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  1. Choy was born in South Korea, in the port town of Busan. Living in a harsh and critical family, Choy became independent and cynical after a rough life in his disapproving family. Choy first turned to the streets, where he used devious means to get by. But his moral core lingered, and eventually found a respectable position on a cargo freighter. With a new love for the ocean and the freeing nature of it, he spent his days cruising the ocean and working maintenance on deck. He was good with his hands, but spoke rather lightly when confronted. Although he was never shy of standing for what he believed in, he assimilated in his role as a cabin boy who earned little respect.
  2. *Choy wipes the dripping sweat as he hears the broadcast, raising his radio" "I... *gulp* just give me- give me time." *Choy quickly stuffs the radio in his bag, as he walks back to the crackling fire" "Hey... Dmitri..."
  3. IGN: Choy Xiang Country:US English skills: Exceptional DayZ Mod Experience: Played many years ago but never truly got into it. DayZ Standalone Experience: Bought it day one, since then I have logged 265 hours with large breaks in between playing periods. Roleplaying Experience: Played a decent amount of Arma 2 Takistan RP, and Arma 3 RP along with Garry's Mod serious RP but eventually left most of them. What kind of In Game role best describes you: A laid back, positive upbeat guy until provoked. A reliable shot and support, but prefers socializing, scavenging and trading. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No formal ones, although I played with a group of 6+ friends and called most of the shots. Additional notes: Although I prefer relaxed RP, I can adapt to some roles. I usually don't like being overly hostile, but being a mischievous and smart mouthed bandit can be fun sometimes. Best way to contact you: Forum message Backstory: Choy Xiang was born to a harsh and critical family in Busan South Korea. While his brother excelled in academics, Choy was a delinquent. Learning slight of hand and thievery at a young age, Choy found himself heading towards a dark path. After a falling out with his family, Choy took to the local docks to aid small fishing and cargo ships where he gained his love for the ocean. After mustering enough money over the years, he joined a large crew and set sail leaving his family and past behind him. It was on judgement day that Choy and his crew members approached the coasts of South Zagoria. Transmissions had been silent ever since the dawn of that morning, but Choy was eager to add another location to his travel journal. Approaching the coasts his crew was met with chaos and violence, sight of the ship brought looters and a sea of panic. Choy escaped along with multiple other crew members, but they were separated in the dense wilderness. Choy began his life of isolation in the new world, alone and afraid.
  4. *A weak yet noticeable static comes over the radio* *An eerie silence is broken by what sounds to be beard scratching and a soft map shuffling* *You hear a large sigh and then a recognizable voice takes over* "It's good to be home" *The transmission abruptly ends as the man takes one last look at the scenery before continuing*
  5. *The radio flickers to life as a static voice projects through* Gahhh shit, I don't know how late I am with this but I'm just now star- *bzzzt* to receive your broadcasts. *bzzzt* It's Choy from the Gun Runners, been up north, Russian territory. Looking for trade routes for me and my boys *bzzzt* Transmission is a bit poor up here so- *bzzzt* I should be in the South Zagoria region in maybe two or three days, we- *bzzzt*... From what I here things have been brewing. You're gonna have to fill me in *bzzzt* Daylights running short, I'll talk to you soon... *The broadcast ends as Choy packs his gear and continues traversing the rugged wilderness* "Christ I hope they are all still alive..."
  6. Choy's POV: I had just logged into DayzRP and I joined in the TeamSpeak. Everybody was talking loud and arguing so I had no clue what was going on. After a short explanation they had told me that a girl had placed a mine at our trucks and killed Zack. I ran over to where they were in game and saw that they had the girl tied up. After some more talking on TeamSpeak we all had pretty much confirmed she placed the mine. We had planned on playing some games with her and torturing her. I took a nailed bat and prepared to torture, that's when Pierce shot and killer her. We gave no order to kill, but it was quite abrupt.
  7. SeriouslyWill

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    time to repent
  8. SeriouslyWill

