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  1. Rainey

    Dan's Revolutionary Idea

    Why is this a completely new thread instead of just posting this on the one that's already a full thread?
  2. In the past this hasn't been the case. If a situation happened that resulted in something happening to a character, the ban didn't change what happened.
  3. Even if it was proven though, and he was banned for baiting, if the execution happened your character would still be dead and a ban wouldn't change that. That's my whole point here, there's too many loop holes in this and I really don't think it's worth it.
  4. Generally it would be, but it's been proven that baiting is a fairly hard thing to prove. They could've just had a specific character goal, and that goal was to do whatever to you.
  5. Sure, simple harassment. If it's done in an IC fashion and you try to ignore it, and they still somehow find a way to always follow you around and harass you, eventually you're going to have to do something, and the second you do they're gonna have execution rights because that was their goal from the beginning.
  6. That's true until they push and push and push like I said, it's going to happen, it's happened in the past and eventually it'll happen so much that you have no choice but to do something that grants them rights.
  7. You've been fortunate enough to have never been personally hunted ICly for something that happened OOC. Unfortunately, that's something that happens fairly often and if this rule was added it would only encourage that to happen. Even if that situation doesn't happen, even if you "don't give people a reason" to execute you, they're going to push and push and push until eventually you have no choice because lets be honest, people in this game love killing people.
  8. Except that's exactly what would be expected if you were forced to marry them.
  9. That's reasonable, until you think "Hold on, wait. There's only so far I can escape on a map the size of Rhode Island" You can't just leave and go live out the rest of the apocalypse in California.
  10. My issue stems from the fact that history has proven there are people on this server who will do stuff like this for the simple reason of trolling. If this were to be added, and a troll did it to you and you report them for troll RP, your character is still perma'd and there's nothing you can do about it. That person gets a few day ban sure, but they also get the satisfaction of PK'ing your character and potentially ruining a good story line for the sake of trolling. There's too many loop holes in this and the way only way to solve them is to add a dozen new unnecessary rules. IMO, the rules and the way PKing works is fine, and has been for years.
  11. Hunter brought up a really good point actually, if they didn't agree to a PK why would you (or whoever did it) still chop up their body? That seems like it could be poor RP from the killers side if anything. There's a reason the person said no to a PK, and the killer seems to be trying to make that person look bad for it.
  12. Rainey


    Hot damn, welcome back
  13. lol no. Unfortunately there's far too many people who will, for example, take OOC issues IC and kidnap you, publicly execute you, and make you PK just to annoy you. As stated above, my character, my decision.
  14. *Jesse smiles as he holds his radio* "It's good to hear your voice again and I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I apologize, I can't recall your name unfortunately but I hope you were able to find your friend. I really appreciate the offer of supplies, it's a very kind gesture and as you said, those aren't common these days. As for the knife, it's yours if you wanna keep it. I have another one, so it's no worries. *He lets go of the radio*
  15. *Jesse holds his PTT* "Hey, I greatly appreciate the offer of supplies. While I believe I have plenty, if you'd like to leave them in the supply closet of the Clinic I'll be by as soon as I can to take inventory. Unfortunately I'm a bit south right now, I've been running all over the last few days." *Lets go of button*