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  1. Yooo whats up guys its Cthuluz, decided to make a return to DayZRP after like 7 months cause of .63 and seeing that alot of people have returned. Be nice to catch up with some old friends.
  2. Cthuluz

    S1: Invalid Initiation in NWAF 3/17/2018 08:25

    I had wanted to quiz you for information. I also needed a bit of food and ammunition.
  3. Cthuluz

    S1: Invalid Initiation in NWAF 3/17/2018 08:25

    Wave Carson POV: I had ran into NWAF in hopes of finding people, and I arrived at the tents saw a guy in the tents and initiated, He complied and I asked him do you have any allies and he replied yes. About 30 seconds pass and I hear his ally running towards me and I initiate on her. I had now initiated on both of them. Zombies swarmed us and we got split up and I ran over to the guy I had originally initiated on and told him I was confused, I never said anything about it being a misunderstanding. He then proceeded to pull out his SKS so I shot him because I had felt my life was threatened.
  4. Edgar Barrows was living in Grand Rapids Michigan and he was going on a business trip to Cheranrus where he was going to meet with some business partners, He arrived there and was heading to a town called Chernogorsk to meet with his partners. His partners betrayed and left him stranded in chernogorsk with no money and no food. That's when the outbreak hit. Edgar started running as people were gunned down in the streets he never looked back. He was hoping to find some shard of civilization left in this world, That is his goal for now.
  5. Cthuluz

    TS Ban

    I wasn't thinking at the time. I was gonna change it back real soon.
  6. Cthuluz

    TS Ban

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Was banned on TS for having the name Rolle. Why the verdict is not fair: This was fair I was making a joke and it wasn't a really good one. I should have not impersonated staff. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was using the name Rolle and talking to a few people. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Would like to get unbanned from TS. What could you have done better?: Not change my name on TS to someone else's name.
  7. Yeah it was fun man, Loved chilling with you man.
  8. Wave Carson was a student at San Francisco State University from which he was taking Russian and in his 3rd year of taking Russian he decided he wanted to go on a work vacation of sorts for a school project he was doing, he looked online for some place to visit. Wave found a flight to this place called Chernarus from which he would go and work on studying the history of Chernarus for a report of his for school. He went there and arrived in a town called Chernogorsk from which he studied the history there, eventually when it came time to leave, the airports were closed because of some disease that spread. Wave ran off to go find his brother Jack Carson who he knew he was on a tour of duty in Chernarus from which he knew his brother will help him.
  9. @Hellspawnceri Enjoyed being a hostage, shame I died. Looking forward to further interactions with you guys!
  10. Cthuluz

    Coolest thing you've done in DayZRP

    IC: Get hunted by New Moon on Wave Carson, It was actually quite fun having a target on my back and constantly on the run. Shout out to New Moon and @Nihooliousfor that great RP.
  11. So I've decided to come back to RP. Hope I can catch up with some old buddies of mine. Hope to see some new faces around here. It's great to be back.
  12. Well lads looks like I'm getting the hell outta dodge most the people I know have been permabanned, So I guess fuck this shit im out dont mind me Im gonna grab my stuff and leave excuse me please. To anyone I missed I apologize. Some big thank yous @Frosty- o7 Man you were my best bud @CorbSlayer- Thanks for the good RP man will miss you @Nihoolious- Had some good times with you and the ol'e boys of RHM @Shroud- Will miss you Yegor had alot of fucking awesome times with you The Regulators- Will see you guys later, Enjoy the RP out there Bruce and the Gamblers- o7 Lads was good playing with ya @Raptor- Love ya to death man miss you @SweetJoe- ...o7 @Squillium- Miss the good ol'e days with you guys @Hope- Had a great time with you and L.I.F.E @Welden- You beautiful bastard stay strong @Undead- Will miss the good minecraft @Joffrey- The coolest guy on DayZRP @knightcrasht- good friend one of my best here Special thanks to the ol'e Saints and Dio Brando for getting me into RP. If I missed anyone please let me know.
  13. Cthuluz

    S1: RDM - Kabanino 02-11-2017 04:00

    Suppose Ill throw up my POV, I was with @Fox, @Bruce, and @Buddy and we ran into a guy near Kab Church. A zombie was chasing him and we killed the zombie and in return for saving him we asked for ammo and he said alright and dropped his backpack on the ground. I walked over and looked through it only to be shot in the head.
  14. Cthuluz

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    And you would instantly know it was him regardless of what character he was playing.
  15. Cthuluz

    Cya Nerds

    Gonna miss you Majoo LOVE YOU BUDDY come back to us one day!