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  1. Joel SIca was born in RIverside California on 2/6/1990. Having grown up in California, he has become used to different cultures and different ways of living. Once he graduated high school, he went to a local college where he was introduced to a political party called the "Libertarian Party" this intrigued him. Joel never liked being told what to do, and how to do it, so the Libertarian Party resonated with him greatly (basically being left alone, and minding your own buisiness, the government is the reason for world problems) After graduating from college in 2009 with a degree in Engineering, began looking for a job, much of his surprise the economy was tanking due to the conflict in Chernarus, so he began to work a series of odd jobs here and there to pass the time, and save up the little money he had. In 2019 something strange started to take ahold of people, started to change them into violent monsters, it started as rumors of a "Frenzy Flu" nothing really to come of it, Until it struck the US...hard. State of Emergency went into effect. Joel survived the initial outbreaks in the US though, and his hatred for government grew as he watched soldiers and police execute people on the streets suspected of "harboring" infected individuals. By January of 2020 Joel had saved up enough money to take a trip, he wanted to go to Chernarus, he wanted to see the devestation from governments first hand, and help the local people and spread the word of LIbertarianism. He was on the first plane to Chernarus when the borders opened back up, but by May of 2020 the infection slowly started to creep back again, trapping Joel in Chernarus, fighting for survival.
  2. Can anyone help me out? Is there any reason why I cannot find the Epoch Chernarus RP server? I have everything set tot he correct setting to find it, but it isn't showing up at all. Help?
  3. So yeah, I just got a brand new computer that can run DAYZ well enough. So I decide to play some RP. Well I downloaded everything that you guys said to download, and I installed the launcher, and the launcher automatically installs missing files or the mods you guys let through like the acex mod. But when I go to play I get this huge error message saying I can't join because I have the acex mod installed. So I delete the mods and try to play and I still can't. Anyone have any idea how to help? Thank You.
  4. Hey guys, just got a new PC that can finally run DAYZ really well. My question is, would my GUID change? or no? and if it does change, does that mean I have to register again? Thanks
  5. I just got accepted:) I am really stoked:) As soon as I come back from the mall, I am gonna hop on:D Thanks guys<3 You're awesome:)
  6. Just applied, wish me luck:D I had to wake up early for this so hopefully everything goes smoothly:) *fingers crossed*
  7. My name is Joel Sica and this is my story. Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a musician. Whether that be singing, playing guitar, playing piano, playing drums, or playing anything that can make a steady rhythm. When I was 10 I got my first guitar and I instantly fell in love with music. Once I turned 14 I developed a love for Hardcore (heavier and faster form of punk). Just the heaviness, the sound of the drums, the yelling and the screaming on the mic gets me pumped. So by the time I was 18 my friends and I started a Straight Edge Hardcore band called Unite The Enemy. We got noticed by a big time record company after about 6 months of playing local shows. We soon started touring from city to city, then state to state, then country to country...Now you're going to be wondering how I got into Chernarus. Let me tell you the story...We land in Chernarus (I think we land at the North West Airfield since that's only runway big enough to handle a 747.) Anyways we land, we get equipment packed into the tour van, and we head for a place called Elektrozavodsk for a show. The show goes good, stage dives, crowd surfing, circle pits the whole nine yards. Later that night, we leave the venue with our equipment in our van and we start driving back to out motel in Stary Sobor. We are low on gas so we stop at a local gas station to fill the tank up. Our vocalist gets out to fill up the tank, as he is outside, we hear a very loud moaning/growling sound. We thought it was a hurt animal in the forest or something like that so we didnt think anything of it. Then all of a sudden we see a man come running in from the darkness of the woods. But this wasn't a man, I mean it was a man but half of his face was ripped to shreds and half of his arm was missing. Anyways, this man comes running in from the woods and tackles our vocalist and starts gnawing and his throat...at this point I am terrified and shocked...I have no idea what to do. I get out of the van through the back doors and start running. I run down a embankment that was across the street from the gas station...As soon as I am at the bottom of the embankment, I realize I left my other band members (my best friends) in the van. I start running up the embankment again only to realize that the van is surrounded by these bloody, menacing, beasts...All I heard was the screaming of my friends in that van... I had no choice but to leave them behind...I couldn't stay there...So I ran, I had no idea where I was running, but I just ran. I run until I passed out...All I could think about when I was out was how I left my best friends to die...I blame it all on me...for my selfish ways... R.I.P David, Henry, Santos, Julian.
  8. Name: Joel Sica Age: 19 Height: 5'9 (175 cm) Weight: 180 lbs (82 kilo) Hair: Short Dark Brown (reddish tint) Eyes: Brown/Hazel Pre-Outbreak Profession: Guitarist for the Hardcore band Unite The Enemy. Demeanor in Three Words: Hardworking, caring, vindictive
  9. Hello:) just chilling here, hoping ONE day they will open back up the whitelist:D till then, I shall remain here:)
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