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  1. Hello big man.

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      Hello there  my good friend ArT0r.

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  2. Artur was born in the winter of 1995 in the city of Östersund, Sweden. He had no siblings and few friends. He was never bothered by this however as he thought friendship was unneccesary and fragile. By others he was described as mean and confused at times. After highschool he decided to travel around Europe, but as he was switching flights in the city of Sochi, Russia all flights cancelled due to the rapidly spreading infection. He accompanied a few others from the airport travelling down the coast. It went fine in the beggining but eventually one night their camp was overrun and Arty got separated from the rest of the group and has ever since wandered the lands of what he has come to know of as South Zagoria.
  3. Jim Wells was born in early December 1997 in a east London neighborhood. He grew up in a rough working-class. Life was not easy for him and his family in his early years, his father was a drunk and his mother only cared for his elder brother, constantly favorizing him and encouraged him to study in order to help the family with it's expenses. Jim however was left unnoticed, he learned to take care of his own daily routines, he went to school (most of the days), he did quiet often end up in fights and brawls with elder students at his school, which at most occasions ended up in him getting his ass handed to him. At fifteen years old he started to gain an interest for football after being introduced to it by a friend at school. Jims father had forbidden him from going to any matches for reasons he would not tell him, perhaps it was events in his youth that triggered this anti-football behavior. Jim ignored his father's orders and went to his first match at the Boleyn ground with his friend and a few of his mates. They went to a pub just before the game, had a few pints and sung songs together, Jim loved it. The first match was a disaster for West ham, they lost 2-1 to Liverpool but of this he never truly cared, he was hooked. Along with the football came of course also the violence, brawls were very common pre- and post matches and he was arrested several times for assault. Due to the fact that he was a relatively disliked guy he rarely speaks about his interest for the football-culture. He was at this point thrown out of the house at the age of eighteen, he drank most nights of the week at different pubs in the London area, he was more or less drunk the entirety of his wake hours. He told himself that he needed to straighten up, get a job, and stop his drinking. Finding a job was however impossible for a man with a record like his. However one night strolling through the streets after the pub he heard foreign voices coming from an alleyway. He carefully approached to listen in on the conversation to see if he could separate any words. Once he got close enough to see one of the two men plunged a thick knife into the stomach of the other and ran towards Jimmy, Jimmy panicked and turned to run as he was intercepted by another man who had approached him from behind. He got knocked out and thrown into a van that took off into the night. Once he woke up he sat face to face with the man who just murdered someone in an alleyway. He spoke to Jimmy in some eastern European accent: "I am afraid we will have to bring you with us, you have seen some things you should not have, and we have some work for you back home". The van kept rolling, through Europe, to the east somewhere. He was put to work in a basement somewhere, sorting different chemicals in different boxes until one day when his capturers didn't turn up, something was wrong, Jimmy proceeded to the basement hatch, which was unlocked and crawled out into a new world a very different world than the streets of London.
  4. Alright, figured a short farewell would be in order. So i am moving my lazy ass finally, going to study abroad for a few months, Germany more specifically. There's just a few things i wanted to address. First of all i have not been around for as long as many others in the community and i got into it this summer, i am very certain that i would not have enjoyed and appreciated RP so much if it were'nt for a couple of amazing members of this community. @Steck a true leader and a good guy overall you brought me in and taught me alot, thanks or that! Also thanks to @Marcoooz, all the gachi got me hyped, cheers. @jamieV_, got a couple of memorable moments with you no doubts, thanks. I generally spent most of my time with the Pagans and you all know who you are feel no need to tag up all of ya , just know that i appreciate ya, thanks for all the moments we've had v1,v2 and a bit of v3 aswell. Also thanks to the entire community, i've been really impressed with alot of things i've seen so cheers to you all! Farewell, see you all in a few months, take care. // Arter
  5. Enjoyed the RP with @Sasha (Maxim), and the rest of the 10th crusade. Thanks for a thrilling and interesting encounter, liked it alot! Hopefully get some more of it soon enough! Surtr bless you!
  6. Everything good always has a temporary end. Thank you to everyone in the Pagans, special thanks to Steck and Marcoooz for all the sick work you did for the club IG and here on the forums! Love you all boys! <3 (totally straight arrow)
  7. *Arter is sitting leaned against a tree just outside Krasnostav when the radio sparks to life, he hears some jagoff whos voice he cannot recognize and John's. He holds down the PTT* "Well this is a familiar voice, still into club business eh, *In sarcastic voice* "Doc?". " *He pauses* "And now down to business, i guess you are one of the prospects, a nobody. I would not know since your voice says me nothing. You heared what the man earlier said okay? Bylaw number fucking twenty you piece of shit, you know... beating up people is part of business, and yes i enjoy it when those fuckers deserve it right?" *He sighs and continues* "Good thing you got out of capture son, good thing you got beat up, and you know why that is a good thing? Because that means we can find your ass and do that shit to you all over again, *says rapidly* "well it might end worse but hey!" Don't worry we are going to help you with that "leaving by blood"-part of bylaw number twenty you prick. See you soon" *Arter releases the PTT* Fuckin' jagoff... *sighs*
  8. Pleasure to roll with you man, hopefully meet you again, good luck dude
  9. Theese are some really nice screenshots!
  10. Solid interview Steck, glad i've ran into you here!
  11. Actually really nice screenshots guys!
  12. http://image.prntscr.com/image/4ac4af81fe7b4866a7f6ee1a44142adb.png[/img] The Prez enjoying the sunshine in Guglovo after a hard days work. http://image.prntscr.com/image/d23872e004fc42e59ec9075b3107db38.png[/img] Sammy: Badass of the evening, joins the Prez in the sunshine.
  13. Could not have said it better myself, enjoyed it alot! Also thanks to Anton And Johnny for helping us with business today!
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