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  1. Nathan was a good lad growing up, straight A's and all. Well. Until secondary school, where everything begun to decline. First his grades, then his attitude, then you know how it goes. He stopped going to school and fell in with a rough crowd. Bla bla, few years later- His parents had enough of his outbursts and decided to kick him out. Fun life/Hard life. He ended up on the streets for a while, only his anger keeping him going. Desperation caused him to dive deeper into criminal activity just to survive and eventually found himself running drugs for a gang in London. One night, he and his boys were attacked by a rival russian gang who managed to knock Nathan unconscious. He woke bonded with a bag over his head in the back of a moving vehicle. The other people in the van spoke foreign and panic immediately set in. He tried to bargain and get out of the situation but it ended with another blunt thud to the head. He woke a few hours later face down in a dark room. He didn't know what was going on or where he was. Eventually he heard shouting that grew louder and louder, followed by- dun dun dun, gun shots. A lot. Then silence. Some men eventually burst into Nates room and found him crouching in a corner. They called out to him in an unfamiliar accent, pointing rifles at him. They escorted him out and into the street where waiting for him were a couple blacked out vans. Another bag on his head and a drive later and Nathan was in Chernarus. Nathan found himself in such an odd position and eventually was brought to some sort of Russian Mafia boss. The boss had no interest in him and Nathan was tossed out into the streets, left alone to fend for himself. Luckily for him, the end of the world was just beginning. So you know, that's fun.
  2. Pov of Yakob Janko. I had been running up with my group and stuck with one of my guys. We were away from the town and weren't in range of the voices or shots. I don't think I have video evidence, my allies were John Smith, Dan Stevenson and Karl thornton.
  3. I can't enter a full pov right now. But I will post a video and a pov later on today. I'd just like to say the whole interaction was a lot of fun and I'm sorry this had to be taken to the forums. -Jakob
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-East-Novayya-Petrovka-Double-RDM?pid=1601099#pid1601099 Why the verdict is not fair: I replied before the time stated, and am still banned. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get unbanned What could you have done better?: Answered sooner, but I was kinda busy...
  5. I don't have to explain why I was there but I'll jingle your bell for the hell of it, I was there waiting for the people who had robbed me to come back. (I still had time on my rights to get back at the men who had not only perma-scarred me, but who had also robbed me. Nobody had outright said "This is a settlement, you may find people sleeping or waking up here so be careful." Thus we had no idea that it was a so called settlement, we knew it was a trading post, but that's it. Also the reason for responding with "lethal action" is because your game/you had 39 seconds from our initial siting of you (which keep in mind, you could have been there much longer, we just found you when we did), to respond. It doesn't take that long to load in. So either you were AFK, or you were non-complaint. Therefore the hostile acts was taken do to the simple fact you didn't comply with the demands (putting your hands up). Also it wasn't some "war protocol" that just sounds harsh, your terms make it seem like we are the bad guys. But in fact we show up to do some trading and this so called "Haven" which people talk so highly of, tries to round us up in the middle and strip us of our gear like it was some sort of PoW camp. Also riddle me this, why would I come into the compound not ready to defend myself or my group especially whenever I was told that if I were to come back, that I would be killed? I came back looking for revenge, maybe? Maybe even some gear considering I was left in just my clothes? Whatever the reason I came back for, it doesn't matter. What I did was justified, or at least I believe so. We will just have to leave it up to an admin to decide.
  6. My group and I were doing a sweep of the compound to make sure that it was clear, because we could only scope so much from the outside. (The walls were blocking most of the view, plus we can't see through buildings.) As we were clearing the area, we searched the exterior buildings (sheds) and cleared the tents, making sure no one was inside. Once we did that cleared out the northern building, and that was clear aswell. We then moved onto the eastern building and it too was clear. Once moving on to the attached office space, I ran upstairs cleared the room and then closed and locked the door behind me. I then moved downstairs to do the same. Upon openning the door, to my surprise, a man was standing in the corner of the room. I proceeded to alarm the others and pull out my weapon. One of my guys called out to him, to let him know we were there and tried to engage in conversation with him. I then moved into the room to get into a better position and have my gun on him. (So he would be forced to comply and answer us.) My friend entered the room and told him he had to put his hands in the air, and we wouldn't give him any time (We actually gave him ample time in my opinion, which you can see in the video.) During this time, we observed his character looking up and slighty to the left. He was then given a 5 second countdown. In the end he still didn't comply after we gave plenty of time to respond. At which point I shot him, as I believed he was non compliant and/or trying to radio others for help. The video can be found here.
