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  1. Ah, I forgot I had that enabled! Problem fixed! Thank you SluteGeneral!
  2. I'm trying to play on the server but it seems to be a different version then I am playing on, is there a way of changing it to the right one? I have this problem with almost all servers. This is how it looks for me: http://gyazo.com/f92b99a0cd1db961130406e9988fa12e.png I'm currently on version 0.36.115297
  3. This one has completely ended, holidays made it a bit difficult, hope everyone had a nice one.
  4. It has ended, Olledabest was the last one to enter.
  5. It's around Christmas time and awaiting pm from the winner. Please be patient for I'll continue as soon as I get an answer.
  6. DayZRP Epoch

    I logged out yesterday at NEAF with enough gold to buy a littlebird, logged in today, bought it, flew in the air, got kicked, logged back in, found my heli was still on the ground, relieved, entered heli, heli is broken, sold heli, got too little gold to buy a cheaper one, entered in Role play, got kicked again. Both times it said client not responding. Is it just me? I really never get that.
  7. Someone took 151 before you! Please repick a number!
  8. I would change everyone into a rabbit and let them RP as rabbits. My day is complete.
  9. Zealous X you jiggle. A word with an X is quite difficult, making a sentence out of it even harder. DRISAF