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  1. Hazard

    Jaxon: ''A Fallen Son'' Episode: 1 (DayzRP)

    I love the cliff hanger ending to tovarishch, I am very interested in episode 2 cannot wait for it to come out!
  2. Hazard

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    @Roach He is famous, duh. Anyways much love for the years of videos
  3. Hazard

    The Guild

    I have spent a week now with this group, and have seen a few different things. I want to get the criticism out of the way first. 1) They seem to enjoy to talk over team-speak rather than in develop their characters in-game through talking with one another. Instead of any IC interactions it normally results in someone finding something or someone then just making a remark out of character. Now I can understand this as just part of playing with other people you have to break character, but minimal effort gets put in by a lot of people. 2) I agree 100% that a few members are gear RP focused. I will not name anybody but to the people with tents at Tisy you know who you are. I am occasionally guilty of this myself, I will get robbed and attempt to keep my gear, and dying because of it. It has to be fixed. Now the good parts that should be continued. 1) I do really enjoy the times we actually get a job, this dynamic is a lot of fun and should be the main focus of the group to meet people and build relationships so that they can hire them down the road once they know of the bounty hunters. I remember getting a job to take a village hostage, find the targets and deliver them to the clients. This is what this group is capable of if they focus and do things right. My main suggestion is please focus on building contacts and being able to actually do what your mission statement is. Many groups start out make lots of enemies and cannot find anybody to do jobs for spiral into bandit groups. I really hope this does not happen.
  4. Antyom Denzkov was born in a peaceful time in the South Zagorian, Chernarus was thriving at the time under Soviet rule. This changed very quickly, the soviet union fell and soon the South Zagorian peoples needed work. Antyom's own father turned to selling drugs, his mother was forced into prostitution. These desperate times called for very desperate measures. As a child he learned that no one is to be trusted especially the capitalist that had come to his home land and taken his families money and happiness. Then came the Red Star Movement, a return to the communist roots of his homeland how could he resist. He signed up at age 17. He served under Finley Snowden, and quickly showed his worth as a medic, and as a scout. He was happy with this new movement then, the capitalists came. The destruction of his homeland, but this was not all, after suffering many defeats and losing many comrades, that's when the infection came. Antyom now roams these lands looking to restore South Zagoria and restore it's glory.
  5. Hazard

    What Are You Up To?

    I have deleted the key to switch to 3rd person and it makes a world of difference for RP it takes away the comfort of situational awareness because you don't know what's right around the corner. It gives me a enhanced value and connection with my character its really a whole new experience to be stuck in first person. Would highly recommend deleting the toggle view key (Enter) and just play for a few days and see how much it changes how you feel.
  6. *Your radio jumps to life* The real trick to hunting is patience, and determination. Something it seems we all face daily now in this ever changing world. Some choose to create chaos while others just roam the wasteland. I choose a different path living off the land. If you ever need a hunting guide, a tour, or even a place to stay contact Robert Woods. I can and will provide shelter and food for those who need it. I have to go now but keep safe!*Radio static*
  7. Oh my me, that is a long time
  8. Dang we got one, I was a 05.13.2013.
  9. Please post here if you have been around since 2013 or before, want to see how many old dino's like me are still about.
  10. Hi I am Robert Woods, what happened from my shoes is as a found this hobo shop on the side of the road I fell in love with it and wanted to help trade and ect… What ever I could. A guy walks up a little later on and we where talking with some guys in all black and I tried to trade them a flash bang at this point the guy walks up and steals everything from this homeless guy. That made Robert mad, then he walked off. When he returned about 4 mins later he made all these claims about getting food and it felt a little like he really was itching for a fight the way that he talked like hey point that weapon and do something. He knew what he wanted and Robert was to foolish to realize he was in over his head I told him to drop the melon or what ever, and he did it was at this point I believe I told him to drop the weapon and walk off that is why I think I was shot.
  11. Glory to Volki Death to their prey hope I find some of you or maybe I don't Antyom wasn't on the greatest terms the last time
  12. Hazard

    The Vybor (Выбор) Crisis

    What a beautiful story
  13. I think its interesting I like it but I don't just for the reason that the harder it is to survive the hard it is to role play because the people just want to survive and that leads to more robberies and more time spent not roleplaying, but if your not the type of person who likes campfire role play I could see standalone's harshness on players as a good thing