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  1. [Game] Show your desktop

    I really need to get a second monitor that's the same size as my main.
  2. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    I think the DayZ devs should release server files (not modding) so we can do more events and stuff, while we wait for Beta. It's a thread that's been brought up on the DayZ Forums, but no official response yet.
  3. Even though we've had our differences, you're not a bad dude. Be safe over there, get back to us in one piece with some kickass stories.
  4. The Vale of Shadows

    Graphics are amazing, great work.
  5. Adrian Whyte

    Adrian Whyte was born in Orlando, Florida on the 17th of June, 1998 as an only child. He doesn’t remember much about his mother as she died when he was just two in a car accident. His father was a Sergeant of the S.W.A.T. team. As a child, Adrian was always laughing, smiling, being a cute little kid with no care in the world. Due to his father’s job, he was often babysat by an older kid who was the daughter of his father’s close friend. Because of this, when his father was home they had quality time together. Well, as quality as you can have with a little kid. When he turned 10, his cautious father taught him how to properly use a gun, incase he ever needed to. Adrian thought it was fun to go to the range, shooting gave him some sort of adrenaline rush nothing else could. Adrian was by no means an expert marksman, but he could hit the target accurately at 50 meters with ease, probably even farther. It started off small, .22 caliber pistols, then moved to 9 millimeters, and eventually his father’s rifles he used on the job; an AR15 and MP5. By the time he was 14 Adrian was comfortable with almost any firearm you put in his hands, but he preferred bigger things; 5.56, .308, 7.62 due to them giving more adrenaline. It was around this time he realized he was very much an adrenaline junkie and would do anything to get it. At 15 his father thought Adrian was old enough to stay home alone, without a babysitter. He did so for a few weeks with no incident, life was well. Until August 23rd, 2013. A date that he will forever remember, the day his life changed. It was a cool morning, his father had left for work only a few hours ago, Adrian was making breakfast when he heard two hard, loud knocks on his door. This wasn’t exactly uncommon, but these knocks were different. They weren’t the nice, soft knocks he was used to. They instead were more like pounds on the door, not asking to be let in, telling you to let them in. He slowly made his way to the door. He looked through the peephole and instantly his heart starts beating faster. He saw two men, dressed in all black, wearing black bandanas, looking like they were determined to get into this house. Adrian ran up the stairs, into his father’s room, opened the gun safe in his closet and pulled out his personal favorite; the AR15. His father taught him what to do in this situation, so he did exactly what he’d been trained to do. He ran to the top of the staircase, looking down onto the front door. By this time the knocks had turned to bangs, the door was shaking, the bangs getting louder and louder until the door flew open. He immediately turned the weapon off safe *click*, aimed, and as soon as the first man was in sight, he pulled the trigger. He fell and right after, the second was shot as well, laying right on top the first. His heart was racing, the adrenaline pumping through him, it was the most amazing feeling he’d ever had. A smile broke through his teeth as he reached for his phone, dialing 911. “911, what is your emergency?” “Hey, I just had to shoot two guys, they busted through my door” “Hold tight, we’re sending police to you, are you injured?” Of course it would be his father to respond first, bursting through the door screaming his name. Adrian sat at the middle of the staircase just looking at the bodies. He acted shocked, like he didn’t enjoy what he had just done, he had to keep this a secret. He enjoyed killing. It was the most adrenaline he’d ever had, the best feeling he’d ever felt. But nobody could know that.. Two years later, Adrian had turned to hunting to feed his addiction. People were too risky, although the feeling he got from hunting wasn’t nearly the same, it would have to do. For now. Hunting continued normally for the next year with his father, but his father didn’t seem the same since that day. It affected his father more than it affected Adrian. He had since retired from the police force so he could be there for Adrian more. One day in February, 2017 his father suggested moving. Not just states, but countries, just get out of the U.S. somewhere far, far away. It took months of preparation and planning, but eventually they did it, not that Adrian had much say in the matter, but they moved. In may of 2017, they arrived at their new home. A small house in the town Staroye. They weren’t there long before everything happened. Adrian watched his father get eaten alive, he can still hear the screams and see the blood. This was the first time he’d seen somebody die, and he didn’t smile. But that wouldn’t last long.
  6. Jeverish 19 - Open Recruitment

