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  1. Timothy grew up in a town where nothing interesting ever happened. He scrapped through school just not really excelling at anything. He was gifted a camera by his father one birthday and that’s when he found his calling in life. Taking pictures came natural to Timothy but he soon got bored of dull subject matters, he wanted more, he wanted to make a difference. He decided to travel the world to try and capture images of conflict. During his time in the Middle East he was able to attach himself to a military unit where he was given very basic training just in case he was ever in a position where he had to fight for his life. He spent time in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and saw many dreadful things, however he loved his work and loved the fact that he was able to show the rest of the world what war was really like on the front line. He even won awards for his work. Although he enjoyed the comradeship of the unit he was with, he felt stronger alone, he felt free when he was able to go anywhere and do whatever he wanted. Soon there was a new conflict brewing in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia, so not wanting to miss the opportunity he decided to leave his unit behind in Afghanistan and head towards the Ukraine. He managed to bribe his way onto a Russian Military transport helicopter. However Timothy never made it to Kiev, the chopper disappeared from radar in bad weather. Timothy, along with everyone else on board is presumed dead. When he came around everyone on board was dead apart from the co-pilot, however the co-pilot was badly injured. Timothy carried the pilot away from the burning chopper and cared for him until he succumbed to his wounds. Not knowing where he was it was time for him to try and find civilisation again.
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  4. To the gang of 6+ guys that took myself and 2 others last night at the Myshkino tents for interrogation, I thank you for providing a compelling and terrifying experience. Unfortunately I didnt get your names or your group but you were locals and were very unhappy that one of the other guys was wearing a black beret. I hope for more experiences like this, but not always being on the side being kidnapped thanks again Sergy (the plane spotter)
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