    Problems With People Griefing Camps

    I think "griefing" of tents should be allowed. Whether they want to steal an item or just simply destroy is, whats the difference? It's part of having a camp, well hidden and able to defend. I see no reason to create a rule against de-spawning items as many people to that as an act of simply raiding and destroying a camp. It's a powerful tool in RP to restrict a group and lessen their power in my eyes. With the coming updates of DayZ I think we'll see more base building and stealthy/defensive ways of hiding goods, but for now all you can hope for is a well hidden tent.
  9. No, this was not edited... I'm pretty sure that's when he muted somebody in our discord. As you can hear moments before someones mic is picking up something distracting. You can also see when he gets back in the game, when pressing shift his overlay popped up, that means he was just in from of an alt tab. The fact that you accused is kinda sad, I mean so far you have been the one to provide false info.
  10. Voice comm timestamps. 0:21 I am on top of the school building, scouting Vybor for potential captors. 1:34 Andrew decides to help me, we also see about three people near Vybor Factory 2:41 Me and Andrew sneak up to the factory, hearing voices inside I ask for clear comms. 3:40 I hear Desmond (Snarlax) voice inside the factory, confirming that these are our guys. 4:52 Shows the bush me and Andrew are hidden in. Quite far from the factory walls. Moments before I ask if Johnny just ran by to prove that I am indeed in those bushes. 6:10 Captors are about to let the hostages go. 8:21 They see me and Andrew's chat rp, and ask the hostage why his friends are outside. 9:10 You can hear the captors discussing us, keep in mind the only person they could've possibly seen was Johnny and he showed no hostile intention yet. 10:12 I message the hostage on steam informing him of their metagame, and try to get him to tell them so this situation can be redeemed. 10:29 They shoot and kill the hostage.
  11. Most of this POV is is a complete and utter fabrication. Whether you don't remember the events, or are just plain lying - this was not the case. 1) You had no knowledge of our presence, the only reason you knew we were there is because you metagamed and looked at the chat where me and my friend were chat rp'ing aka whispering. 2) After you knew we were there, you then told the hostage that if we didn't leave you would kill him. After you made that threat, the hostage knew that we were indeed surrounding the compound. He told you to let him go, and if he was killed then we would take action and kill anybody inside the compound. 3) You never saw us "getting ready to breach the door" we were in bushes out of sight and when you killed our friend, we instantly ran. There was no hostility until we retreated into the town and I returned some shots. As for your claim of killing one of us trying to breach, the logs will show that but from what I know you only killed the guy on the roof.
  12. Server and location: S3 Vybor Factory Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7/19/16 4:05 approx server time Your in game name: Choy Xiang Names of allies involved: Jhonni Shepered, Desmond Brookins, Liam Grey, Andrew Royer Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Friend has video I believe Detailed description of the events: My friends Desmond and Liam were getting taken hostage, before they took their radios they told us they were at Vybor. Me and Jhonni headed towards Vybor separately. That's when when I met Andrew and told him about our situation. He agreed to help and we scouted the town for about five minutes. We eventually saw people around Vybor Factory, so I told Jhonni over comms to meet us there. Me and Andrew sneaked up to the compound, and hid in some nearby bushes, out of sight keep in mind. Listening to the voices inside the factory we quickly realized it was our friend Desmond and his captors. With Andrew not in our comms, we text chat RP'd whispering and I informed him that our friends were in there. Keep in mind we were at least 20 feet from the walls and there is no way they would've heard us whispering. This is when they metagamed, asking Desmond "why are your friends outside". This was a clear violation and you can see we informed them in // chat. We continued to RP and they told us that if we didn't leave they would kill Desmond. Desmond then told them that if they killed him and Liam, we would kill them all because we surrounded the compound at the time. That's when the men inside instantly shot Desmond and Liam and stormed out of the compound. With no identification they killed Jhonni and proceeded to fire at me and Andrew. We fell back, and that's when I ran out of town to survive. Another thing to note is that after this incident it seems a report was made for their KOS on two other people completely unrelated to us. EDIT: I got some names mixed up, it wasn't liam getting taken hostage it was another of our friends which we just met. Can't quite remember his name but he was killed alongside Desmond.
  13. I really like the listings of positions within the group! Very interesting. Good luck!
  14. SeriouslyWill

    Video playback for events megathread

    Usually the event thread itself has video and screenshots in the comments but I'm not against a specific implementation.