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  1. Honeybee

    Group loadouts

    I'd be totally okay with this - for lore-based, monitored groups as you said! NATO and UNN should have been well supplied, at least for the first few weeks. The loadouts could change as supplies start becoming scarce, anyway. It doesn't have to be permanent! Gradually, their weapons are stolen, broken or run out of ammunition, and so they have to begin scavenging for civilian-grade and local weapons and equipment. With or without loadout weapons, for uniforms it's a definite +1. For non-lore groups, this would be awesome as an optional feature - uniforms, patches, and other modded RP-only items sound great, should the group members choose to have them applied! Of course, they wouldn't be outfitted with AKMs and drum mags.
  2. The DayZRP launcher itself also has a "Character Name" entry just below the server path!
  3. Avery listens in glee as the other boy fumbles about with his threats. He presses the transmit button, speaking between stifled bouts of giggling. Oh, little rabbit, you against us? You're not only threatening to strike some kind of revenge on Anarchy or the Morettis, but on their friends too! Oh, I'd be thrilled to see you march right up to the town and proclaim your rebellion. Should've kissed everyone's boots when you had the chance! If you so much as think about harming anyone in that town, even Sara, I'll see to it that you're made into a decorative quilt! Muffled and distant, the boy can be heard shouting for someone to get him his beating-pipe. Abruptly, the transmission ends.
  4. Honeybee

    Darion's Stream

    Fucking right man, we've gotta make a come back some day. And dad, I'll follow your stream now, I just need to make a Twitch account.
  5. Honeybee

    Medical Aid

    Once more, the transmission crackles, sputters and whirrs with stating and feedback. Greet me at the door with the end of your fucking rifle, no doubt! I'll pay you a fucking visit, alright, you fuckin' two-timing pretend-doctor bastar - Abruptly, the radio stops transmitting. On the other end, Avery would still be ranting and raving without realizing he'd released the transmit button.
  6. Honeybee

    Medical Aid

    Pulling himself together after an outburst of anger, Avery picks up his radio. Your fucking deathtrap of a hospital is a joke. You people down there let an innocent girl be captured and tortured by those wannabe cop motherfuckers weeks back. Hell, she was kidnapped by one nutjob, and all fucking ten of the people there just watched. Everyone lookin' for help, look elsewhere. Their guards and their people are an absolute fucking mess - they'll watch you be kidnapped without batting so much as an eye. Wouldn't put any faith in their 'medical aid,' either, especially not at risk of having worse done to you than you've already got. Seek out another doctor; be it Doctor T, Eden, or Rose. All exponentially more helpful than those bastards down South. The transmission falls silent.
  7. The transmission crackles and whines, before a loud voice scratched through the static. "Ben - fucking Ben? Motherfucker, he was a Gremlin - he was my boy! God fucking da -" Abruptly, the shouting voice cut silent. On the other end, Avery had thrown his radio against the wall in a fit of rage.
  8. Once Owain finishes speaking, a few moments pass before the transmission begins to crackle, whirr, and whine. A cheerful and bubbly voice scratches through the noise. Being a friendly person isn't going to get you far here, amigo! If you're sitting there giving out your location to strangers over the air...you may as well lay your head on a stump and hand them the ax! If you really want to find people, head Northward, to a town named Stary Yar. Fresh faces are always welcome. Except when they're not, of course! After a few more seconds of static, the transmission falls silent.
  9. Honeybee

    An Attack on Miroslavl

    Avery perks up at the sound of his radio buzzing. He stops to catch his breath, leaning against a half-collapsed wooden fence on the side of the trail. The rickety wood falls into the dirt under his weight, and the boy scrambles to his feet before grabbing his radio. His voice is thrilled and filled with wonder. "Belo-wherever People's Republic? Well, fuck me sideways floppy-hats, you've just got a whole hell of a score! Save some champagne for me!" Glancing around to ensure no one saw him tumble into the dirt, he continues to lumber along on his long trek. "I've gotta tell Vanilla Creme about this!" just reaches the radio's microphone, along with other unintelligible and excited murmurs. After a minute or two of this, the transmission abruptly falls into silence.
  10. I can see a long, wonderful friendship between them!
  11. Avery stretches, pulling his mask up over his head to rub his eyes. He cocks his head in curiosity at his buzzing radio, picking it up and speaking cheerily. Golly gee willikers, Batman - you two are fucking weird! Wakko, Dot, where's Yakko? Stifled giggles bubble through the transmission, before the boy continues to speak. I can't wait to meet you and your little dogslave, you sound like a lot of fun! That one Ruski was right - you're an angry, angry little man! We should hang out some time, little rabbits! Ha det bra! The transmission crackles and sputters before falling into silence.
  12. Honeybee

    Animus [IC Recruitment]

    PSA: They're nerds, watch out. Can't wait to see you guys turn into like, terrifying serial killers or slavers...with Avery's help, of course!