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    epic gamer moments
  2. Gnashing of teeth, slamming of doors and a screaming symphony of terror. These are the most notable moments from Cecil's stay -- intended to be brief -- in Chernarus. His family was affluent, he being the sheltered rich kid in a public school. They'd often go on international vacations, this trip being first to Russia and then to Turkey. What was meant to be a landing in Chernarus' Eastern airfield for a medical emergency onboard would become the last flight any of the passengers and pilots made. Cecil had been asleep, waking to the sound of a horrified passenger's scream; He looked out the window to watch as the crew and passenger that had left the craft to meet paramedics were being swarmed and devoured by other people. To him, much of what else has happened is a blur, muddled chaotic moments difficult to distinguish from the next. Somehow, he's one of the few that survived, if only out of pure chance.
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  8. -The transmission whistles to life, a hissing static filling the airwaves. A voice filters through.- "Rabbits. 'Slave' is terribly harsh, isn't it? Try not to die." -The speech ends as abruptly as it began.-

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    Page 9

    i'm gettin me mallet
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    Old Man Frequency (Open freq)

    - The boy turns his old mask over in his hands, gazing at the chipped, painted-on grin. He sits upright as his radio buzzes to life -- the line buzzes to life with a shrill hiss before his voice filters through his own radio's static. - I don't see any of us living to a better tomorrow, Old Man Jenkins. I'd bet both my eyes this is the last of us -- humanity has run its course. Still, I dig your philosophy. May as well make our last days more comfortable. Hell, I know I'm only still kicking for the fun of it. Last of the Gremlins, and all that shit. Try not to die too soon. - The sharp whine returns, before abruptly ending with a click. Avery tucks his mask back into his bag, before slinking out of the house. -
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    Embla's sketchbook

    It must be done.
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    Embla's sketchbook

    Avery's gonna draw dicks over every one of them.
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