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    1. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      r u bak

    2. Honeybee


      maybe - trying to decide on a new character name 

    3. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      message me on discord 😉 

    4. Malthis


      You killed Avery..no more peanut butter...stores closed folks, go home. 😞 

  2. ~Has been promoted to Twink Paladin. Congratulations.~


    - Signed. -

    The Twink King

  3. \m/

    1. Darion


      Is all you post is Music?

    2. Honeybee


      What else would I post, weaboo?

  4. -The transmission whistles to life, a hissing static filling the airwaves. A voice filters through.- "Rabbits. 'Slave' is terribly harsh, isn't it? Try not to die." -The speech ends as abruptly as it began.-

    1. Darion


      Trash ❤️


    2. Honeybee
    3. Darion


      HUE HUE fight me half a human

    4. Honeybee


      I fucking will

  6. Honeybee

    Page 9

    i'm gettin me mallet
  7. - The boy turns his old mask over in his hands, gazing at the chipped, painted-on grin. He sits upright as his radio buzzes to life -- the line buzzes to life with a shrill hiss before his voice filters through his own radio's static. - I don't see any of us living to a better tomorrow, Old Man Jenkins. I'd bet both my eyes this is the last of us -- humanity has run its course. Still, I dig your philosophy. May as well make our last days more comfortable. Hell, I know I'm only still kicking for the fun of it. Last of the Gremlins, and all that shit. Try not to die too soon. - The sharp whine returns, before abruptly ending with a click. Avery tucks his mask back into his bag, before slinking out of the house. -
  8. Honeybee

    Embla's sketchbook

    Avery's gonna draw dicks over every one of them.
  9. Honeybee


    you called? i'll get my battleaxe ready
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