  7. You can find the video here. Sorry for the quality e.t.c
  8. I was robbed earlier that day by some people at that compound. There was atleast 6 of them. Someone called Edward was recalling an event that had happend to them even though character died, so he should have had no recollection of said event. (Even though that's against the rules) However when I entered the compound they proceeded to rob me and Ray got away. Some time later they had released me and I met up with my buddies Ray and Lucas. We watched a number of 3-4 people entering and leaving the compound, some of which were familiar from the earlier scenario of them robbing me, so when it was cleared we moved in and waited for someone to turn up so we could question or interrogate (if we had to) to find out some information on the people that had assaulted me. Some time later a guy called Simon showed up, we asked him to enter the office but he declined so we asked again at gunpoint. When he entered the office Ray asked him to lay down then knocked him out with brass knuckles. They (Lucas and Ray) then proceeded to grab food and drink from his bag while. At this point I suggested one of the guys to take his Radio, so he couldn't call of help at any point. (We didn't want the situation to escalate yet; if we had found out he knew any of the guys that robbed me, we were gonna let him use his radio to try contact them so we could get my stuff back) Ray continued to question and talk with the man, before asking him to head upstairs. Ray was gonna knock him out to strip him of his belongings without him seeing it. Unfortunately, the last time Ray hit the guy ended his life. We were all shocked. I for one never thought 3 punches to the head would kill someone. As you can see by the video anyway. I will upload a longer video as soon as I can, if it is still required. Thanks.
  9. I think I have 5 minutes worth of video. I'm not sure where it starts from however and I won't be able to post it till tomorrow unfortunately.
  10. Its your word against mine mate. I yelled so that there was no excuse you wouldn't hear me, I was maybe 10 feet from you, behind sandbags. The other 3 heard me so there was no reason you didn't. You say we or I fabricated the event, prove it. What I said was entirely true its just ashame my pc isn't good enough for me to run recording software in the background.
  11. Hi, my friends were talking to one of the brothers while I scouted for the second as I had lost sight of him. I then found him watching my friends and his brother talking, he had his gun out and it looked suspicious. I continued to watch him for a moment, and he had put his gun away so I felt a bit better. So at this point i yelled clearly for them both to put their hands up and not to move. Upon hearing my instructions, the brother near my friends took off running and the other pulled his gun on me so I fired upon him. Further on I was still in the area, sorting through my loot actually. When I heard ''im going to try and defib him'' or something like this. I look up to my surprise he's standing over his brothers body with a defibrillator. I again tell him not to move and to raise his hands, with my gun pointed at him. He ran again. (nvfl?) I give chase and run into him already holding his gun. We both fire and i die and he goes unconscious. Later on he shows no value for his life and attempts to fight with his fists against two men pointing guns at him. Thank you.
  12. Ello luv, hope to see you in game Enjoy yourself.
  13. Hi I'm Jakob Yanko. I'm enjoying myself on this server and site and thought I'd post a little hello on here just to introduce me'self
  14. How was I supposed to keep watch of the treeline when there were shots all around me. As far as I was concerned there were people trying to kill me, confirmed two and I was focused on one of them. How was I supposed to know that he didn't flank up the hill and hide in bushes? As I said I was focused on one guy that was still in the tents and armed. And whenever I looked into the treeline and saw a guy laying prone with a weapon after I had heard shots coming from that direction, why would I take my time to look at their apparel and think, "Is this the right guy or some weirdo watching this go down?" (I couldn't really tell what you were wearing at that distance while you were prone anyway.) As I was in the midst of the moment I took the shot thinking it was one of the guys from the original confrontation, or involved in the conflict. Furthermore, you may have had eyes on the situation for a long time, but that wouldn't have been the knowledge I had. There was no way I coulda known how long you were there for, besides from the point of seeing you the first time.
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