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  1. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Had my first singles match last weekend. It was fun.
  2. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Have been gone from DayZ for quite a bit, glad to see people are still using this. I have my official debut this Saturday, for anyone in Melbourne.
  3. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    This thread is still being used! Awesome! I enjoyed the rumble ppv as a whole, the actual match itself was ok, happy with the choice of winner though. For anyone interested, I have my first proper match in April.
  4. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Im going to be 100% real right now, I love Broken Matt Hardy and everything he's doing. And now that he has Broken Brother Nero, I can not wait to see where this ends up going.
  5. MyNameIsCallen

    Kravock's back!

    Dayum Kravock! Good to see you back man!
  6. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    I dont really watch the E to much but I am hype as fuck for this, especially to see how Damien Slater goes, Representing Australia and all.
  7. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    That is so cool, Its really hard to make it in this biz but Im so happy when I see people who do. Really happy for your brother! I should be making my proper debut in 3-4 months, when I get footage of matches, I'll put them here in case anyone wants to see.
  8. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Fuck right off. This is bullshit, unless he asked for it since he wasnt used after Mizdow. TNA will snatch him right up and use him properly like they did with Galloway
  9. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Nakamura is God
  10. MyNameIsCallen


    A family orientated group, I had this stuck in my mind for the past 4 days, Good luck with this, it will be funny to see in game. +1
  11. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    I always make sure to eat my Booty O's Cereal, because! They make sure, you ain't booty!
  12. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    I support TNA at the moment purely becuase of the way they are using Galloway, Such a top tier guy that was majorly under-utilized in the WWE All you need to know is... NEW! DAY ROCKS! NEW! DAY ROCKS!
  13. MyNameIsCallen

    KoS zone?

    Personally, I feel like you could just take a break from our RP server and jump on a PVP server to get your fill, then when your done, come back and RP some more. I can see where you're coming from but I just dont thing it fits in this community
  14. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Thats awesome! Being able to perform in front of a variety of different town is where I hope to be in the next year. It's something you really need a passion and dedication towards, but if you do, the payoff from the fans reactions. Worth it.
  15. MyNameIsCallen

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Had my first bloody chest from chops on my 4th training session, but I asked them to do it. FUCKING LOVE CHOPS Sting always has and always will be my favorite. The only thing really keeping me watching WWE now is the NXT and Indie guys, Along with the New Day.