  4. Rainey

    One Group

    Let's bring it back bb
  5. Rainey

    One Group

    SOF-004 Some, hell most of you won't remember this group, but it was by far one of my favorite groups to be a part of. It wasn't just unique, but it was (in my opinion) the perfect example of what Hostile RP should be. A brief explanation, SOF-004 consisted of two "branches". The Scientists, and The Security (for the scientists). The Security team would always follow the Scientist, and we would kidnap unwilling "Subjects" and take them to a secluded area for the Scientist to conduct experiments on. He would do things like take skin samples, ears, hair samples, etc. for tests and we would brand the Subject when we were done, and let them go with enough food, water, and a melee weapon to survive. We branded them somewhat for group hostility/scare factor, but mainly so that if we encountered them again at a later date, we would "see" the brand, and know not to experiment on them again. This got rid of what I feel is a serious issue with a lot of hostile groups, which is repeat hostility when not necessary. We even went so in detail as to have documents for every single Subject and experiment conducted, some of which we kept hidden, some we put in our media thread for people to find. In any normal social setting, we just looked like a group of survivors, maybe ex-military, who knows. But when we were "working" we would all have a keyword to memorize, and when we heard the word (from the Scientist) we would put on a GP-5 gas mask that we'd thrown in a fire to make it ruined and all black, almost bloody looking. We took a lot of inspiration from Number Stations. A short clip: I think one of the things that set us apart the most wasn't even in Ingame thing, but rather our radio thread. Having taken a lot of inspiration from Number Stations, and even being one ourselves, all of our radio transmissions were actually spoken rather than typed, and played over soundcloud, and often times were encrypted. They all had a spooky, scary, mysterious vibe to them that from my understanding, really got our creepy message across pretty well. Man I wish another group like this would come around, I miss being a part of it.
  6. It is at this time that I regretfully must archive this group. No doubt it's unique and could work, with more work involved in it, however the people currently on the roster don't have the time to dedicate to running a group. We'll be back eventually, though. //requesting archive
  7. I'll keep an open mind, but this group is almost identical to the NATO Remnants I was a part of after NATO fell. You don't need to make the graphics, there are plenty of people on the forums willing to do them, pinging @Sleepyhead for example.
  8. Graphics are not required, at all. However there are still some major concerns that I feel I should address. This idea is so over-done. NATO doesn't work. The name "The Remnants" has already been used this lore. The thread is definitely lacking in general. Your lore is extremely short. It needs to be longer, more information. We need to know more. Graphics aren't required, but as such a simple addition, it definitely adds a lot to the group. You don't realize how much graphics can make a difference.
  9. Currently @Ronin47 is the active leader. Both myself and the second in charge are currently inactive due to personal issues in our lives. We hope to be back active again in the coming days if all goes well.
  10. Due to my inactivity caused by personal issues lately, I will be giving temporary leadership of the group to @Ronin47I feel as if the leader of a group should be active in game, and with me unable to do that, Brandon is the next in line. I will still be around on the forums writing the groups In Character reports located in the Journals section, however it is up to Brandon whether or not somebody gets hired, fired, or promoted, and what direction the group takes. Until further notice.
  11. Thank you for your feedback. I, as well as the rest of the group have been eagerly awaiting it. I'm going to be PMing you so hopefully we can resolve all of the issues you have with the Lore.
  12. Welcome to the group @casavillam!
  13. I appreciate it. Unfortunately I'm not the most active in game, but I try to make up for it by doing things like this. Expect more entries every few days or so.
  14. This thread is dedicated to the Reports that the Command of The Station: E98 write, containing information regarding events that happen in game. All information in this thread is considered OOC Knowledge UNLESS: You are successfully able to stumble upon the location of the safehouse for The Station: E98, and confirm the location of it OOCly via PM to myself. If you are able to do this, you are able to use anything written in the reports however you feel necessary ICly. If this is confusing, please let me know and I will clear it up. Report #16: 12/6/2017