    I didn't really read the entire Lore due to being overly tired at the moment, but I did skim over. The whole Kingpin situation is a bit odd to me as well, but I've never been in a gang, so I guess I don't really know how that works. As for your characters, I agree it is kind of odd to have American characters in the group (or gang?) without having been recruited ingame. I fail to see how they would already be in the gang, when they arrived in Chernarus due to the fact that, and I quote, "The Jeverish is a gang that was spread all around Europe" There is no mention of any American "block". Again, maybe I missed something, feel free to correct me. I have also not seen any of this group in game, but maybe I've just missed you guys. But my criticism is as follows: Rework your characters (mainly the Americans) or add an American "block" somehow into the Lore Rework your goals. Finding out the Kingpin should be a fairly easy task, it's just a vote isn't it? That could be done in a day if needed. Include more detail into "Rebuild the Kingpins Empire". What does this include? Selling drugs? Weapons? Just my opinion, feel free to disagree.
  7. *Jordan sets down the tent, breathing heavily. Hits PTT* "Okay, I'm working on securing a place right now, once it's fully secured and functional, I'll release the location so that anybody wanting to get involved in this can do so by meeting me there. Keep your radios on this frequency, check in for updates. It won't be long before I have this place fully functional" *Releases PTT*
  8. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I dropped out of High School and got my GED.
  9. *Jordan quickly hits his PTT* I take it back. Do NOT go to Zelenogorsk. We can talk about meeting somewhere else, but do not go there right now. *Releases the PTT*
  10. *Presses PTT* "Ah, okay. Well when you get a chance, make your way to Zelenogorsk. Once there, we can meet and talk about our plans" *Releases PTT*
  11. *Happily hearing the last man, Jordan hits his PTT* "Ah, yes I have heard of 'em. We can definitely set up to meet somewhere. Are you stuck in the town? I can send somebody to help if you require assistance" *Releases PTT*
  12. *Jordan finishes eating his deer meat, and holds his PTT* "Hello, everybody who may be listening. My name is Jordan Rainey, some of you may know me, some may not. For those who are not aware of who I am, allow me to introduce myself" *He takes a deep breath and continues* "My name is Jordan, retired United States Coast Guard - Maritime Enforcement Specialist. I came here on vacation with my brother to go sight seeing, and we got stuck here, much like the rest of you. In my time here, I have witnessed and unfortunately partook in rather inhumane activities. After witnessing the horrible acts of people, I took it upon myself to begin helping those in need. I helped secure safe places, I protected people, I did certain things that most would not be proud of to keep people safe. I've defended places where people live. I've assisted in the defense of Severograd multiple times. I've fought my way out of dangerous situations, and I've helped others escape harms way. Everything I have done in the last few months, has been done to protect the innocent people stuck in the middle of all this." *You hear another male voice in the background* "My brother and I, we want to make a difference. We are looking for anybody who has the same mind-set as us. Anybody who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the innocent people safe. We are tired of seeing people robbed, kidnapped, murdered by those who have no soul. So I am asking you, whoever is listening, join us in making a difference. Join the defense, because we are the last remaining strand of humanity left in this God forsaken place. We need to come together, we need to fight and protect." *There is a short break in words* "What I am asking is dangerous, you will be risking your life, and it will not be easy, but something must be done. We must keep the innocent safe. So please, anybody who wishes to help us in this fight, please respond so we can meet. And if you do not trust me, I have plenty of people who can vouch for me." *He releases the PTT, taking a long, deep breath*
  13. Minecraft PvP

    Sure, why not?
  14. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Here's my opinion on the recent Status Report, and modding. The first mods we are going to see (Or should, in my opinion) will be betterment of life mods, e.g.: Clothing, food, items, medicine, etc. Then will most likely come weapons, attachments, sound, etc. And then will eventually come vehicles, I believe this will be one of the later things modded in because I believe it will be the most difficult. I'm also hoping to see some serverside fixes/changes such as how long bodies stay on the ground, because let's face it, 10 minutes or so kinda sucks. Another thing that excites me is near the bottom of the Status Report, there's a short gif of a vehicle being driven (Or flinstoned) and the movement of the car, the suspension, and driving as a whole seems a lot smoother, albeit it is on an empty test server, there's still hope. We should be seeing even more Dev Log Videos, as they've just opened a position called "Game Capture Artist", so hopefully we can see more of the development than we have in the past.
  15. Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    Problem is, if there is no rule saying "Don't make unreasonable demands" and everybody knows they can't actually act on them, people will know they are protected by the rules, knowing the hostage takers can't actually act on their threats. Having a rule saying you can't make unreasonable demands defeats that.